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Intermediate Week 7 Predictions and Week 6 Review


   Moose In A Suit   - 10/20/2018


This week's article will be mostly focused on IM red since the playoff participants for IM Blue have been set already. No upsets last weeks leads us to a very tense battle between 4loko, waifu's of war and massive cranium over 2 playoff spots. It all comes down to the match between 4loko and Waifu's of War to see who can come out with the victory and guarantee their playoff spot and if the other team can come out with a matchpoint and hope that massive cranium wasn't able to pick up a round against 404. Without any further theorizing, let's get into the review

Week 6 Match Reviews IM Red

Massive Cranium esports vs. Duck Duck Duck Duck

Predicted: 2-1 massive cranium
Result: 2-0 massive cranium
Logs Logs2

D4 end the season unceremoniously with a 2-0 loss to massive cranium. It seemed as though the more the season went on, the worse their team got, which culminated in this final match. Massive cranium holds on to their playoff dreams,needing to only grab one round to be guaranteed a spot in playoffs. Polar top fragged with 36 and a very respectable dpm of 396. Pepito top dpmed with 435 dpm. On D4, knavish performed the best on his team getting 21 frags, both top damaging and top fragging for his team

MVPs:Polar, Pepito, Knavish

Waifus of War vs. Arctic Monkeys

Predicted:2-0 Arctic Monkeys
Result:2-1 Arctic Monkeys
Logs Logs2 Logs3
Arctic Monkeys come through with the victory as expected but, Waifu’s of War is able to come out strong and surprise Arctic Monkeys by taking the first round. With Arctic Monkeys guaranteed a playoff spot, it wasn't much of a surprise that they came into the match a little unprepared. WoW’s capitalization on that gives them a safety cushion for their upcoming match, all they need now is one round to make playoffs, instead of needing to win the whole map. Mr. Z was an integral part of capturing that first round, top fragging that round with 22 frags and 385 dpm. Once Arctic Monkeys snapped out of it, willmatic was able to come out of his shell, top fragging overall with 51 frags. Sylon also performed very well, getting 4 med picks and 8 sniper picks, 42 frags overall.

MVPs:Mr. Z, willmatic, sylon

Four Loko 14% ALC 400mg CAF vs. 404 Players Not Found

Predicted:2-0 404
Result:2-0 404
Logs Logs2
404 maintain their spotless win rate against another playoff hopeful team this week. A very quick match, under 15 minutes, sees 404 off to playoffs and 4loko a little concerned about their own future. They have to make sure to win their match this week otherwise their chance of playoffs comes down to how massive cranium fare against Arctic Monkeys. Mendax performed very well, top fragging with 25 frags and 5 med picks. If it hadn’t been for Mendax, it feels like 4loko may have been able to grind out 404 with cl4y out dpming green mustang, cl4y getting 800 less heals and 60 dpm more even with his team getting rolled. Extrasolar got 23 frags and 340 dpm and shut down the spy in the second half, killing theoretical spy 4 times.

MVPs:Mendax, cl4y, extrasolar

Week 6 Match Reviews IM Blu(e)

ANTHRAX vs. IM Legend

Predicted: 2-0 ANTHRAX
Result: 2-0 ANTHRAX

As predicted, ANTHRAX picks up an easy victory, outclassing IM Legend in nearly every aspect. Townze pulls off a massive 597 dpm and a 4.4 KA/D, Saturation picks up the third most frags with a solid 337 dpm and yumyum second top frags with 27 frags

MVPs:Townze, Saturation, yumyum

Corncake’s Dormroom vs. Utopia Turned Dystopian

Predicted:2-0 Corncake’s Dormroom
Result:2-0 Corncake’s Dormroom

These logs make this match look closer than it was. Both teams had very evenly split players, the difference was the coordination of Corncake allowed them to shine above Utopia. Unfortunately, I don’t know who the main caller for Concake is so I’m going to assume it’s Jones on Demo and give him MVP, along with his outstanding stats of 63 frags and 519 dpm, both top of the scoreboard. Sebbers was able to clean up after Jones, picking up 60 frags of his own. Ket “Pipes” Jelly performed well for Utopia, putting out 515 dpm, rivaling Jones and picking up 52 frags, second most on his team.

