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Open Week 6 Review and Week 7 Predictions


   The Godfather   - 10/20/2018


Hello and welcome back to my youteube channel RGL Open division, week 6! This week's map is pl_borneo, a generally well liked map I feel is perfect to end the regular season on. Team's need to have good coordination on defense, as knowing when it is best to pull out of a hold will make or break some teams' hold times. There are many different ways of holding different areas, and teams' that can effectively utilize their knowledge of the map will usually come out on top. Let's get into it!

Miscellaneous News
Roster's are locked, no new players can be added to teams.
Rest in Peace to "My Dick Fell Off" (s1-s1).
Oh, and in case you've been living under a rock, Scream Fortress X dropped,

Author’s Note
Open HL Pugs are now a thing!
Expect a few articles next week, I'm going to pick up the pace as playoffs start.
Once again special thanks to Bliztank for organizing and sending me all of the logs.

Week 6 Review

Sifety vs. CompmanPlayers

3 words: All Hael Pootis. Hael popped off in the match, demolishing Compman Players with a combined 62 kills (next highest Pup 39 combined kills). A oppressive 521 dpm combined really paved the way for a dominant win. Hats off to Hael on this one.
Prediction: 2-1 Sifety
Result: 3-0 Sifety

barcode-HL vs. El Deguello MOTW

Yeah so I was wrong in my prediction, but as I said I'm not surprised about this result. Barcode's Angent seemed really off his game in this one, doing only 80 dpm in the first half, while he normally averages above 250 dpm. I do hope Barcode-HL begins to scrim during playoffs, regardless of their seriousness about highlander as a format.
Prediction: 2-1 Barcode-HL
Result: 2-0 El Deguello

Team vs. The Garage Band

The Garage Band was certainly more dominant in this match than I expected, largely due to Hoekstra popping off on soldier, top fragging and top dpm both halves.
Prediction: 2-0 The Garage Band
Result: 2-0 The Garage Band

Late Night Legends vs. God's Plan

God's Plan was able to take a round off of Late Night Legends, which preserved their playoff hopes. Not much to say about this match other than it was pretty drawn out.
Prediction: 2-0 Late Night Legends
Result: 2-1 Late Night Legends

Ringers vs. Toasted Bagels

Toasted Bagels is dead, Ringers receives full 3 match points.
Prediction: N/A
Result:] 3-0 (pv) Ringers

Brendan Fraser the RGL Team vs. Late Night Legends

This was the match for the remaining 1.4 points after week 1.
3-0 Late Night Legends
Result: 3-0 Late Night Legends

Brendan Fraser the RGL Team vs. My Dick Fell Off

Brendan Fraser is confirmed to have biological weaponry in play here as the last 2 teams they were scheduled to face have died.
Prediction: 2-1 MDFO
Result: 3-0 pv Brendan Fraser

Outstanding Players:

Rules: In order to receive the title of “Outstanding Player”, you must be rostered on a team or as a free agent in RGL Open HL. No ringers from higher divisions or outside or RGL will be considered. If I don't think anyone deserves the distinction, I won't give it to anyone.

Scout: DanTheMan11 Sifety

Soldier: HoekstraTF The Garage Band

Pyro: Nobody really stood out this week on pyro

Demoman: Meese/b] God's Plan

[b]Heavy: Hael

Engineer: Hypnis Team

Medic: Nobody really stood out this week on Medic

Sniper: Jahzilla El Deguello

Spy: Bliztank Sifety

Week 7 matchups

Sifety vs. Ringers

Sifety definitely has everything under control now, and with Bliztank taking the helm this team will roll through the early stages of playoffs, and possibly to grand finals. I doubt Sifety will let up a point here, especially this late in the season.
Prediction: 2-0 Sifety

el Deguello vs. The Garage Band MOTW

El Deguello and The Garage Band are certainly two solid teams, and their week 7 matchup is worthy of MOTW. I see El Deguello taking this map due to their combo, but with The Garage Band increasing it's intensity as the season end nears, the odds of a 2-0 win on either side are very low.
Prediction: 2-1 El Deguello

barcode-HL vs. Late Night Legends

Yikes this is a tough one. Both teams are coming off of shaky week 6 matches, and both are strong teams. I wouldn't be too surprised if Late Night Legends took the win, but I think Barcode-HL has a slight edge.
Prediction: 2-1 Barcode-HL

team vs. Brendan Fraser the RGL Team

I feel like I have to give Brendan Fraser the win here due to their past success in killing off teams before they play. In all seriousness, Brendan Fraser loves Borneo. Historically they have done well on it, and they are very confident going into this match.
Prediction: 2-1 Brendan Fraser

God's Plan vs. CompmanPlayers

Both teams are tied for match points outside of the playoff threshold. A win is a must for either team if they want to continue this season. That being said, I give the win to Compman Players, but I think God's Plan will take an early round.
Prediction: 2-1 God's Plan

Power Rankings

Ok, let’s get something set straight really quick: These are weekly power rankings, not overall. There was a lot of movement this week and I don’t want anyone being confused about the changes, which I’ll try to explain.

1. El Deguello+1

El Deguello moved up after their victory over Barcode-HL on cp_steel. I think Boreo will be an easy map with coordination as good as theirs.

2. Sifety+1

Sifety seems to be back on their feet and ready for playoffs. They still remain undefeated and are very close to securing the top seed in playoffs.

3. Barcode-HL -2

Barcode-HL dropped to number three on my list after a disappointing match on cp_steel. They really need to focus now to get a good seed.

4. The Garage Band +/-0

The Garage Band continues to meet or exceed expectations and I don't see any team besides this one a contender for the number four spot.

5. Late Night Legends +/-0

Late Night Legends has got some fire under their seat these days, and they're full steam ahead going into week 7.

Open League Table