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Open Quarter Finals Results and Semi Finals Predictions


   The Godfather   - 11/11/2018


With Quarter Finals behind us, the remaining four teams are now playing to see who will make it to the Grand Finals. Regardless of whether or not a team wins this week, their season will not end. While winners move onto the Grand Finals match, (Which I am casting with Cyclowns!!), those who lose this week will play in the Bronze match next week.

Author's Note

Sorry this one is late by my standards, had a really busy week, and didn't have time. I'm writing this in a tux, having just played with my bigband, finally having some free time.
Either this week or next, I'll most likely have two articles, one for the matchups, and one to highlight players that really stood out over the course of the season. I meant to do this in the week between regular season ending and the formal playoffs starting, but I got bogged down with work.
One last thing, Open Grand Finals won't be casted unless they are rescheduled to a time other than when Main Grand Finals are, since Cyclowns and I are casting that match as well.


1. Sifety - 19.7 Points
2. el Deguello - 18 Points
3. Barcode-HL - 14 Points
4. Late Night Legends - 12.3 Points
5. The Garage Band - 11.4 Points
6. Team - 11.4 Points
7. God’s Plan - 9.6 Points
8. Ringers - 9.0 Points

Quarter Finals Match Results

#1 Sifety vs #8 Ringers

Sifety: DanTheMan11 // Pup // Com-Lag // A Satanic Fish // Hael // gLuD // Guild Knight Nub[ // Page // Bliztank
Ringers: armaicho // SkariaN // savvaisnotagirlolbbq // b1zzmyth // Miles O’Crien // Private_Eevee // Orbit // LaaaNgdon // Sock


Ringers bans cp_steel
Sifety bans koth_lakeside_final
Sifety picks pl_borneo
Ringers picks koth_product_rc9
Ringers ban pl_swiftwater_final1
Sifety picks koth_ashville_rc1


The skill disparity of Open was made extremely clear when Sifety opened with a first point hold of Borneo to start off the night. It was over for Ringers once that happened.
Prediction: 2-0 Sifety
Result: 2-0 Sifety

#2 el Deguello vs #7 God's Plan

el Deguello: Steiner // Focks // Cookie // -L // Nick // St3vo // Ezra // jahbooty // catfish
God's Plan: atomic // dan // quiggymcsmiley // meese_ // cmdr.cameron // god is a black brony // anonion // A Big and Fluffy Hippo// MystiK


God's Plan bans pl_swiftwater_final1
el Deguello bans cp_steel
el Deguello picks koth_product_rc9
God's Plan picks pl_borneo
God's Plan bans koth_lakeside_final
el Deguello picks pl_upward


El Deguello seemed in top for for this match, not much to say apart from that.
Prediction: 2-0 El Deguello
Result: 2-0 El Deguello

#3 Barcode-HL vs #6 Team

Barcode-HL: angent // Latte // escape // juice // mocha // DatDrop // TopsideHorse // Captured // mcgee
Team: Ikillbannanas // downup // Dakka // Bruce // Pain_Seer // Hypnis // Craterpie // addison // echotheelf


Team bans pl_upward
Barcode-HL bans koth_product_rc9
Barcode-HL picks koth_lakeside_final
Team picks pl_borneo
Team bans koth_ashville_rc1
Barcode-HL picks pl_swiftwater_final1


Even with a slip up in the match comms, Barcode was really locked in for this match, hardly allowing any cap time on Lakeside.
Prediction: 2-0 Barcode-HL
Result: 2-0 Barcode-HL

#4 Late Night Legends vs #5 The Garage Band

Late Night Legends: Peaches // Toastie // Sndls // Kinetic // Grand Pear // Scottluck // Etho // FOAD // Porpo
The Garage Band: Vacket // Hoekstra TF // Rhysand // Joey // AstronomyTwin // Smokey // LucG_ // KutchKutch // Lookout! Awwww.


The Garage Band bans koth_lakeside_final
LNL bans koth_ashville_rc1
LNL picks koth_product_rc9
The Garage Band picks cp_steel
The Garage Band bans pl_swiftwater_final1
LNL picks pl_upward


Ok so everything happened exactly like I thought EXCEPT for the winner. The Garage Band took the upset after rattling LNL on Steel, and then they were able to keep that momentum in Upward. A very well fought match on both sides, but unfortunately, LNL got sent home.
Prediction: 2-1 LNL
Result: 2-1 The Garage Band

Semi Finals Predictions

#1 Sifety vs #5 The Garage Band

Sifety: DanTheMan11 // Pup // Com-Lag // A Satanic Fish // Hael // gLuD // Guild Knight Nub[ // Page // Bliztank
The Garage Band: Vacket // Hoekstra TF // Rhysand // Joey // AstronomyTwin // Smokey // LucG_ // Thot Patrol // Lookout! Awwww.


The Garage Band bans koth_product_rc9
Sifety bans koth_lakeside_final
Sifety picks pl_swiftwater_final1
The Garage Band picks cp_steel
The Garage Band bans koth_ashville_rc1
Sifety picks pl_upward


Sifety picking swiftwater against a team that has proven to be well coordinated may have been a mistake, but I doubt it will change the expected outcome of this match.


What I would say has become The Garage Band's signature map, steel poses some threat to Sifety. Determined efforts from LNL were unable to crack 182's hold last week, and if SIfety gets rattled, The Garage Band can take this map.


In scrims, Sifety consistently beats The Garage Band on upward, and unless something spectacular happens, I would normally expect the same result. However, if Sifety gets significantly shook on steel, it might be a close one.


I think The Garage Band got the best of the pick bans, eliminating product (where Sifety beat them week 1), while securing steel. With no koth maps in the matchup, Sifety's damage potential is slightly less important. Sifety is going into this match extremely confidently, and The Garage Band is super pumped after last week's upset. Momentum will be everything in this match, and to be honest, The Garage Band has a small, but decent, chance of winning if this goes to the third map.
Prediction: 2-1 Sifety

#2 el Deguello vs #3 Barcode-HL

el Deguello: Steiner // Focks // Cookie // -L // ||||||||||| // Sips // ? // St3vo // Catfish
Barcode-HL: angent // Latte // escape // juice // mocha // DatDrop // TopsideHorse // Captured // mcgee


Barcode-HL bans cp_steel
el Deguello bans koth_ashville_rc1
el Deguello picks pl_swiftwater_final1
Barcode-HL picks koth_product_rc9
Barcode-HL bans pl_upward
el Deguello picks pl_borneo


With the coordination required for this map being so prominent in the outcome of matches payed on it,m El Deguello has a clear edge. I expect them to strike early here taking the first point.


Angent and the rest of Barcode feel at home here, as it is one of their favorite maps to play on. Barcodes time and love of this map give them a clear advantage, and I expect them to win this.


El Deguello had a great hold last week on Borneo, but this week may not be so simple. Barcode has more time on this payload map than any other, and they are certainly feeling more comfortable on it now than ever before. Sight edge to Barcode.


With El Deguello's leader and medic, Ezra, having recently been banned from RGL, there is an air of uncertainty surrounding this team. We have seen what happens to good teams when they lose a valuable player, such as when Sifety lost Danny-o week 5, and almost lost to LNL. El Deguello may strike first in this matchup, but once Barcode gets warmed up, odds are they take the win and move onto Grand FInals.
Prediction: 2-1 Barcode-HL