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IM Grandfinals Match #1 Review & Match #2 Preview


   Moose In A Suit   - 11/26/2018


Welcome back to one of the final weeks of IM match reviews and predictions! Our season is nearing a thrilling conclusion as we have reached the Second match of Grandfinals! I’m very excited about this match and I will be casting it with flare over at! Without any further ado, let’s get into the review.

Grandfinal #1 Match Review

Arctic Monkeys vs. ANTHRAX

Map: swiftwater(2-1 ANTHRAX), steel(2-1 ANTHRAX)
Predicted: 2-1 Arctic Monkeys
Result: 2-0 ANTHRAX

This match was tense from start to finish with ANTHRAX pulling ahead then Arctic Monkeys keeping it close but ANTHRAX coming out of the brawl with the map each time. Both maps played relatively similar in that regard and I’m curious to have seen what Koth would have been like. Bon Qui Qui was incredible for ANTHRAX top fragging with 105 frags and winning the svs 31 to 15. Although Apathy performed well I’m going to give the other MVP to Sophie for dying only 13 times, having the other medic’s deaths and throughout the entire match Sophie did not drop a single uber and kept up 1267 heals per minute. Em performed well for Arctic Monkeys picking up 445 dpm and second fragging behind his sniper.

MVPs:Bon Qui Qui, sophie, Em

Week # Match Predictions

ANTHRAX vs. Arctic Monkeys

Maps:steel, borneo, swiftwater

I am intrigued by these map picks. Both teams decided that they don’t want any Koth means that there will be no Koth played in any of the IM grand finals. Due to their outstanding performance last weekend I think the obvious favorites are ANTHRAX, somehow getting away with picking the two maps they won on last week. Even if Arctic Monkeys are able to come away with their map pick, Borneo, they will need to upset ANTHRAX on one of the maps that they were previously beaten on. This will be a close one as it seemed like Arctic Monkeys were just on the cusp of winning both maps last time. With the right preparation and mindset coming into this game I see Arctic Monkeys winning this but the map picks favors ANTHRAX overall

Prediction: 2-1 ANTHRAX

Power Rankings

1. Arctic Monkeys

Even though I predict ANTHRAX to win I still believe that Arctic Monkeys are the better team overall, they just had unfavorable map picks. Good luck to both teams tonight and I hope to see you all at the cast!