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Open Week 5 Review and Week 6 Predictions


   The Godfather   - 10/14/2018


Welcome back to another week of RGL HL season 1! Week 6 bring the notoriously difficult map of cp_steel. With two general strategies for winning, and plenty of opportunity to flank, communication between the flank and combo must be perfect. A team that can successfully rotate to counter threats a they arise will hold out for far longer than those without such ability. Of all the maps in the rotation, cp_steel requires the most preparation, and having a map review along side multiple scrims is more important than ever.

Miscellaneous News
Roster lock is this Tuesday at 8:00 est! Solidify your rosters, fill in weak spots, and show that you're a playoff worthy team! It is also a great idea to finish up any matches that were forfeited earlier in the season, so you can try to earn as many points as possible.
Yet another team has died, so press f to pay respects to Toasted Bagels, which was declared dead on Sunday night after forfeiting their match against Brendan Fraser on account of lack of players.

Author’s Note
I asked team leaders for their current lineups, and I will incorporate them as you send them to me. If you've checked recent transactions at all in the past few weeks, you'd realize there has been far more fluidity among teams' rosters than expected.
Special thanks to Bliztank for organizing and sending me all of the logs from week 5, as it just makes my life easier.
Oh and by the way, I got the winner right on every match this week, only a few matches were off in point value.

Week 5 Review

Sifety vs. Late Night Legends

So when I predicted LNL to get a point off of Sifety, a few members of Sifety got a little salty since I called Danny-o a carry. Then they almost lost to an unranked team. This should serve as a warning to all teams not to rely too heavily on one player, and instead improve as a team. This, of course, should not take away from the performance of Late Night Legends, who played well as a team in their own right, out performing all of my expectations.
Prediction: 4-1 Sifety
Result: 4-3 Sifety
1st half

Barcode-HL vs. The Garage Band

When I said Barcode-HL doesn't lose on koth, I wasn't messing around. Barcode ended up with almost twice the kills of The Garage Band in another truly dominant performance.
Prediction: 4-0 Barcode-HL
Result: 4-0 Barcode-HL
1st half
2nd half

El Deguello vs. CompmanPlayers

El deguello performed well as usual on lakeside. Nothing much to say on this one, Sorry.
Prediction: 4-0 El Deguello
Result: 4-0 EL Deguello
1st half
2nd half

Team vs. God's Plan (motw)

I chose this as the motw due to the predicted intensity of the match. Although it was pretty close throughout the match close, Team was slightly more dominant that I expected, and came away with 2.4 mp's.
Prediction: 4-2 Team
Result: 4-1 Team
1st half
2nd half

Ringers vs. My Dick Fell Off

The only notable detail I feel worth sharing about this match is that Ringers' combo was playing together, efficiently, and dominantly, props to them.
Prediction: 4-1 Ringers
Result: 4-0 Ringers
1st half
2nd half

Brendan Fraser the RGL Team vs. Toasted Bagels

I had thought Brendan Fraser was not going to have the mannpower for this match, but in a sudden turn of event it was Toasted Bagels that lacked the mannliness. After initially forfeiting the match, TB has since died, so BF recieves the full 3 mp's.
Prediction: 4-1 Brendan Fraser
Result: 3-0 (pv) Brendan Fraser

Outstanding Players:

Rules: In order to receive the title of “Outstanding Player”, you must be rostered on a team or as a free agent in RGL Open HL. No ringers from higher divisions or outside or RGL will be considered.

Scout: Angent Barcode-HL

Soldier: 727 God's Plan

Pyro: Nobody really deserved this distinction this week :/

Demoman: -L El Deguello
Honorable mention: Juice Barcode-HL

Heavy: Mocha Barcode-HL

Engineer: ScottLuck Late Night Legends

Medic: :D TopsideHorse163 Barcode-HL

Sniper: Page Sifety

Spy: Bliztank Sifety

Week 6 matchups

Sifety vs. CompmanPlayers

After a very rough performance last week, I see Sifety as having a slightly better time in this match-up. Without Danny-o, Sifety was very shaky, but they're still a good team at their core, and will take this win.
Prediction: 2-1 Sifety

barcode-HL vs. El Deguello MOTW

This map requires a lot of coordination and I see Barcode-HL struggling with that aspect of play. El Deguello has had a strong front going into this match-up, and if they can punch out the win I won't be too surprised. This one could go either way.
Prediction: 2-1 Barcode-HL

Team vs. The Garage Band

The Garage Band can take this win cleanly if they're able to rotate better than Team. Length wise, this match might be the longest of the night.
Prediction: 2-0 The Garage Band

Late Night Legends vs. God's Plan

Late Night Legends played very well last week in a close loss to the top team, if they can build on that match they'll easily defeat God's Plan.
Prediction: 2-0 Late Night Legends

Ringers vs. Toasted Bagels

Toasted Bagels is dead, Ringers receives full 3 match points.
Prediction: N/A
Result:] 3-0 (pv) Ringers

Brendan Fraser the RGL Team vs. Late Night Legends

After Brendan Fraser forfeited w1, these two teams are playing for the remaining 1.4 match points still up for grabs.
3-0 Late Night Legends

Brendan Fraser the RGL Team vs. My Dick Fell Off

We've yet to see Brendan Fraser in a real match, and I don't see them winning on steel. They seem to be very disorganized
Prediction: 2-1 MDFO

Power Rankings

Ok, let’s get something set straight really quick: These are weekly power rankings, not overall. There was a lot of movement this week and I don’t want anyone being confused about the changes, which I’ll try to explain.

1. Barcode-HL+/- 0

This team has not scrimmed at all together on this map, and I see them struggling a lot, but they're dm will reign supreme at the end of the day.

2. El Deguello +/-0

A solid fit in at number 2 for El Deguello, They have a strong roster going into week 6.

3. Sifety +/-0

I initially thought dropping Sifety to the number 3 spot was a bit too bold, but after last weeks near loss, I think they're exactly where they should be on my list.

4. The Garage Band +/-0

Another team performing exactly as I expected, they hold the number 4 spot for the second week in a row going into the second to last match of the regular season.

5. Late Night Legends Previously Unranked

Late Night Legends got up here after their performance against Sifety last week. We'll see what happens this week.

Open League Table