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Main Playoffs Week 3 Predictions - Forty-Two Pence vs Swift Inc.


   cyclowns   - 11/12/2018


Hey! This match is being casted by Micahlele (and potentially other co-casters) Check it out here:

We’ve finally reached the penultimate week of Main. Will this division live on for another season? Will I keep my job for another season? Nobody knows. But, that’s besides the point. Swift Inc, after their run through playoffs, is finally facing off against the behemoth Forty-Two Pence. The winner of this week will face off against (the true behemoth) Gotta Blast in Grand Finals.

Speaking of Grand Finals, I’m going to be co-casting Main Grand Finals along with FATHER (the writer for RGL-Open)! There’ll be more information on it in the article next week, but--expect that to be a thing.

Also, I haven’t forgotten about the fact that I said I’d eat a Sonic the Hedgehog hat if Gotta Blast lost once. I lost my old one, BUT I’m currently ordering a new one from Amazon. Expect that too.

Power Rankings

Bet you won’t see these rankings coming.

#1 - Gotta Blast

#2 - Forty-Two Pence

#3 - Swift Inc.

Forty-Two Pence vs Swift Inc


F2P: Bonesaw / Flare / Inquisition / Kamil / Rue / Starfruit66 / Ruins / percy / 5perm

Swift: asher / panther / Puffalo / Brick / Burtilian / soleil / GreenAndGold / egwat / Dave


Bonesaw / Flare (F2P) vs asher / panther (Swift)

Okay, this is actually kind of a hard decision. Asher / panther (Swift) are some seriously talented players, and on paper would be better than Bonesaw / Flare, but oh my god from personal experience Bonesaw and Flare are so goddamn annoying and unpredictable to play against (that’s not an insult by the way, it’s a good thing) that I’m considering these two flanks equal to each other. Expect both flanks to pull out some hella good stats.


Kamil / Rue / Ruins (F2P) vs Brick / Burtilian / GreenAndGold (Swift)

Minor correction from last week: I said that IBKC’s combo had been around longer than Swift’s combo, but that was apparently not even remotely the case as pointed out by Moose (the RGL-IM writer). So, uh, my bad.

With that taken into account this week, though--it’s still kinda hard to say. I haven’t extensively gathered intel on either team’s roster, but just from personal experience and some background knowledge I’d have to say that both combos are probably pretty equal in prowess--if not equal, then at least pretty dang close.

Pick Classes

percy / 5perm (F2P) vs egwat / Dave (Swift)

If you’re an intense RGL Main Article Fanboy, then it’s fairly easy to discern which direction I’m leaning for this. I’ve given the honorable accolade of Gamechanger to both percy / 5perm practically every week. I have not seen a log of those two gamers where they aren’t visiting PoundTown, USA. Sorry egwat / Dave, but I think this week you’re just going to be outclassed.



I’m getting bored talking about Borneo at this point. A sincere message to G2B and Swift/F2P--please pick something next week other than Borneo/Ashville/Upward so I can mix up the maps section a little bit. Or don’t--do whatever helps you win, my opinion doesn’t really matter, but still.

Back to talking about Borneo! I think F2P has a very good shot of winning this map. Simply judging by past Playoffs matches and the main season, Swift is at the very least below-average on playing Borneo. Combine that with the fact that, overall, F2P’s roster has an advantage against Swift, and this map is really tilted in F2P’s favor.

Prediction: 2-0 F2P


On the contrary, Swift seems especially good at playing Ashville. I’d wager it’s a mix of good coordination on the map in general, along with asher / panther (Scout / Soldier) just being exceptional in general. Buuut--unfortunately for Swift, F2P seems to be just as good, if not better. It’s definitely going to be fun watching both flanks battle it out for dominance (and seeing the monster bombs), so if I were you, I’d check out that match cast listed at the top of the article. I’ll give this one to F2P, but it will probably be the closest of the three maps (if it makes it to three, that is).

Prediction: 4-2 F2P


Obviously, based on my predictions above, I’m not expecting this match to go to a third map, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be wrong! (Week 1 DAT vs F2P taught me that..) Upward is definitely the most ‘normal’ Highlander map out of the pool for this week, and that makes it quite a bit easier to make predictions. It’ll mostly come down to whichever team is able to coordinate pushes and successfully defend, and, well, for that both teams are honestly pretty equal. This map could potentially go either way, but keeping in tradition with the other two maps, I think F2P can clinch this one out.

(if it makes it here) Prediction: 2-1 F2P


People with brains will be able to put together these predictions pretty easily--I think F2P has an extremely good chance to win this match and continue on to face G2B. Does that mean it’ll happen? Not necessarily--it would sure as hell be entertaining to see Swift take this instead--but, that’s just how it is.

Prediction: 2-0 F2P


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