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Main Playoffs GRAND FINALS!! Predictions - Forty-Two Pence vs Gotta Blast


   cyclowns   - 11/19/2018


HEY! HEY! I’m casting this match with FATHER (RGL-Open editor)! Watch it, it’s better than invite!

Well, we’ve finally reached it. The end of RGL Main’s first season. I may have ranked DAT as the best team in Main at the beginning only for them to end up in dead last (sorry, but it’s true), but even I foresaw G2B being easily one of the best teams in the division. What I definitely didn’t foresee, though, was for F2P to be quite simply one of the most powerful teams in Main. I don’t think anyone is disappointed for this matchup.

You may or may not remember my promise to eat a Sonic the Hedgehog hat if G2B ever lost. Well, they did in Week 8, so.. Here you go. If it’s a tad disappointing, that’s just because I don’t want to go to the E.R. the day that I’m casting a match.

Forty-Two Pence vs Gotta Blast


F2P: Bonesaw / Wise / Inquisition / Flare / Rue (Musique?) / Starfruit66 / Ruins / percy / 5perm
G2B: josh / nazara / lambda / Nerdaloid / allayy / baocn / psychopsyduck / Mhenlo / myk


Bonesaw / Wise (F2P) vs josh / nazara (G2B)

The removal of Flare on soldier for F2P (although he does move to Demo for this match) is a pretty big deal for their flank’s overall prowess. Undoubtedly josh (Scout) is going to be the king of this matchup, but without one of F2P’s star players it’s going to be a lot harder for them to face up against him. On a flank-heavy map like Lakeside, I foresee Bonesaw and Wise going through some hefty troubles.


Flare / Rue (Musique?) / Ruins (F2P) vs Nerdaloid / allayy / PsychoPsyduck (G2B)

Again, mixing up the roster for Grand Finals will surely tilt things in G2B’s favor (at least coordination-wise), but I think things will be more even here than in the flank department. If I recall correctly, Flare has plenty of experience on Demo (last season?) and the rest of F2P’s combo is solid, no matter if Rue or Musique plays. As for G2B, well, their roster always looks pretty good--but, not necessarily completely overpowering F2P’s.

Pick Classes

percy / 5perm (F2P) vs Mhenlo / myk (G2B)

And here’s where I think things are going to end up a lot differently than one might expect. Don’t get me wrong, Mhenlo is an incredibly good sniper and on maps like Lakeside or Product that will absolutely make a difference, but I seriously envision percy being a decent adversary to Mhenlo, and I can say with confidence that 5perm will be able to get a ton of work done. Overall, F2P’s pick classes haven’t changed at all (not that G2B’s has or anything, but still) and have really only gotten more solid as the season progresses. Going to be interesting seeing what happens here.



I’m gonna be honest here, I really don’t think the map picks this week are going to favor F2P very much. Lakeside is a super strong Scout / Sniper map--coincidentally, those happen to be arguably G2B’s best players. I’m not ragging on Bonesaw or percy (although percy can probably hold his own), but it’s going to be hard for F2P to work around josh or Mhenlo. I see this pretty cleanly going in G2B’s favor, but lack of scrims and some luck / RAW SKILL from F2P might change that.

Prediction: 4-1 G2B


Product is sort of similar in regards to Lakeside (at least for my predictions), however I foresee F2P being a lot stronger here. Unfortunately, G2B doesn’t have too many scrims to base much off of, but they did drop a round to IBKC on Product, who F2P cleanly swept last week. But, that really doesn’t make a huge impact in the grand scheme of things, and I think G2B will still win this, albeit with a lot more resistance than Lakeside.

Prediction: 4-2 G2B


Upward, I feel, might be a little more tilted in F2P’s direction. Of course, everyone knows Upward is going to require a lot more teamwork and coordination skills than a staple KOTH map like Product or Lakeside. F2P certainly has the potential to pull out some miracle gameplay (if it even makes it to Upward, and if it does--well, that’s just more fuel to their fire) that could potentially change this matches outcome in the history books forever.


Well, with all that said, I’d forgive you for thinking that this might end up being an anticlimactic Grand Finals match. However, I could not disagree more! I think this will be an extremely fun match to cast (reminder……. Check out my stream at 9:30 EST…..) and I’m looking forward to seeing how this amazing season ends. And I mean that--Main has honestly got to be the chillest division right now, and I’m honored to have played. All of you are cool as hell and I love you. Peace out.

2-0 G2B