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Invite Week 5 Review & Week 6 Preview


   Alto   - 10/15/2018

Week 5 Match Reviews

Bit of a shorter article this week. I’ve been super busy this weekend, so expect a longer article next week.

Galactic Kids Next Door vs. Chill Penguins

Map: koth_ashville_rc1
Predicted: 4-0 KND
Result: 4-0 KND

As with most Bv matches, feels like there’s not much to say. Arekk, Kresnik, and SGC had good games while Johnny, Paals and Acore didn’t. KND still has question marks surrounding them, but at least they’ve confirmed there hasn’t been a major collapse.

MVPs: Arekk, Kresnik, SGC

Irene vs. The Faction

Map: koth_lakeside_final
Predicted: 4-1 IRENE
Result: 4-2 IRENE

I hoped Faction’s roster changes would be enough to make them competitive in this match, and I was right, but it seems like it wasn’t enough. After Faction jumped out a 2-1 lead in the first half, IRENE regrouped and shut them out of the game entirely thanks to strong showings from b4nny and Jarrett, amongst others. While I think 2 rounds off of the arguable favorites would be a good sign, many of the Faction players disagreed and essentially aborted the team. A damn shame considering the potential this roster had, but sometimes it really do be like that.

MVPs: [*]

Fast Forward vs. Apolodosh

Map: koth_ashville_rc1
Predicted: 4-3 >>
Result: 4-1 >>

While this match had the potential to go the distance, wish played like there was HLPugs captain ELO up for grabs and ran away with it. After an extremely close, back and forth 2-1 first half, >> was able to adapt to AD’s plays on Ashville and run away with the match. >>’s flank continues to impress with the trifecta of wish, Dongo, and rain all top fragging together again. Fallen continued to show improvement on the ‘not dying’ front, with a mere 13 deaths compared to shaayy’s 33, who really ran into a wall for what feels like the first time this season. Again, his frags weren’t that far behind Fallen’s but when you’re trading 6 frags for 20 deaths, the end result is >> getting way too much undeserved cap time. Maybe AD really is only able to upset games when I don’t predict them to win, so I’ll have to go back to doubting them again this game.

MVPs: Wish, Mr. DelDongo, Fallen Lord

Week 6 Match Predictions

It’s almost like Faction died just put even more attention on IRENE/KND this week.

IRENE vs. Galactic Kids Next Door - Match of the Week

Bans: Steel (IRENE), Borneo (KND), Swiftwater (IRENE), Vigil (IRENE)
Map: pl_upward

This match will be casted by VoxDei and myself at!

KND comes into their rematch against IRENE with many of the doubts surrounding them in week 3 dogging them into week 6. While they had a strong showing against Bv, I unfortunately don’t think that’s representative of anything overly meaningful at this point, although Faction last week showed that IRENE can bleed. I think KND’s helped out more by the maps and the switch to stopwatch this time, but they’ll still have an uphill climb in front of them. Bo4r and the FROYO boys should be able to repeat their performance on Cascade as far as shutting down Bowl, and if that’s able to happen then I think the win will follow naturally.

Prediction: 2-1 IRENE
Gamechangers: Bowl, SGC, Habib

Fast Forward vs. Chill Penguins

Bans: Swiftwater (Bv), Upward (>>), Borneo (>>), Vigil (Bv)
Map: cp_steel

Steel finally comes out, and in a Bv match no less. If they’re going to take a round this season, I think this game would be it. A lot of pressure is going to be on zoey, turkeylips and Acore to get the picks and momentum they’d need to catch >> sleeping on them, but after some encouraging signs from their last match against >> this might be the one. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say this is the round they get.

Prediction: 2-1 Bv
Gamechangers: zoey, Acore, turkeylips

The Faction vs. Apolodosh

Bans: Borneo (f), Steel (AD), Upward (AD), Vigil (f)
Map: pl_swiftwater_final

Even though the bans went through, I’m fairly certain f is dead due to their having only 7 players rostered.

Prediction: 0-0
Gamechangers: mystery 2 players who faction roster/ring

Power Rankings

2. Fast Forward
3. Galactic Kids Next Door
4. Apolodosh
5. Chill Penguins (+1)
6. The Faction (-1)

Bv finally escapes the basement, but moreso through the egos on the Faction rather than anything by their own doing. Otherwise, >> cemented their position in 2nd outside of a strong KND performance this week, and proved they’re quite a bit above AD.