MVPs:Jones, Sebbers, Ket “Pipes” Jelly

Bedtime Stories vs. Clear Comms

Predicted: 2-0 Bedtime
Result: 2-0 Bedtime
Logs Logs2

Recovering well from their loss last week, Bedtime stories pull of a quick victory, only hampered by the pause around the end of the first half to switch their pyro. Crit happens averaged 433 dpm and only died 13 times, providing a steady rock from which bedtime stories could build from. In the second half, flashey switched from scout to sniper and went off, getting 21 frags, 8 more than the next person. Neumi also performed well, getting 22 frags and supporting their demo well

MVPs:crit happens, flashey, neumi

Leo Fan Club vs. Tentatek TF2

Predicted:2-0 Leo
Result:2-0 Leo
Logs Logs2

A simple roll for Leo, holding Tentatek on second in the second half and putting up a 5 minute time in the second half. Avian put out 481 dpm and top fragged with 30 frags. Ult picked up second highest frag with 25 frags. FrankZenstein pulled just about 300 dpm and 16 frags, the most on his team.

MVPs:Avian, Ult, FrankZenstein

Week 7 Match Predictions IM Blue

IM Legend vs. Utopia Turned Dystopian

IM Legend has had a few highs and a number of lows in their matches this season, but finishing their season off against UTD should definitely be a high note. UTD has had a very rough season, but I am very impressed with their resiliency and determination, and I look forward to seeing what this team can do in the offseason to improve.
Prediction: 2-0 IM Legend

ANTHRAX vs. Clear Comms

ANTHRAX has had a very respectable season thus far, even defeating Bedtime Stories 2-1 in a match expected to go the other way. Clear Comms has had a pretty rough season, going 4 weeks without a reliable main medic, and working to beef up their roster as the season progressed, acquiring a new heavy and medic week 4, and Sharky on Pyro after his team died. However, I don’t believe their roster’s improvements will be enough to count the reliable and coordinated team ANTHRAX brings to the match.
Prediction: 2-0 ANTHRAX

Bedtime Stories vs Leo Fan Club

Bedtime Stories has been one of the top teams in IM all season, and as the regular season comes to a close they look ready to contend 1st place in playoffs. Their dominant flank will prove to be a large challenge for Leo Fan Club. If Leo Fan Club can support their combo well enough, I think they might take a round, but with the odds against them, I don’t see them succeeding.
Prediction: 2-0 Bedtime Stories

Corncake's Dormroom vs. Tentatek TF2

Corncake’s Dormroom has a fairly strong roster and a determination to win, but with wise about to be cut it’s looking pretty shaky. Tentatek should definitely hard focus wise if they want any chance of winning. Jokes aside Corncake has the edge here after a more consistent season and a stronger roster than Tentatek, a team that has been very weak on payload maps.
Prediction: 2-0 Corncake’s Dormroom

IM Blue Preds done by FATHER

Power Rankings IM Blue

1. Bedtime Stories
3. Corncake’s Dormroom
4. Leo Fan Club
5. IM Legend
6. Tentatek TF2
7. Clear Comms
8. Utopia Turned Dystopia

No change this week, Each team did just as well as predicted and there is no reason to shuffle things this close to playoffs.

Week 7 Match Predictions IM Red

Some Assembly Required vs. Arctic Monkeys

Some Assembly Required is out of the playoffs race and Arctic Monkeys are keen for a week off to regroup and prep for playoffs. Even with Arctic Monkeys relaxing and not worrying too much about their match, Arctic Monkeys still have the raw dm to beat SAR without any real effort.
Prediction: 2-0 Arctic Monkeys

Waifus of War vs. Four Loko 14% ALC 400mg CAF

This is the biggest match of the season, if Waifus of War win the match then Four Loko doesn’t make playoffs, if the score is 2-1 for Waifus or 4loko, Four Loko makes playoffs and massive cranium gets knocked out, if the score is 2-0 for 4loko Waifus don’t make playoffs and massive cranium get in. Both teams need to try their absolute best to secure at least a round in order to move on to playoffs

Prediction:2-1 4loko

massive cranium esports vs. 404 players not found

With 404 proving to be the best team in IM red and massive cranium struggling on payload in the past, this is looking to be a roll for 404. Massive cranium is hoping to pick up some match points to sneak into playoffs because if they can get a round it will guarantee them a spot.

Prediction:2-0 404

Power Rankings IM Red

1. 404 Players Not Found
2. Arctic Monkeys
3. Four Loko 14% ALC 400mg CAF
4. Waifu’s of War
5. massive cranium esports
6. Some Assembly Required
7. Duck Duck Duck Duck

No change this week, Each team did just as well as predicted and there is no reason to shuffle things this close to playoffs.