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Main Week 4 Review & Week 5 Match Predictions


   cyclowns   - 10/6/2018


We’re now more than halfway through RGL HL’s first season of highlander, and, well, I don’t think it’s too controversial to say that it’s been a success so far. Personally, I’m happy with how the different divisions are handled so far--it feels far more finely controlled than the melting pot of skill level UGC Steel and Silver has been for the last couple seasons. But, less about that and more about this week--Lakeside! This interesting KOTH map should be a nice breather before the brave souls of RGL HL Main face off against the eldritch entity referred to only as “Z’teel-Week’.

Editor’s Note

Just a little update on how I think Main articles will be handled during playoffs--going into playoffs (after Week 6) I’m going to redo the power rankings from the preseason. Also, for all playoffs matches I’m going to try and watch the STV demos from each and maybe even interview the leaders of both teams. But, none of that is final and we’ll just have to see how much free time I have to write articles during playoffs.

Last Week’s Match Results

Swift Inc. vs Blackjack and Hookers

Prediction: 2-1 Swift
Result: 2-1 Swift

I’ll concede that I was rooting for B&H for this match, but I’m also happy to see Swift come through to make my predictions correct. Congratulations to them for the victory!

Outstanding Performances: asher, Brick, Burtilian, GreenAndGold, egwat, Dave (Swift) Toy, Paul, asian (B&H)

Disingenuous Assertions vs Gotta Blast

Prediction: 2-0 G2B
Result: 2-0 G2B

Not a whole lot to say here, except that DAT performed a little bit above my expectations (well, at least that’s what logs tell me).

Outstanding Performances: podgy713, homeless(?) (DAT) allayy, Mhenlo (G2B)

Home Depot eSports vs Forty-Two Pence

Prediction: 2-0 F2P
Result: 2-1 F2P

I’m pretty happy to see my own team outdo my predictions, but otherwise there’s not a whole lot to say regarding this match either.

Outstanding Performances: Luigi, Liam (BOPIS) Kamil, Rue, Starfruit66, percy, 5perm (F2P)

Match Predictions - koth_lakeside

Blackjack and Hookers vs Itty Bitty Kitty Committee

B&H: Zabi / Gw4lk / Klowwd / katryna / Paul / Grynn / bloompi (?) / asian / E_leet
IBKC: saucy / Brandan / kitty / kjr / Rayman5000 / Salad Snek / GeneralNick (?) / dailydoseofmelon / Steaklington

This should be the closest match we’ll have this week. IBKC and B&H are both very good teams in their own right and neither have really undergone any significant roster changes over the course of the season, so it’s pretty easy to judge the outcome simply based on relative match and scrim results.

IBKC is still performing at their peak right now (and only going up), while B&H seems to be on a gradual but unfortunate decline. IBKC should be able to take this game fairly quickly. Nonetheless, B&H’s more talented pick classes as well as their coordination skills should be able to net them a round or two off of IBKC.

Prediction: 4-2 IBKC
Gamechangers: Gw4lk, katryna, Paul, asian, E_leet (B&H) saucy, kjr, Rayman5000, Steaklington (IBKC)

Home Depot eSports vs Disingenuous Assertions

BOPIS: inky / Wubs / Diabolical / zbra / Luigi / cyclowns / raisins / Liam / Micahlele
DAT: Poltergeist (?) / shohh / Charizard / ash / Rondego / livst1d / DubThink / podgy713 / 3hree

Judging from their RGL roster changes and match performance last week, it appears DAT has suffered a loss of some of their strongest performing players--sophie and Moist Master. It’s pretty safe to say that this change will really only affect them negatively; they now have a considerably weaker flank without sophie, and on Lakeside having a great Scout makes a huge difference. Meanwhile, BOPIS trudges on, improving bit by bit with their relatively unchanging roster. Just looking at rosters, BOPIS boasts a much stronger and coordinated flank of inky and Wubs (Scout / Soldier) compared to DAT, and as mentioned before this will make a huge difference on Lakeside.

Even before DAT’s roster changes, I would have predicted BOPIS to win this match--although it would have been a lot closer. Now, I still think DAT can take a couple rounds off of BOPIS, but it won’t be enough to secure a victory.

Prediction: 4-1 DAT
Gamechangers: shohh, ash, Rondego, podgy713 (DAT) inky, Wubs, zbra, Liam (BOPIS)

Swift Inc. vs Gotta Blast

Swift: asher / pantherrr / Puffalo / Brick / Burtilian / KootyKay / GreenAndGold / egwat / Dave
G2B: josh / nazara / lambda / allayy (?) / nerd / baocn / PsychoPsyduck / Mhenlo / myk

The outcome of this match should really let us get a better perspective on how powerful G2B is in Main. If Swift is able to take more than 2 rounds off of G2B or even win here, Main might be even closer than we previously thought. Swift, as mentioned last week, now boasts their best roster yet--with an extremely strong flank, they should be able to at least stop josh (Scout) from completely taking over the map. However, G2B’s consistently top-performing players (josh on Scout and Mhenlo on Sniper) are now playing on a map where they can both make a huge impact.

G2B should be able to maintain their win streak, but I believe in Swift’s ability to take a couple rounds off of them in the process.

Prediction: 4-2 G2B
Gamechangers: asher, pantherrr, Burtilian, egwat (Swift) josh, nazara, allayy, nerd, Mhenlo (G2B)

F2P vs Bye Week
They lose
Gamechangers: Bonesaw, Flare, Inquisition, Kamil, Rue, Starfruit66, kprt, percy, 5perm


Week 5 Matches
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