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Intermediate Blue Week 5 Power Rankings and Predictions


   m1chael   - 10/8/2018


Week 5: koth_lakeside_final

Welcome back to another exciting week of RGL Highlander. Due to some time issues, Moose in a Suit will be taking over Intermediate Red while I continue to cover the Blue portion. This will also lead to continued accuracy and unbiased predictions while I cover the portion of the division that my team does not play in.

We return to King of the Hill for the last time until playoffs this season for four more thrilling matchups. Last week, my predictions for this side of the division were very far off. Corncake’s Dormroom has continued to disprove my predictions and a believe they have established themselves among the upper trophs of the division at this point, beating down the very capable roster of Leo Fan Club in a close match last week. Bedtime Stories has continued to demonstrate why they belong in the #1 spot; the other two matches were very balanced in terms of roster strength and just tilted the other way against my predictions that week.

Power Rankings

1. Bedtime Stories

Scout: makk
Soldier: juner
Pyro: Fury-Bringer
Demoman: king, Akinfenwa.
Heavy: Vin-Syl
Engineer: Dell Conagher
Medic: Punny
Sniper: Flashey
Spy: CraftKitty

2. Leo Fan Club
Scout: ult
Soldier: Rulebrkr
Pyro: avian
Demoman: papaya
Engineer: Shaggy
Medic: Soalabe
Sniper: Shim
Spy: ydna

3. Corncake’s Dormroom (+2)

Scout: norphel03
Soldier: wise
Pyro: CornCake
Demoman: Jones
Heavy: Sebbers
Engineer: 8-kit
Medic: Raisin
Sniper: Be My Private Dancer
Spy: Commander

4. ANTHRAX (-1)

Scout: YumYum
Soldier: Saturation
Pyro: Rade
Demoman: Townze
Heavy: Moist Master
Engineer: Bear Hoovy
Medic: sophie
Sniper: boxcar
Spy: ghost

5. Tentatek TF2 (-1)

Scout: Murloc Jonny
Soldier: Plierr
Pyro: Kooby
Demoman: zen
Heavy: Dj
Engineer: Unusual Sandvich
Medic: Caramel Ice Cream
Sniper: Euphorical
Spy: tortelloni

6. IM Legend

Scout: Umbra Star
Soldier: gam
Pyro: q!k.piggies
Demoman: TyaTheOlive
Heavy: Yuuki
Engineer: Snow
Medic: EAF
Sniper: Specty
Spy: 0.5772156649

7. Clear Comms

Scout: FishOFun
Soldier: I’m Ded
Pyro: sharky
Demoman: Neck
Heavy: Weegee
Engineer: Birch
Medic: Dave
Sniper: Cat
Spy: Godo

8. Utopia Turned Dystopian

Scout: Solly
Soldier: FP Flemaski <3
Pyro: muddy
Demoman: Ket Pipes Jelly
Heavy: Trybes
Engineer: Xieso
Medic: Orion
Sniper: Caleb
Spy: NukingDragons

Match Predictions

IM Legend vs. Corncake’s Dormroom

IM Legend has been performing surprisingly well so far this season; however many of their players have been inconsistent. At Specty’s peak, he is possibly the best Sniper in this division, but he has not been reaching that level recently. On the other hand, Corncake’s Dormroom has been on a massive slew of impressive victories and have slowly moved up the power rankings. Since losing to Bedtime Stories, the team has beaten three very strong rosters and established themselves as a top team. Specty will need to play as well as he is capable of if his team wants any chance to win the match. IM Legend has been playing a lot with their new Demoman, TyaTheOlive, which will help them a lot going into this week. The Corncake’s Dormroom flank has proven dominant in scrims and will continue to win matches for the team, including on Monday. Still, this should be the closest match in Intermediate Blue this week.

Prediction: 4-2 Corncake’s Dormroom
Gamechangers: Specty, Jones, wise

Bedtime Stories vs. ANTHRAX

Yet to lose this season is Bedtime Stories, a clear superpower of this division. Maak will be able to control this entire map unless the reformed ANTHRAX roster can pay lots of attention to him and move extra players to help on the flank. Recently picking up Moist Master and sophie, this roster looks very strong, but they have not had much time to play together. By the end of the season, the combo with Townze could be among the best in the division. However, this week, they have not played enough together to reach their full potential. Townze needs to put out mass amounts of damage for their teammates to follow up on. Alongside coordinated bombs by Saturation, this team may be able to win a couple rounds or more. With Berryy, this team may have been able to beat Bedtime Stories, but I cannot say how boxcar will perform in comparison.

Prediction: 4-1 Bedtime Stories
Gamechangers: Townze, maak, Saturation

Leo Fan Club vs. Utopia Turned Dystopian

Although one of the top teams in the division, Leo Fan Club has recently played below expectations. However, Utopian Turned Dystopian is yet to win a round this season and this does not seem like the week that it will happen. Ket “Pipes” Jelly has been playing well beyond what I had predicted, but it will not be enough to win his team the match. ult will be able to shred through the map nearly uncontested, and if he is taken in on Ubers, there will be almost no chance for Utopian Turned Dystopian to stop him. I cannot predict the upset this week; it seems like this should be a break for Leo Fan Club to reset themselves and come into next week playing at the level they should be.

Prediction: 4-0 Leo Fan Club
Gamechangers: ult, Soalabe, Ket “Pipes” Jelly

Tentatek TF2 vs. Clear Comms

Clear Comms took their first win last week against Utopia Turned Dystopian and although I had predicted them to lose, it was not an upset. Tentatek TF2 has gradually moved up in the power rankings and may be contesting a playoff spot later in the season. Their opponents do not share the same situation. Picking up sharky on Pyro will definitely help this roster out, but it won't be enough to take a win Monday.

Prediction: 4-1 Tentatek TF2
Gamechangers: Dj, sharky, Plierr

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