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Advanced Grand Finals Prediction


   perenne   - 11/11/2018


After a dramatic finish (to say the least), Heals On Everyone won 2-0 against Pretzels Are Making Me Thirsty, resulting in HoE vs BAE. Both of these teams are fantastic, with every player amongst the best on their respective class. This is an insanely close match-up, and definitely worthy of the Grand Finals.

HoE: BLNKT / Yuki / TK / Lizar / Joey / Mono72 / SpotlightR / Lenny / Cooldog
BAE: Rebel / Khil / Pnut / BM / Gert / Sigafoo / Tacos / Markers / DeaftJoe


Heals On Everyone bans cp_steel
BM=BAE bans koth_ashville_rc1
BM=BAE picks koth_lakeside_final
Heals On Everyone picks pl_swiftwater_final1
Heals On Everyone bans pl_upward
BM=BAE picks koth_product_rc9

Maps are:

Map One: Lakeside

The first map pick is a koth map that supports snipers and demomen, which definitely plays to the strengths for both teams. Markers and Lenny both had dominated throughout the season, with both of them being important in victories. BM and Lizar also have had a great season, and the first map will really need both of them to do well. Last week, Heals on Everyone picked maps that didn’t play to the strengths of Lenny or BLNKT, which could have hurt their chances in success, but a koth map like Lakeside definitely lets HoE use all of their players effectively. Khil on the flank, however, is going to be a massive problem- lakeside is a great soldier map, and Khil is arguably the best soldier in advanced. BLNKT’s superior DM gives the flank of HoE a slight advantage, and control of bath house gives HoE more room to work with. Assuming Lenny doesn’t enter the match tilted, he should have the slight advantage over Markers in the SvS, but both snipers are probably going to simply own, like the legends they are. A slightly better flank may not seem like much, but considering the rest of the teams are so close in skill, HoE might be able to squeak out a win.

Predicted Winner: Heals On Everyone
Predicted Score: 3-2

Map Two: Swiftwater

Heals On Everyone picked Swiftwater against Pretzels last week, and it nearly didn’t work out. Both rounds were extremely close, with HoE just barely able to win 2-0. That’s why it’s so strange that they once again picked this map. BLNKT being stuck to push cart won’t let him do as much of the heavy lifting, while Lenny is forced to peak angles that don’t let him carry either. After a close call on Swiftwater last week, it’s weird that HoE want to pick this map again. BAE, on the other hand, still have their strong flank, with Khil being extremely threatening on this map as well. Payload is a gamemode that requires extremely good timing and coordination, which BM=BAE has due to the high experience on multiple players. All of these players have a season of Platinum experience, which makes their decision making and mechanics some of the best in RGL. Cooldog is extremely aggressive, which may not work on payload if the rest of the team isn’t there to back him up. DeaftJoe, on the other hand, is extremely experienced and can make big plays for his team with the right coordination. SpotlightR has good positioning, and he and Joey can usually hold back the enemy combo on their own, but the coordination and style of play needed for this map focuses heavily on BM=BAE

Predicted Winner: BM=BAE
Predicted Score: 2-1

Map Three: Product

I am literally begging for this match to go to a 3rd map. Product FINALLY sees the light of day in advanced playoffs (literally, cp_steel was picked before Product, shame on all of you), and what better way to end the season with everyone’s favorite map. Sniper is extremely important on Product, and both Markers and Lenny being the 2 best snipers in advanced. Cooldog’s aggression can be really useful on Product, since the map being so close and tight, unlike Lakeside, allows for Spy to be extremely aggressive. BLNKT and Rebel also have a lot of room to do a lot of damage, with Yuki and Khil both being able to bomb in. BM=BAE might run Kritz on this map, as BM has done very well with Kritz on koth, which will either prompt SpotlightR to run Kritz vs Kritz or lead to Kritz vs Uber fights. Mainly, though, this map allows for each of Heal’s players to shine, with all of them being able to do a lot of damage and frag. Picking Product was a very risky choice for BM=BAE, as it’s probably HoE’s best map, which has to call into question what their strategy is. Everyone on Heals is able to do a lot of work with this map, which may be the downfall of BM=BAE.

Predicted Winner: Heals On Everyone
Predicted Score: 3-1


Predicted Winner: Heals On Everyone
Predicted Score: 2-1

I cannot wait to see how this match turns out. Both teams are extremely skilled, and there’s no doubt that this will be a close series. Either team could win this, and all 3 maps (assuming to goes to 3) will probably be really close. HoE has had to scrim to prepare for their Semi-Finals match, while BM=BAE hasn’t had the pressure of a match in over 2 weeks. BM=BAE beat HoE in the regular season on HoE’s worst map, which hasn’t wavered their confidence at all. Either way, this is definitely a matchup worthy of the Grand Finals for RGL Season 1 Highlander.

Since this is the last match of the season, this is going to be the last article for Advanced Predictions for a while. Thank you all for reading, and thank you to everyone who participated in Season 1. Congrats and good luck to both teams.