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IM Playoff Week 2 Review & Playoffs Week 2.5 Predictions


   Moose In A Suit   - 11/10/2018


Welcome to a special edition of IM Match Reviews and Predictions, due to a couple matches being played on Saturday I’ve put out three-quarters of the article today and the rest will be out on regular match day. All 4 teams playing today are staring elimination in the face as this is the Lower Bracket Round 2. As always, good luck to all the teams and without further ado, let’s get into last weeks matches.

Playoff Week 2 Match Reviews

ANTHRAX vs. massive cranium esports

Maps: borneo-2-1-massive cranium, ashville-3-0 massive cranium
Predicted: 2-0 massive cranium
Result: 2-0 massive cranium
Borneo Ashville

The extra match on Borneo seemed to help massive cranium massively, the extra experience allowed them to take the map 2-1 where ANTHRAX was favored. As expected, ANTHRAX did not stand a chance on Ashville, resulting in a quick 3-0 loss. The logs may be messed up because it appears that Townze got 889 dpm on Borneo, which would be incredible and either way he got almost 10,000 higher than anyone else on the server, he also top dpm and top fragged both maps, an incredible performance for him all things considered. Once again, nano and polar both performed very well polar second fragging the first map and nano the second.

MVPs:Townze, polar, nano

Arctic Monkeys vs. Bedtime Stories

Maps:borneo- 2-0 monkeys, upward- 2-0 monkeys
Predicted:2-1 bedtime
Result:2-0 arctic
Borneo Upward

This match caught me completely off guard. It seems that I had both overestimated bedtime stories and underestimated Arctic Monkeys. Arctic Monkeys completely manhandled Bedtime Stories, dismantling them completely. Willmatic did insanely well with 93 frags. Em performed very well on upward, getting 3000 damage over crit happens, and going even with him on Borneo. Crit happens was able to keep up with Arctic Monkeys top damaging on his team both maps.

MVPs:willmatic, em, crit happens

Corncake’s Dormroom vs. Four Loko 14% ALC 400mg CAF

Maps:swiftwater- 2-0 4loko, ashville- 3-0 4loko
Predicted:2-0 4loko
Result:2-0 4loko

Cl4y was very outstanding this match and was the x-factor that led to Four Loko’s victory. Cl4y went 83 and 30 with 609 dpm. SmashySmashy, a ringer for 4loko also was a major reason for their victory but he won’t be getting MVP since he’s a ringer. The next best-performing players were actually both on Corncake which proves how much of an impact cl4y and smashsmashy had on the game. Private Dancer went 62 and 34 and Jones went 48 and 41 with 446 dpm.

MVPs:cl4y, Private Dancer, jones

404 Player Not Found vs.Leo Fan Club

Maps: product- 3-0 404, borneo- 2-1, 404
Predicted:2-0 404
Result:2-0 404
product borneo

This match was closer than the score suggested. 404 may have won pretty convincingly but the stats show that it was a pretty back and forth match. For example, on product, although it was a 4-0 both demos got exactly 542 dpm. Crit was one of the stand-out players with 121 frags and San Antonio 1998 Mustang had 26 frags, even though he had the same dpm as avian. Avian performed very well on Borneo with 71 frags and 325 dpm, topping San Antonio on dpm.

MVPs: crit, San Antonio 1998 green mustang, avian

Week 2.5 Match Predictions

ANTHRAX vs. 404 Players Not Found

Maps: lakeside, swiftwater, upward

This is going to be a battle of the demos. Both demos have been getting MVP for their team pretty consistently every week. It’s a matter of which demo will rise above the other. Both teams look really strong on lakeside, ANTHRAX having defeated bedtime stories 4-2 and 404 beat Arctic Monkeys 4-3 overall, ANTHRAX has a small edge for lakeside. On Swiftwater, ANTHRAX lost 2-1 on Corncake’s Dormitory which proves to be concerning, giving the edge to 404 for Swiftwater. On the final map ANTHRAX beat 4loko 2-0 on upward while 404 hasn’t beat any teams worth mentioning, giving the map edge to ANTHRAX and the overall edge to ANTHRAX too.

Prediction:2-1 ANTHRAX

Bedtime Stories vs. Four Loko 14% ALC 400mg CAF

Maps: swiftwater, lakeside, product

Coming off a surprising loss to Arctic Monkeys this should be a more relaxing match for Bedtime Stories. This is looking like a pretty easy match for Bedtime Stories who have done relatively well on both Swiftwater and lakeside and should take this pretty easily.

Prediction:2-0 bedtime

Power Rankings

1. Arctic Monkeys(+2)
2. Bedtime Stories(-1)
3. massive cranium(+2)
5. 404 players not found
6. Four Loko 14% ALC 400mg CAF

Our power rankings are starting to grow smaller with Corncake’s Dormroom and Leo Fan Club dropping from playoffs. This week our bottom half stays the same but with Arctic Monkey’s surprise victory against Bedtime Stories they jump up to first, passing massive cranium and Bedtime Stories.