Please make sure all players on your team are recording their match POV demo.

- Failure to submit demos throughout playoffs will result in immediate match bans.
- NOTE: A player can ring once per team after roster locks have taken place.
- Class restrictions for the current season can be found here.

Custom Maps: koth_ashville_rc1_nb7 (New Update b4 -> b7), pl_vigil_rc7 (New Update), koth_cascade_rc1a

Intermediate Playoff Week 3.5 Prediction


   Moose In A Suit   - 11/17/2018


Just a super simple article, the match reviews will be out in a couple days as i’m still watching the matches myself. Let’s get into this quick little prediction

Week 3.5 Match Predictions

ANTHRAX vs. massive cranium esports

Map: product, lakeside, steel

Another team falls into the trap of picking all Koth against massive cranium. I can’t give an individual analysis of massive cranium’s players but as a team they work extremely well together on Koth, outdming every other team in the division individually (although arctic monkeys were able to beat them playing as a team.) I don’t expect an upset here, massive cranium should pick up both maps relatively easily.

Prediction: 2-0 massive cranium