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Open Week 7 review and Tiebreaker(!) prediction


   The Godfather   - 10/23/2018


The conclusion of the regular season ends on a cliff hanger, as two teams remain tied after week 7. Therefore, a one half tiebreaker will be played Monday 10/29, on koth_product with Brendan Fraser the RGL Team hosting Ringers. Playoff match-ups will be set after that match tonight, so stay tuned.
Open Playoffs have been moved back a week to accommodate this.

Author’s Note

I want to thank all of the Admins, team leaders, and players for making this such a great first season of RGL HL. We have seen some great games from teams in Open this season, and I can't wait to see what the playoffs and off season will bring. I look forward to bringing you all news about Open season 2!
Miscellaneous News
There has been a lot of drama recently regarding the rosters of certain teams, and their adherence to division guidelines set by admins. I've been following this pretty closes and if you have any questions, please hit me up at @havi#7716
Also upsets everywhere across the league in general this week, what a way to end the season.
Open HL Pugs are being played every Saturday!
This will be one of two, maybe three article this week, so stay tuned.
Once again special thanks to Bliztank for organizing and sending me all of the logs.

Week 7 Review

Sifety vs. Ringers

Bliztank carried on spy. Well no, he didn't carry, but he did annihilate Ringers' combo. The rest of Sifety played well in a very dominant win. Ringers, having one last chance to make playoffs, should buckle down and learn from this match, so they can put to use some of what they may have learned to use tonight against Brendan Fraser.
Prediction: 2-0 Sifety
Result: 2-0 Sifety

el Deguello vs. The Garage Band MOTW

This match was much better controlled by el Deguello than I would have thought. The Garage Band is a formidable opponent, even if their record doesn't show it, and el Deguello capitalized on every error they saw in order to get this win.
Prediction: 2-1 El Deguello
Result: 2-0 El Deguello

barcode-HL vs. Late Night Legends

AHA! I got one right! Well, I mean I got others right too, but I was hoping this prediction would pay off the most. Late Night Legends remains the only team to get points off of the top seeded team Sifety, and they were able to get an early round off of Barcode -HL as well. However, their luck just about stopped there. Barcode roared back in the second half, with Captured warmed up and hitting shots, the entire team felt a sense of energy as the team rose up to out frag LNL 173-95 in the second half. Late Night Legends is definitely a team to keep an eye on in the playoffs. If they can strike early and knock their opponent off their feet, they'll take wins. Unfortunately, Barcode-HL was on top of it second and third half.
Prediction: 2-1 Barcode-HL
Result: 2-1 Barcode-HL

team vs. Brendan Fraser the RGL Team

Brendan Fraser really under performed my expectations, especially after I saw such enthusiasm from the team about their match. If Wall switches to his main I think the team will fair much better in their tiebreaker match. Well done to Team's combo for suppressing Brendan Fraser's pushes.
Prediction: 2-1 Brendan Fraser
Result: 2-0 Team

God's Plan vs. CompmanPlayers

Oh I actually messed up my predictions n this one saying the incorrect team would win while giving a proper numeric victor. Anyways, well done to Meese_ on demo for God's Plan, certainly got them though the match unscathed.
Prediction: 2-1 God's Plan
Result: 2-0 God's Plan

Outstanding Players:

Rules: In order to receive the title of “Outstanding Player”, you must be rostered on a team or as a free agent in RGL Open HL. No ringers from higher divisions or outside or RGL will be considered. If I don't think anyone deserves the distinction, I won't give it to anyone.

Scout: Angent Barcode-HL

Soldier: Focks El Deguello

Pyro: Cookie El Deguello

Demoman: Bruce Team

Heavy: Cmdr.Cameron God's Plan

Engineer: Even for a payload match, nobody really stood out on Engie this week

Medic: Craterpie Team

Sniper: Captrued Barcode-HL

Spy: Bliztank (Sifety) & Mcgee (Barcode-HL)
Legit too close to call this one:
Bliztank: 38 kills, 30 deaths, 34 mins
Mcgee: 64 kills, 65 deaths, 75 mins

Tie Breaker!

Since two team remain tied for match point at the end of the regular season, a tiebreaker match will be played will be played to see who advances. The Match will consist of 1 half on koth_product, winner takes the last playoff spot.

Brendan Fraser vs. Ringers

With both teams feeling the heat, Brendan Fraser is looking for their first official win, where as Ringers has already won a match on product, and is ready to do it again. With Wall finally back on sniper for Brendan Fraser, Brendan Fraser's chances are a good deal better than if this had happened last week. Could go either way.
Prediction: 2-1 Brendan Fraser

Open League Table