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Open Week 4 Review and Week 5 Preview


   The Godfather   - 10/6/2018


Welcome to week 5 of RGL HL Open division! This week’s map is koth_lakeside_final, a map which requires a flank to play very territoriality to protect the combo. The team that can effectively secure and utilize bath house throughout the match will almost certainly win the match. Also, weird thing, everyone seems to hate Lakeside, what’s up with that?

Miscellaneous News
Unfortunately, FarmersOnly (1-3) has died, leaving Open division with 12 teams. Rest In Peace Farmers Only (Season 1 - Season 1). In other news, there were a lot of roster changes this week.

Author’s Note
Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, eh!
Also, I had a lot on my plate this week, this one’s a spicy article, but it aint a four course meal.

Week 4 Review

Sifety vs. el Deguello (MOTW)

In a match I expected to be the closest of the regular season, Sifety was able to come through with the 3-0 pv win. El Deguello out damaged Sifety in both halves, by a total of over 8000, but as you all should realize,.
Prediction: 2-1 Sifety
Result: 2-0 Sifety
1st half
2nd half

Barcode-HL vs. Team

Barcode was able to win this match 2-0, even while being out damaged and out fragged for the second half. I’m glad Barcode-HL was able to show their ability to focus objective over frags when it mattered most, and secure the win.
Prediction: 2-0 Barcode-HL
Result: 2-0 Barcode-HL
1st half
2nd half

The Garage Band vs. God’s Plan

The Garage Band was able to strong win while punishing God’s Plan where it hurt most. With 4 total med drops, The Garage Band was showing coordination and skill where they hadn’t been showing it before.
Prediction: 2-0 The Garage Band
Result: 2-0 The Garage Band
1st half
2nd half

Farmers Only vs. CompmanPlayers

FarmersOnly forfeited this match due to the team disbanding.
Prediction: 2-1 CompmanPlayers
Result: 3-0 (pv) CompmanPlayers

Late Night Legends vs. Ringers

Late Night Legends came through with the win, keeping their playoff hopes alive. Not much to say about this match
Prediction: 2-1 Late Night Legends
Result: 2-0 Late Night Legends
1st half
2nd half

My Dick Fell Off vs. Toasted Bagels

So this match was a weird one… Mostly because Toasted Bagels decided it was bedtime after the first round, and some players disconnected. A lesson to all teams: If you have bedtimes, reschedule your matches to be earlier. Also logs are horribly mutilated, can’t do anything about it.
Prediction: 2-1 My Dick Fell Off
Result: 2-1 My Dick Fell Off

Brendan Fraser the RGL Team vs. Bye Week

Brendan Fraser did not secure any new players to their roster this week, and haven’t rescheduled their week 5 official. They really need to get their act together!
Prediction: 38-7 New England Patriots
Result: 3-0 Brendan Fraser

Outstanding Players:

Rules: In order to receive the title of “Outstanding Player”, you must be rostered on a team or as a free agent in RGL Open HL. No ringers from higher divisions or outside or RGL will be considered.

Scout: Angent Barcode-HL

Soldier: Nick El Deguello

Pyro: Dakka Team
Honorable mention: Sharky

Demoman: Juice Barcode-HL
Honorable Mention: -L, El Deguello

Heavy: Mocha Barcode-HL

Engineer: ScottLuck Late NIght Legends

Medic: :D TopsideHorse163 Barcode-HL

Sniper: Thot Patrol Captain The Garage Band

Spy: porpo Late NIght Legends

Week 5 matchups

Sifety vs. Late Night Legends

Sifety’s roster is wounded, and although Late NIght Legends would normally get rolled by Sifety, I see LNL having a chance, however small, at a point. Check Power Rankings for more details on why this could be the match where Sifety loses a round.
Prediction: 4-1 Sifety

barcode-HL vs. The Garage Band

This is simple… Barcode-HL doesn’t lose on Koth.
Prediction: 4-0 Barcode-HL

El Deguello vs. CompmanPlayers

EVen after a tough loss week 4, El Degello remains a top tier Open team. Going into week 5 on Lakeside, I want to see good control of bathhouse from El Deguello’s flank, which will allow their combo, which has improved a lot from the first week, to control the point
Prediction: 4-0 El Deguello

Team vs. God's Plan (MOTW)

Both sides are in contention for a playoff spot, and should be feeling a sense of urgency due to their positioning in the league table. I select this match as the motw because the urgency of the matter, both teams should be going full out. I think Team has a slightly stronger roster so I’m giving them the win.
Prediction: 4-2 Team

Ringers vs. My Dick Fell Off

Both teams here are fighting to stay alive as a team, and could really use a win to get them off the ground. I’m going with Ringers on this one, as they show more consistency in their play.
Prediction: 4-1 RIngers

Brendan Fraser the RGL Team vs. Toasted Bagels

If Brendan Fraser fields a team, I think they have this one in the bag. However, they have yet to reschedule their match, which happens at the same time as their UGC match. Yikes.
Prediction: 4-1 Brendan Fraser

Power Rankings

Ok, let’s get something set straight really quick: These are weekly power rankings, not overall. There was a lot of movement this week and I don’t want anyone being confused about the changes, which I’ll try to explain.

1. Barcode-HL +2

So Barcode-HL should never lose a match on a koth map, and with Angent holding down the flank, and a strong combo putting out massive damage, I can’t give the number one spot to anyone else going into week 5 on Lakeside. Y’all should still be scrimming though.

2. El Deguello +/-0

After a disappointing loss last week against the previously number one ranked team, Sifety, El Deguello still holds onto the number two spot in my rankings, after out damaging and out fragging Sifety. El Deguello lost last week because their attention wasn’t fully on the objective. If they can focus on win condition rather than frags, they’ll possess all of the qualities of a playoff finalist team.

3. Sifety -3

Yikes, how could Sifety, the only undefeated team in Open, have dropped to the third spot after a clean win? I have previously stated that their demoman, Danny-o was essentially a carry for Sifety, and I wanted to see the rest of the team rise up to the same level of play. Sifety dropped Danny-o and Oughtyo (medic) on Friday, leaving them with uncertainty in the combo going forward. Although I don’t see Sifety losing any more matches due to the scheduling system, they are certainly at a long term disadvantage unless they are able to roster a similarly skilled combo.

4. The Garage Band +/-0

The Garage Band has its flaws, but a roster with some experience and potential. They have given up rounds on koth maps in the past, where there damage is less than desirable when looking at their lineup, but they remain a good team, with many challenges ahead.

5. Compman Players Previously Unranked

Compman players has a lot to work on, but they’ve been putting effort that I won’t ignore. I want to see this team scrim even more than they are right now. They have a shot at playoffs, but they need to put in the work.

Open League Table