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Main Playoffs Week 1 Predictions - Swift Inc. vs Blackjack and Hookers


   cyclowns   - 10/29/2018


The first week of playoffs has begun. However, due to the relatively small division sizes in RGL, there’s only one match to cover this week--Blackjack and Hookers vs Swift Inc. The maps being played are Swiftwater, Ashville, and Lakeside, in that order.

Those with incredible observational skills may notice that this article is structured very differently from any articles in the past. For all articles in the future, expect them to look like this--Power Rankings, team rosters and how they stack up against each other in various departments, and analysis of each map before summarizing and ending with the overall prediction.

Also.. uhh. I may or may not have said that I would eat a Sonic the Hedgehog hat if G2B lost, and they kind of did, so.. Expect something out of that in the next article. Sorry, time constraints.

Power Rankings

#1 - Gotta Blast

At this point it’s kind of like a broken record, but, G2B, even with their recent loss to Blackjack and Hookers, is able to very consistently outperform every other team in the division. I can’t really imagine any other team I would put at #1.

#2 - Forty-Two Pence

#3 - Swift Inc.

#4 - Blackjack and Hookers

#5 - Itty Bitty Kitty Committee

Match Predictions - B&H vs Swift Inc

I’m of the opinion that this is going to be a pretty good first playoffs match. As seen on the Power Rankings, I think Swift Inc. is an overall better team than B&H, but that absolutely does not mean that this is a guaranteed game for them.


Swift: asher / panther / nucket / Brick / Burtilian / soleil / GreenAndGold / egwat / dave

B&H (? paul wouldn’t tell me their roster so this is guessing): Toy / Poseidon / teli / katryna / Paul / Grynn / Clayton / asian / E_leet


asher / panther (Swift) vs Toy / Poseidon (B&H)

I’ve said in the past that I think Swift’s flank is actually one of the strongest in the division right now. Compared to B&H’s roster this week of Toy / Poseidon (I honestly don’t even know if they’re playing--like I said, their leaders never got back to me), although they’re a relatively new set of players for B&H, I would say that both teams flanks are equal in skill.


Brick / Burtilian / GreenAndGold (Swift) vs katryna / Paul / Clayton

Swift’s combo absolutely has better DM than B&H, but for all intents and purposes that’s not the most important thing here. B&H’s combo of mainly katryna / Paul have been around for quite a while and, from what I can tell, are two of the most coordinated players in the division right now. Overall, B&H should have an edge over Swift in terms of pure combo skill and coordination.

Pick Classes

egwat / Dave (Swift) vs asian / E_leet (B&H)

There’s really not much for me to say here. Both teams have excellent snipers and spies, and I don’t feel particularly biased in either direction. The SVS should be pretty close here.



Ahh, Swiftwater as the first map of playoffs. In their Week 2 matches, B&H beat SWW (now dead) 2-0, and Swift lost to F2P 2-0. I don’t really think this says a whole lot about either team--but, in the match where Swift and B&H did play each other, it was on Upward--another Payload map, although one that doesn’t require as much coordinating skill as Swiftwater does, and Swift won 2-1. Of course, as I said, Upward is far more of a ‘DM map’ than Swiftwater--B&H has proven their ability to do extremely well on maps requiring a lot of team play such as Steel week (2-0 against DAT) and Borneo week (2-1 against G2B [!!]).

This will be a close game for sure. Although, with B&H’s exceptional teamplay and a combo that works very well together, I’m going to give it to them.

Prediction: 2-1 B&H


Ashville may end up being a different story. During Week 3, B&H lost 4-1 to F2P, and Swift beat DAT 4-0. Of course, that’s not exactly just going to add up to an 8-1 victory for Swift, but.. still. I think Swift is a better overall DM team, but B&H being able to even out the flank with Toy / Poseidon (?) as well as keep the rest of the game competitive is going to make this really hard for Swift.

I’m going to say Swift takes this map, but this could ABSOLUTELY go either way.

Prediction: 4-3 Swift


Lakeside is a pretty similar situation to Ashville here. Although it’s a lot heavier on the pick classes side of things with Sniper being dominant--I can see both egwat and asian popping off in their own rights here--I think this map will ultimately come down to whichever team’s flank can stay in control the longest. And, with that in mind, I can easily see Swift’s flank of asher / panther being able to coordinate effectively and leave a lot of space for their DM strong combo to work with.

I think Swift can take Lakeside (if it even comes to this map), but not without some resistance.

Prediction: 4-2 Swift


Overall, this is going to be a great first playoffs match for Main. Not to mention, I hear some rumors that this might be casted by some fellow Main players--so keep an eye out for any news about that, since it’ll definitely be better than the RGL-Invite cast. I mean, why would you want to watch banny or whatever that guy’s name is play when you can watch the REAL players? All jokes aside, I’m looking forward to seeing how this turns out.

Oh yeah, the prediction--with all three maps taken into account, I’m giving it to Swift here with a 2-1 victory.

Prediction: 2-1 Swift Inc
No gamechangers, because--okay, seriously. There's three different maps being played. I would just list everyone at that point.


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