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Intermediate Blue Week 6 Power Rankings and Predictions


   m1chael   - 10/15/2018


Week 6: cp_steel

Welcome once again to another week of RGL Highlander. Last week we saw several unexpected developments in divisions, with division superpowers falling. There will be significant modifications in power rankings this week.

Six weeks into the season, we arrive at cp_steel. This map can make or break teams; many do not like it because they are unsure how to play it. On this map, teams who would normally have stronger damage may fall to others. Scrims and coordination will be key to winning this week.

Power Rankings

1. Bedtime Stories

Scout: makk
Soldier: juner
Pyro: Fury-Bringer
Demoman: king, Akinfenwa.
Heavy: Vin-Syl
Engineer: Dell Conagher
Medic: Punny
Sniper: Flashey
Spy: CraftKitty

2. ANTHRAX (+2)

Scout: YumYum
Soldier: Saturation
Pyro: Rade
Demoman: Townze
Heavy: Moist Master
Engineer: Bear Hoovy
Medic: sophie
Sniper: boxcar
Spy: ghost

3. Corncake’s Dormroom

Scout: norphel03
Soldier: wise
Pyro: CornCake
Demoman: Jones
Heavy: Sebbers
Engineer: 8-kit
Medic: Raisin
Sniper: Be My Private Dancer
Spy: Commander

4. Leo Fan Club (-2)
Scout: ult
Soldier: Rulebrkr
Pyro: avian
Demoman: papaya
Engineer: Shaggy
Medic: Soalabe
Sniper: Shim
Spy: ydna

5. IM Legend (+1)

Scout: Umbra Star
Soldier: gam
Pyro: q!k.piggies
Demoman: TyaTheOlive
Heavy: Yuuki
Engineer: Snow
Medic: EAF
Sniper: Specty
Spy: 0.5772156649

6. Tentatek TF2 (-1)

Scout: Murloc Jonny
Soldier: Plierr
Pyro: Kooby
Demoman: zen
Heavy: Dj
Engineer: Unusual Sandvich
Medic: Caramel Ice Cream
Sniper: Euphorical
Spy: tortelloni

7. Clear Comms

Scout: FishOFun
Soldier: I’m Ded
Pyro: sharky
Demoman: Neck
Heavy: Weegee
Engineer: Birch
Medic: Dave
Sniper: Cat
Spy: Godo

8. Utopia Turned Dystopian

Scout: Solly
Soldier: FP Flemaski <3
Pyro: muddy
Demoman: Ket Pipes Jelly
Heavy: Trybes
Engineer: Xieso
Medic: Orion
Sniper: Caleb
Spy: NukingDragons

Match Predictions

ANTHRAX vs. IM Legend

ANTHRAX comes into this week off of a surprising victory over Bedtime Stories, a former superpower of the division. They have been playing very well with their new and improved combo, and this should continue. IM Legend], on the other hand, has not been playing as well since the start of the season; it seems as if this the power has shifted between teams. Specty can do a lot of work for this team and their new Demoman, TyaTheOlive, makes critical plays. Each team has been doing very well in scrims but I don't think it will be enough for IM Legend to take a win this week.

Prediction: 2-0 ANTHRAX
Gamechangers: Specty, Townze, Moist Master

Corncake’s Dormroom vs. Utopia Turned Dystopian

Only losing to Bedtime Stories so far, Corncake’s Dormroom is on an impressive 4-win streak and that could reach 5 tonight. They have defeated several powerful teams including ANTHRAX and Leo Fan Club. Their last two weeks of the regular season will not be hard compared to what they have been through so far. Utopian Turned Dystopian, unfortunately, is not looking like they will win a round this season. Against the strong roster of Corncake’s Dormroom this week, they will need to have significantly stronger coordination than usual if they hope to take a half or more.

Prediction: 2-0 Corncake’s Dormroom
Gamechangers: Sebbers, Jones, Ket “Pipes” Jelly

Bedtime Stories vs. Clear Comms

Taking an unexpected loss last week, the former superpower of the division, Bedtime Stories needs to recuperate and get back into the flow of winning. They still remain one of if not the best team in the division, while their opponent does not face similar circumstances. Clear Comms has only seen a win against Utopian Turned Dystopian, although they have taken rounds off of other teams. They do not have promising scrim results to warrant anything more than a 2-0 loss this week, but if they can control maak and limit the potential of the Bedtime Stories combo, we may be surprised.

Prediction: 2-0 Bedtime Stories
Gamechangers: maak, Juner, sharky

Leo Fan Club vs. Tentatek TF2

Leo Fan Club has re-established their position among the upper trophs of the division. ult had formerly been one of the top Scouts in the division, and he has shown nothing less on Demoman. The reformed roster looks just as good if not better than the original, and will continue to dominate this week. Tentatek TF2, although they have several strong players, has not been demonstrating that they belong as high as they are ranked and have progressively dropped in power rankings. Leo Fan Club will return to its former glory this week, as expected.

Prediction: 2-0 Leo Fan Club
Gamechangers: Dj, ult, Soalabe

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