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RGL HL S1: Award Polls & Season Recap

   exa_   - 12/4/2018

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Highlander Season 1 Awards

Something that we are doing differently for RGL HL Season 1 are seasonal awards for the Invite Division. Disclaimer: The players were nominated by Invite leaders for each category. There are three nominations for each category except for Demoman where there was a tie in nominations and for Production which was handselected by RGL Staff.

Scout of the Season – b4nny, arekk, wish
Soldier of the Season – dev, habib, Dongus
Pyro of the Season – oblivion, River, Billysaurus
Demoman of the Season – Bowl, Jarrett, Artz Hispanian, exile
Heavy of the Season – Kresnik, Carcin, RonnieJ
Engineer of the Season – Jordan_, scratchy, Spamfest
Medic of the Season – Nursey, Skye, Wall
Sniper of the Season – andrew, Fallen Gourd, shaayy
Spy of the Season – feint, Dimento, DelDongo
Best Player of the Season – Fallen Gourd, habib, shaayy
Honorary Award: Producer Of The Season – Alto, DolphiN, VoxDei, sigafoo, mustardoverlord

The votes will go live for a week, after which it will close and we will host an awards stream on to announce the winners!

Season 1 Recap

The first ever season of RGL HL have ended and the winners have been determined. Invite hosted the first prize pool for a highlander league in over half a decade and the teams that played in the division were very competitive and helped to display some of the best highlander action we have seen in a long time.

Congratulations to the following teams:

1st Place: IRENE
2nd Place: Kid's Next Door
3rd Place: Apolodosh

1st Place: Heals On Everyone
2nd Place: BM=BAE
3rd Place: Pretzels Are Making Me Thirsty

1st Place: Gotta Blast
2nd Place: Forty-Two Pence
3rd Place: Swift Inc.

1st Place: Anthrax
2nd Place: Arctic Monkeys
3rd Place: massive cranium esports

1st Place: barcode-HL
2nd Place: Sifety
3rd Place: The Garage Band