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Intermediate Red Week 5 Review & Week 6 Preview


   Moose In A Suit   - 10/14/2018


Welcome back to another week of RGL Highlander! We’re in the final stretch here, only two weeks left to play before playoffs. Just a quick reminder to all the players and team leaders that rosters close tomorrow (October 16th) at 8 PM EST so get any of those final roster additions in now! Without further ado let’s get into last week’s matches.

Week 5 Match Reviews

Red's Rambunction Rampagers vs. massive cranium esports

Predicted: 4-0 cranium
Result: 4-0 cranium

Match summary:
RIP to Red’s Rambunction Rampagers who died this week. May they continue their rampage wherever they are headed.

Waifus of War vs. Some Assembly Required

Predicted: 4-1 WoW
Result:4-0 WoW
Logs1 Logs2

Match summary:
Waifus of War pull of an impressive win against Some Assembly Required this week. Unfortunately for SAR, they were not able to control the combo of Waifus of War which ultimately led to their downfall. In fact, SAR was outclassed across the board, with only Brando coming close to matching Rawk Hawk. Even then, Rawk Hawk went off, pulling a massive 700 dpm out and only dying 5 times in four rounds and topfragging the server with 32 frags. As expected, explosivedeer went off, tying for second highest frags with 27 with rbosst and getting the second highest dpm on WoW.
MVPs:Rawk Hawk, Brando, explosivedeer

Four Loko 14% ALC 400mg CAF vs. Duck Duck Duck Duck

Predicted:4-1 Loko
Result:4-0 Loko
Logs1 Logs2

Match summary:
Duck Duck Duck Duck was not able to control Four Loko 14% ALC 400mg CAF’s combo which led to a swift victory for Four Loko. Once Four Loko’s combo established control, Duck’s flank was not able to do much because if Four Loko’s flank died, their combo rotated and wiped out bathhouse without an issue. Cl4y got 740 dpm, dying only 4 times and getting 35 frags. Jayy also performed exceedingly well, second fragging with 29 frags and third dpm overall with 433. Moose performed well on Duck topfragging for his team with 24 frags and 5 med picks along with second dpm overall with 472.

MVPs:cl4y, jayy, Moose

404 Players Not Found vs. Arctic Monkeys

Predicted: 4-2 arctic
Result:4-3 404

Match summary:
What a thrilling match, 404 started strong winning the 2-1, then Arctic Monkeys must’ve have woken up because they took the next half 2-0 convincingly, leaving the score at 3-2. After being left in the dust those two rounds, 404 rallied and came back to win two close rounds. Both teams performed very well, making the MVPs very hard to choose. Crit on 404 topfragged with nearly a 2.0 k/d and 64 frags overall fragging the sniper a whopping 12 times. Not far behind him was extrasolar, also from 404 with 56 frags, with 7 med picks, the most in the server. After that was Pauly from Arctic Monkeys with 49 frags.
MVPs: Crit, extrasolar, Pauly

Gold Star: WiLLmaTiC :
For being the only one to combine logs for his team in IM Red

Week 6 Match Predictions

massive cranium esports vs. Duck Duck Duck Duck

Match summary:
Duck Duck Duck Duck out of playoff contentions and massive cranium esports are barely holding on, massive cranium need all the match points to even have a chance for qualifying in playoffs. D4 aren’t going to go down without a fight though, still looking for their first win this season. This match will come down once again, to the coordination of the combos. D4 has the capability to perform well, but their lack of coordination and game sense does not suit them well coming into such a coordination heavy map like Steel. With their roster changing once again this week, it’ll be interesting to see if D4 can come back with a vengeance seeking their first win.
Prediction:massive cranium esports
Gamechangers:Funky, Moose, carra

Waifus of War vs. Arctic Monkeys

Match summary:
These teams come into this game from opposite ends of the spectrum, Waifus of War come in off of a big win over SAR looking to get some match points and sneak their way past SAR into playoffs. Arctic Monkeys come off of a close loss with their playoffs spot suddenly in jeopardy, hoping to pick up a big win here to make sure they don’t choke at the last second. Although both teams have played well this season, Arctic Monkeys' combo is a clear notch above, although the sniper duel will be one to keep in mind, even though it is steel.
Prediction:2-0 Arctic Monkeys
Gamechangers:Rawk Hawk, brandon, explosivedeer

Four Loko 14% ALC 400mg CAF vs. 404 Players Not Found

Match summary:
The days of conservative predictions are over. 404 has been performing extremely well throughout the season and are now the team to beat. That being said, if a team were to do it, it would be four loko on a map like steel. Four loko has arguably the best combo in IM red and on steel that can be the decider. san antonio 1998 green mustang and cl4y are both very competent demos and are both going to need to show up in a big way for this match. Crit has also consistently pounded in his matches, it will be interesting to see how he takes the challenge of cp_steel
Prediction:2-0 404 Players Not Found
Gamechangers:san antonio 1998 green mustang, cl4y, crit

SAR gets a bye week due to the death of Red's Rambunction Rampagers. This should give them time to regroup and hold on to their playoff spot next week.

Power Rankings

1. 404 Players Not Found(+3)
2. Arctic Monkeys(-1)
3. Four Loko 14% ALC 400mg CAF(-1)
4. Waifus Of War(+2)
5. massive cranium esports(-1)
6. Some Assembly Required(-1)
7. Duck Duck Duck Duck

Nearly every team has been moved this week, my earlier prediction to move 404 up the table was correct and they proved that by beating the former team to beat Arctic Monkeys, leaving them, undefeated, the new team to beat. Waifus of War moves up the table surpassing Some Assembly Required after a strong showing against them last week. Waifus of War also surpassed massive cranium mostly due to upcoming maps. Cranium has done very well on koth maps, even beating Waifus of War week 1 on product but has floundered on payload maps like losing 2-0 to SAR on upward, with the upcoming two maps being steel and borneo, it seems more likely that Waifus of War keep up their strong performances and make playoffs over massive cranium especially since massive cranium is coming up against heavy hitter 404 players not found on borneo next week.