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Main Week 6 Review & Week 7 Match Predictions


   cyclowns   - 10/20/2018


It’s finally reached the end of the regular RGL HL Main season, and it’s being ended pretty lightly with pl_borneo. I think playoff teams are pretty locked down (at least a couple of them are), but there is definitely some potential for change.

You should expect longer, more accurate, earlier, and extremely thorough playoffs articles for most every division (especially Main!).

Last Week’s Match Results

Swift Inc. vs Itty Bitty Kitty Committee

Prediction: 2-1 IBKC
Result: 2-1 Swift

I did say that this match really could have gone either way, and just judging by logs this seemed like a super close game. Unfortunately IBKC couldn’t take it home but both teams played incredibly well. Congratulations to Swift!

Outstanding Performances: pantherr, egwat (Swift) Brandan, kjr, Rayman5000 (IBKC)

Disingenuous Assertions vs Blackjack and Hookers

Prediction: 2-1 B&H
Result: 2-0 B&H

Unfortunately, DAT’s pickups and roster changes didn’t seem to help them out a whole lot in this match. But, it’s not 100% their fault because, apparently, B&H had zuchima on Scout--which honestly seems more than a little unfair. But, I digress. Congratulations to B&H for the win!

Outstanding Performances: shohh, ash, podgy713 (DAT) zuchima, Gw4lk, katryna, asian (B&H)

Gotta Blast vs Forty-Two Pence

Prediction: 2-1 F2P
Result: 2-0 G2B

Well.. as much as this prediction was extremely wrong, there isn’t a whole lot I can say about it. I suppose I put too much faith in F2P’s coordination, and underestimated just how well G2B would play their match. Good job to G2B for their well earned victory.

Outstanding Performances: josh, PsychoPsyduck, allayy, Mhenlo (G2B) Rue, Ruins (F2P)

Match Predictions

Forty-Two Pence vs Itty Bitty Kitty Committee

F2P: Bonesaw / Flare / Inquisition / Kamil / Rue / Starfruit66 / Ruins / percy / 5perm
IBKC: saucy / Brandan / kitty / kjr / Rayman5000 / Salad Snek / GeneralNick / dailydoseofmelon | Micahlele / Steaklington

If you’re looking for a match this Monday to follow, this is definitely the one for Main. Realistically, I could see this match going either way--IBKC is coming off of a loss last Monday, but so is F2P, and it’s not like those losses make them worse teams in any way. Both teams have proven how dominant they can be, and their players are only improving more and more as the season goes along.

But, in the end I do have to predict a team to win--and for that, I’m going to take the side of F2P--but it’s sure to be a close match.

Prediction: 2-1 F2P
Gamechangers: Flare, Kamil, Rue, Starfruit66, percy, 5perm (F2P) Brandan, kjr, Rayman5000, Steaklington (IBKC)

Swift Inc. vs Home Depot eSports

Swift: asher / pantherrr / Puffalo | Nucket(?) / Brick / Burtilian / KootyKay / GreenAndGold / egwat / Dave
BOPIS: patches / Wubs / Diabolical / zbra / Luigi / cyclowns / raisins / mikey / Serious (I’m on BOPIS and I’m honestly not even sure if this is our roster)

I don’t doubt for a second that, at the beginning of the season (or even mid-season), this prediction would have been entirely different--I might have even had BOPIS winning! (spoilers, I don’t think we will.) Swift Inc is consistently proving themselves to be a well-rounded and committed team with their underdog (well, at least according to me) victory against IBKC last week, and they’re on the rise with an almost guaranteed ticket to playoffs. Meanwhile, BOPIS.. doesn’t feel so good. BOPIS lost a good chunk of their main roster, being forced to replace them with subs or ringers that have rarely seen playtime, and haven’t scrimmed pl_borneo at all this week.

I think it’s safe to say this’ll be a well deserved victory for Swift Inc. I’ll try to make the most out of playing it.

Prediction: 2-0 Swift
Gamechangers: pantherrr, Brick, Burtilian, KootyKay (Swift) zbra, Luigi, Serious (BOPIS)

Blackjack and Hookers vs Gotta Blast

B&H: zuchima (?) / Gw4lk / Klowwd / katryna / Paul / Grynn / bloompi (?) / asian / E_leet
G2B: josh / nazara / lambda / allayy (?) / nerd / baocn / PsychoPsyduck / Mhenlo / myk

As much as I want to give the benefit of the doubt to B&H, with their victory on Steel week and reputation for being well-coordinated, I seriously doubt that anyone is going to beat G2B at this point. It’s just not going to happen. I’ll eat a god damn Sonic the Hedgehog hat that I bought from a local Goodwill if it happens. Don’t get me wrong, B&H is a fantastic team and although I think they’ll perform at their best, it really just won’t be enough to topple G2B--but, feel free to prove me wrong!

Prediction: 2-0 G2B
Gamechangers: zuchima, katryna, Paul, asian, E_leet (B&H) josh, nerd, baocn, PsychoPsyduck, Mhenlo


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