Week 8: Kronge Realm vs Pop Di Pipes

   sigafoo   - 11/8/2018
In the first ten-week season of RGL-Invite history, we are coming to the final leg. With only three matches left to be played, the playoffs are starting to shape up. Three teams have secured their spots into the playoffs: Cowardly Dogs, Cat Noises and Kronge Realm. However at the lower end of the table… there is everything to play in these final weeks.

RAZETHEWORLD and Pop Di Pipes are only .2 points away from each other and Command and Conquer sits at about 1 match (3 points) behind them. Meaning that that 4th playoff spot is truly up for grabs and each of these teams and they need to play their hearts out in the final weeks. And when it comes to RGL, even the games in which it seems unlikely to win the full match, winning just one round could mean the difference between 4th and 5th place.

Tonight we’ll see Kronge Realm taking on Pop Di Pipes on Product. These teams met earlier in the season on Borneo where Kronge won the game pretty handily. However you have to keep in mind that PdP is a team thrown together last minute by various tf2 players and was struggling to find their cohesion. The one player that did stand out for PdP was gert (the absolute unit) who is a sniper you may not know, but could easily be a mid-top Invite sniper in RGL-HL.

It was definitely a tough night for PdP as Kronge is made up of almost exclusive sixes players. You can tell they're still learning how to play payload effective, but now these teams will meet on a map that everyone knows, product.

Big players to look out on Kronge is Alley on demo. He went big during the Borneo meeting between these two teams, putting out a solid 400 dpm. Nomi had a good game last time, though can be a bit hot and cold for their team. Then on the flank with Skele and legit… those are legit some players to be worried about.

Kronge is the obvious favorites in this game, but I could see PdP either winning it in a nail-biter or at the very least getting a couple rounds off of them. I think the big thing is that PdP probably will not be able to keep up through raw DM, so they’ll have to use their flex classes effectively to open up the game. Maybe bring in some spy play to help open up the game against a team who doesn’t typically have to think about one. Allowing gert to set the pace of the game.

It’s definitely going to be an uphill fight for PdP, but it’s an important match. Not just for them to get that 4th place spot, but because they’ll need to go through Kronge in order to get 3rd place in the league and get that nice check of $600.

We’ll find out this Thursday if PdP can show why they deserve in the playoffs or if Kronge can put another notch on their belt as their work their way towards the postseason.

Watch live tonight @ 9:30pm Eastern