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IM Playoff week 3 Review & Playoff Finals Predictions


   Moose In A Suit   - 11/19/2018


Welcome back to the final week of IM match reviews and predictions. This week we have the Grand FInals! ANTHRAX against Arctic Monkeys. I’m really excited for this match so… without further ado, let’s get into the reviews

Playoff Week 3 Match Reviews

Bedtime Stories vs. ANTHRAX

Maps: steel(2-0 ANTHRAX), upward (2-0 ANTHRAX)
Predicted: 2-1 ANTHRAX
Result: 2-0 ANTHRAX

Unfortunately, this concludes Bedtime Stories’ roller coaster of a season. They started off on the top of the table for IM Blue, beating all the other teams without a worry but near halfway through the season they started losing to teams they would have previously beat and there for just declined from there. This match was a roll in the favor of ANTHRAX, pulling quick rounds on steel and upward. Townze and Bon Qui Qui were both MVPs for ANTHRAX Townze putting out around 500 dpm and second fragging the server with 73 and the highest KA/D of 2.9. Meanwhile, Bon Qui Qui top fragged with 76 frags and had the highest K/D of 2.1. For Bedtime Stories, Jin-Jin was their MVP top fragging their team with 68 frags and 4th fragging overall.

MVPs:Bon Qui Qui, Townze, Jin-Jin

massive cranium esports vs. Arctic Monkeys

Maps:lakeside(4-1 Arctic Monkeys), upward(2-1 Arctic Monkeys)
Predicted:2-1 Arctic Monkeys
Result:2-0 Arctic Monkeys
Lakeside Upward

Arctic Monkeys surprised me, I was expecting this to go to three maps but Arctic Monkeys were able to pull off a very impressive win against massive cranium on lakeside. This game was a sniper slugfest, both of them neck and neck for frags but, even though willmatic dominated the svs on lakeside, flawless won the svs on upward which evened the svs out a little. Willmatic and em were MVPs for Arctic Monkeys, willmatic second fragged but performed better in the svs against flawless and em put up massive damage numbers and was able to survive for long periods of time to help secure his team the victory. Flawless for massive cranium was MVP because he top fragged and had a massive impact over how Arctic Monkeys were forced to play.

MVPs:Willmatic, Flawless, em

massive cranium esports vs. ANTHRAX

Maps:product, lakeside
Predicted:2-0 massive cranium
Result:2-0 ANTHRAX

There seems to be some controversy surrounding this game with ANTHRAX ringing players without permission and massive cranium only having 8 players play. The admins have sorted all this out and the result will stand as 2-0 for ANTHRAX. Not really much to say about this game since it was an 8v9, good luck in grand finals to ANTHRAX. cn got 24 frags, the most on his team, Townze, and Bon Qui Qui did what they do best, Townze top damaging and top K/D and KA/D, Bon Qui Qui top fragging.

MVPs:Townze, Bon Qui Qui,cn[/b]

Finals Prediction

ANTHRAX vs. Arctic Monkeys

Maps:swiftwater, steel, product

This was not the matchup I was expecting to be the finals at the beginning of the season or even the beginning of playoffs. Arctic Monkeys have had peaks of good form as well as valleys of concerningly bad form. Most of AM’s bad form comes from Koth but last week they were able to pick up a big win against massive cranium on lakeside which will surely boost their confidence on Koth coming into this match. I never really understood the skill of ANTHRAX until around week 2 or 3 of playoffs and although in week 1 of playoffs I predicted them to win the division, I think I overestimated them. Arctic Monkeys have played very well on Swiftwater and on payload in general while ANTHRAX lost week 2 to Corncake’s Dormroom on Swiftwater and only just pulled out a win against 404 on Swiftwater. The edge goes to Arctic Monkeys on Swiftwater. On the other hand, ANTHRAX has consistently picked steel in picks and beat both IM Legend and Bedtime Stories 2-0 on steel while Arctic Monkeys dropped a round to Waifus of War. The advantage goes to ANTHRAX. Both teams have dropped a round on product to Leo Fan Club but ANTHRAX also lost 3-1 to Four Loko on product which gives the advantage to Arctic Monkeys on product. However, if ANTHRAX does win this match, then another Grand Finals will need to be played as Arctic Monkeys have yet to lose a game in playoffs.

Prediction:2-1 Arctic Monkeys

Power Rankings

1. Arctic Monkeys

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