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Advanced Week 7 Predictions and Week 6 Review


   perenne   - 10/20/2018


The final week of the regular season is almost here! Pl_borneo is a staple highlander map, known for it’s difficult pushes and strong coordination needed to play on defense. Borneo, along with Swiftwater, is among the most difficult payload maps in the game, which each individual player needing key timing and flawless execution. Demoman is very important in this map, with many points coming down to pushing through choke points and other smaller areas. This is the last week before playoffs, and with roster locks, these appear to be the final rosters for teams before they begin the playoff bracket.

Last Week In Review

Raze The World defeats BM=BAE (2-1)

The titans fall! Not only losing their first round of the season, but also their first match as well. Players from both teams shined and others dimmed. From those who shined BM(Demoman) and Vipa(Soldier) were the brightest. Vipa from Egfug completely destroyed BM=BAE’s flank. With a grand total of 19 flank picks, with this pressure from Vipa their combo was able to worry solely on the other combo and not the flank. With great performances from Pellovely(Demoman) and Reika(Sniper) Egfug was able to hold down the lead they had and completely topple BM=BAE.

MVP: Vipa

Pretzels Make Me Thirsty defeats Black Trash Bags (2-0)

Going into this match, you would probably think that this would be an incredibly close one. Gong (Demoman) all season has been extremely dominant for Pretzels and with the new addition of Earthworker(Demoman) 33gal was doing really well in scrims. But sadly because of the roster changes from Black Trash Bags and more cohesive combo calls from Pretzels they were able to contain and control 33gal for the match. The game quickly fell apart after 33gal just played without much thought, which was easily punishable due to the strong coordination cp_steel requires. With tilt setting in quickly and spirits being very low, Pretzels were able to put away 33gal fairly quickly.

MVP: Gong

HoE > Flow 2-0 (Forfeit)

With multiple people leaving, the Flow ended up forfeiting their match. Without a match for week 7 (BYE week), and without playoffs to have to worry about, the Flow essentially died. Luckily, without any more matches, this doesn’t hurt the league too much.

Week 7 Schedule

BM=BAE Vs Pretzels Are Making Me Thirsty
Black Trash Bags Vs Heals On Everyone
Egfug and the Flow receive a BYE week

Match Of The Week: BM=BAE Vs Pretzels Are Making Me Thirsty

Tacos / Daf / Pnut / BM / Gert / Sigafoo / Jerr / Markers / Fallen
Rev / Fuego / PyroSquirrel / Gong / Octa / Michael / Dreadnaught / TheS4rr / Vizie

Coming off of a hard lose from the hands of Egfug, BM=BAE is eager to prove they are still the best in the league. With strong performances from BM=BAE’s combo they look forward to Borneo, a map that is extremely good for strong combos. But BM=BAE does have its first roster change of the season, and a big one at that. With Tacos previously on Medic moving to scout and bringing in Daf on Soldier and Jerr on Medic. Contributing more experience and better calls to the team. But with these changes BM=BAE they may struggle against a team who has kept a strong and consistent roster all season long. Though Pretzels have kept a consistent roster all season for the most part, they do have a change of their own. With Rev now starting over RandomCookie on Scout the team does gain some stronger DM pressure from their flank. As well as Gong (Demoman) has been dominating almost all he has opposed and doesn’t look like he wants to slow down anytime soon. And with assistance from Octa (Heavy) Pretzels look to make this a good match. And with TheS4rr(Sniper) and Markers(Sniper) two of the best snipers in the league going head to head. We will see a good show coming from both sides.

Predicted Winner: Pretzels
Predicted Score: 2-1
Important Players: BM, Jerr (BM=BAE) Gong Octa (Pretzels)

(This match will be casted at

Black Trash Bags vs Heals On Everyone

BLNKT / yuki / TK / Lizar / Joey / Mono72 / SpotlightR / Lenny / Cooldog
Inky / Lenn / Plurl / Earthworker / Bonko / Cloud / Moose / Aeon / Jebus

At the beginning of the season, this match would have been a very close and exciting match to watch. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, this is no longer the case. While on paper, this match has the potential to be close and a good game all together, much of Black Trash Bags is discouraged, with their team being hastily kept alive last minute, due to numerous roster swaps. Compared to Heals On Everyone, who has had less roster changes and a more consistent roster, 33gal is not in a good position to win this match. BLNKT and Yuki (Scout / Soldier) are both players with extremely strong DM, and while that isn’t always the deciding factor in payload, it does make the flank of 33gal in a difficult position to do anything. TK (Pyro) and Joey (Heavy) are both very spy aware players, which hurts 33gal when they rely on Jebus (Spy) to make aggressive plays that opens the map for them. Lenny (Sniper), of course, has been dominating the entire season, and while borneo is a map where he hasn’t had the best performances in the past, he still has fantastic aim and can keep 33gal from making any pushes. Aeon (Sniper) is also a successful sniper, but this looks like one of the few instances where 33gal doesn’t look outclassed entirely. In order to get a round or win, HoE has to either make massive mistakes or 33gal needs a miracle.

Predicted Winner: Heals On Everyone
Predicted Score: 2-0
Important Players: Joey, Lenny (HoE); Aeon, Jebus (33gal)