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IM week 7 review and playoffs week 1 predictions


   Moose In A Suit   - 10/29/2018

Week 7 Match Reviews Blue

IM Legend vs.Utopia Turned Dystopian

Predicted: 2-0 IM
Result: 2-1 Dystopia

In a bittersweet final match, Utopia Turned Dystopia made a final push and won their first match. Both teams seemed to struggle with starting on defense, losing both of their first halves, unable to cap in time to match the other team’s time. Utopia was able to rally together and, in the last round of the last match of the season, they were able to push faster than the 10 minute time that was set. Invertigo top fragged (excluding a ringer) and limited his deaths, proving to be an important factor in this match. Ket “pipes” jelly top damaged with 459 dpm and had 49 frags, 5 below invertigo. Caleb also performed well, picking up 45 frags, proving to be a constant threat for IM Legend to deal with. Also just a quick thanks to both of these teams for sticking through the season even though it may have not been the easiest.

MVPs: Invertigo, Ket “pipes” Jelly, Caleb

ANTHRAX vs.Clear Comms

Predicted: 2-0 ANTHRAX

Bedtime Stories vs.Leo Fanclub

Predicted: 2-0 Bedtime
Result:2-0 Leo Fan Club
Logs1 Logs2

Bedtime Stories are taken down a notch losing this week to Leo Fanclub. Bedtime Stories once again were dealing with roster issues, looking like juner had to leave mid-match forcing Flashey to switch off of sniper. This turned out to be a big deal because Flashey was performing very well on sniper and then was only average on soldier. Hojin pulled off 512 dpm for Leo Fanclub and ult put in work with 45 frags

MVPs: ult, Flashey, Hojin

Corncake’s Dormroom vs.Tentatek TF2

Predicted: 2-0 Corncake
Result: 2-0 Corncake

An easy match for corncake heading into playoffs. Nothing much to comment on this one. Brandon did very well considering the circumstances, pulling off 430 dpm. That was the only star for Tentatek as Jones went 43 and 9 and wise went 30 and 20... Possibly cementing himself a main spot for playoffs… but we shall see as he is always on the chopping board.

MVPs: Brandon, Jones, wise

Week 7 Match Reviews Red

Predicted: 2-0 Arctic Monkeys
Result:2-1 Arctic Monkeys

As expected, Arctic Monkeys did not take the match very seriously, instead choosing to rally the troops for playoffs, unfortunately, this led them to lose a round to SAR. Props to SAR for exploiting the Monkey’s complacency but I’m going to write off the round lost as a lack of focus rather than an area that is in need of concern. Alex topfragged with 52 frags and em followed up close behind with 48 frags and 484 dpm. For SAR Brando wasn’t far behind with 43 frags and 344, his stats have impressed me throughout the season.

MVPs: alex, Brando, em

[h3]Waifus of War vs. Four Loko 14% ALC 400mg CAF
Predicted: 2-1 4loko
Result:2-1 4loko
Logs1+2 Logs3

Thus begins the tragic tale of Waifus of War who laid everything on the table to get a round win against a superior team to try to earn a playoff spot. They succeeded in getting their round but weren’t able to guarantee their spot in playoffs leaving it up to 404 vs. massive cranium. Grace got a massive 92 frags in the match cl4y picked up 555 dpm for 4loko and jayy picked up 69 frags

MVPs: Grace, cl4y, jayy

Predicted: 2-0 404
Result:2-0 massive cranium
Logs1 (only one half of logs due to a server crash.

In a match that played more like a pub, massive cranium proved they deserved their playoff spot by beating 404 convincingly on a payload map, which they have been not very good at historically. From the one half that is available, kaponei and polar performed very well getting 21 and 19 frags respectively with zefur from 404 trailing behind with 17 frags, beating podgy 4-2 in the svs

MVPs: kaponei, polar, zefur

[h2]Playoff Week 1 Match Predictions

ANTHRAX vs. Four Loko 14% ALC 400mg CAF

Maps: Upward, Product, Lakeside

This is a difficult matchup to predict, two middle of the table teams from the different divs. I give four loko the roster advantage, although they have a medic ringer but, the map advantage goes to ANTHRAX, beating better teams on the maps in the past.
Prediction: 2-1 ANTHRAX

404 Players Not Found vs. Bedtime Stories

Map:steel, product, upward

These two teams had a similar trajectory throughout the season, both started as the golden standard and as the season went on started to have blunders, both losing their last match. This is by far the Match of the Week and will prove which div is superior, IM red or blue. Going into this match, rosters seem about even but Bedtime stories have the map advantage, 404 having dropped a round on product to D4 who weren’t able to pick up a win this season

Prediction:2-1 Bedtime Stories

massive cranium vs. CornCake’s Dormroom

Map:ashville, product, lakeside

Massive cranium is coming in off a massive boost after beating 404 last week. They have the map advantage somehow managing to get all koth when they’ve proven that koth is their strong suit and since it is all koth, the DM heavy South American players also have the player advantage

Prediction:2-0 massive cranium

Leo Fan Club vs. Arctic Monkeys

Map:swiftwater, product, ashville

Leo Fan Club coming off of a big 2-0 win against Bedtime Stories are looking to beat another IM placement favorite, Bedtime Stories. Arctic Monkeys dropped a round to Some Assembly Required last week so now we will see if Arctic Monkeys were just unfocused or if there is another problem at hand.. Arctic Monkeys has the player advantage and the map advantage but Leo Fan Club may be able to upset

Prediction:2-0 Arctic Monkeys

Power Rankings

2. Bedtime Stories
3. 404 Players Not Found
4. massive cranium esports
5. Arctic Monkeys
6. Leo Fan Club
7. Corncake’s Dormroom
8. Four Loko 14% ALC 400mg CAF

Massively just guesswork this week. Power rankings will be much more concrete next week after we see the skill gap between IM red and blue.