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Intermediate Week 1 Review and Week 2 Power Rankings and Predictions


   m1chael   - 9/15/2018


Week 2: pl_swiftwater_final1

Welcome to Week 2 of RGL Highlander! After an exciting first week, we are moving to Swiftwater which will require more planning and practice than Product did. Good positioning will be a huge factor this week; teams who have practiced the map will be rewarded.

Outstanding Players

Each week, I will be choosing a player on each class who performed above and beyond what I had expected and made a significant difference in their match. I believe each of these players performed very well and deserve recognition for their work.

Scout: maak
In his match, maak won 4-0 with 39 kills and 13 deaths, doing nearly 400 DPM each half. Following maak in kills was his Sniper, with 28. He completely shut down the enemy flank featuring Trakmer on Scout and wise on Soldier, two two players with lots of experience under their belt. Without maak, I do not believe Bedtime Stories’ power ranking would be where it is now.

Soldier: em
em returns for his 10th season of Highlander to dominate on Product with Arctic Monkeys. Alongside his Scout, Pauly, em was able to shut down the enemy flank almost completely and his team did not have to worry about the enemy Engineer spamming Minisentries either. He did nearly 400 DPM and had two kills on the enemy Medic, a large factor in his teams 4-0 win.

Pyro: Darty
During a very close loss, Darty from Clear Comms was able to get 65 kills as Pyro with only 35 deaths, 16 of those being on the enemy Spy, 0.5772156649, who is not at all a bad player. Darty limited the Spy to 6 kills on his Medic in a 41 minute match, which is exceptional when considering his limited experience. His Sniper, cat, followed him in frags with 54.

Demoman: cl4y
In the first half alone, cl4y had 40 kills with only 8 deaths, and was one direct grenade away from 700 DPM. In the second half he continued to show why he deserves recognition as the best Demoman of Week 1, doing insane damage to the enemy team for his team to follow up on, which may have made the difference in this very close matchup. He alone significantly improved Four Loko 14% ALC 400mg CAF’s power ranking this week.

Heavy: Dj
Recently picked up by Tentatek TF2, Dj did above 450 DPM on Heavy with 16 kills in 9 minutes and only 5 deaths in the second half of his match. He denied several efforts to kill his Medic, Caramel Ice Cream, and completely eliminated the enemy Pyro from being effective. He became a big part in his team’s victory over Utopia Turned Dystopian.

Engineer: Unusual Sandvich
Coming into this season of RGL Highlander with very little experience, Unusual Sandvich showed that skill cannot be defined by previous exposure to the format or even competitive TF2 in general. In the second half of his match, Unusual Sandvich had 19 kills to top his team as well as 8 assists and only three deaths. He was able to maintain his buildings for the entire game and controlled the point with a Level 3 Sentry Gun for the majority of the game.

Medic: WarlordV
Former UGC Silver champion WarlordV returns to Highlander as the Medic for 404 Players Not Found. This was an easy decision. In the last 24 minutes (2 halves) of his match, WarlordV had a total of three deaths. What impressed me the most was a positive K/D ratio in the final half, with two kills and only one death, as well as a 16 second average build time during the first. Throughout the game, WarlordV consistently healed above 1300 health every minute. The vast majority of his deaths were to Spy and he was able to surf away and avoid damage the entire game.

Sniper: change
Against explosivedeer, a very experienced and powerful Sniper, change from massive cranium esports put up DPM numbers well over 600 and won the SvS 9-3, as a player who had only ever before played Highlander in tf2center lobbies. He boasts nearly one-third of his teams kills in the first half, and nearly a quarter in the second, with a 53/15 K/D from both halves. Unfortunately, due to ESEA scrims during match time for the remainder of the season, change will be unable to play anymore.

Spy: Abridge
Waifus of War’s Abridge had 34 kills, including three Uber drops on pepito, the massive cranium esports Medic. Following him in kills was explosivedeer with 28. Abridge was one of the few players I chose in this list that lost their matches, but based on his ability to consistently drop the enemy Medic’s Uber and control the Sniper, I think he deserves the spot.

Power Rankings

Intermediate Red

1. Arctic Monkeys

Scout: Pauly
Soldier: em
Pyro: hotwax
Demoman: Pablo
Heavy: Bzbzrobot
Engineer: Dest -
Medic: moxie
Sniper: WiLLmaTiC
Spy: Sylon[DMS]

2. massive cranium esports

Scout: Hayzei
Soldier: thyme
Pyro: Kevbad
Demoman: Vortex
Heavy: Kaponei
Engineer: Wevs
Medic: pepito
Spy: hero

3. Four Loko 14% ALC 400mg CAF (+2)

Soldier: Beelthazus
Pyro: The Real Weiner(isn't-real)
Demoman: cl4y
Heavy: mtn.Willy
Medic: Yari Qwerty
Sniper: Slappy Choppy.hac
Spy: Theoretical Spy

4. Waifus of War

Scout: rbosst
Soldier: Mr. Z
Pyro: Uncle Sam
Demoman: Rawk Hawk
Heavy: grace
Engineer: Austin
Medic: gobi
Sniper: explosivedeer
Spy: Week smoking 2hu

5. Some Assembly Required (-2)

Scout: Akria
Soldier: No More.
Pyro: Imbeast
Demoman: Brando
Heavy: Bear Hoovy
Engineer: Constantly
Medic: Zweiz
Sniper: -tox1c
Spy: Solaris

6. 404 Players Not Found

Scout: crit
Soldier: Joey Lemons
Pyro: Raptoir
Demoman: san antonio 1998 green mustang
Heavy: Vulpes
Engineer: Secretly Satan
Medic: WarlordV
Sniper: extrasolar
Spy: Mendax

7. Duck Duck Duck Duck (-1)

Scout: Phyrrhic
Soldier: Exo
Pyro: MissMatches
Demoman: Leafy
Heavy: baby_eater
Engineer: Even Nine
Medic: Moose In A Suit
Sniper: Funky
Spy: Knavish

8. Red's Rambunction Rampagers (-1)

Scout: lukamine
Soldier: Mr.G
Demoman: ABRA-goin'-HAM LINCOLN
Heavy: Riku
Engineer: Mechawreck
Medic: Redfox
Sniper: Nuke
Spy: Jacksonnn

Intermediate Blue

1. Bedtime Stories (+1)

Scout: maak
Soldier: crit happens ()
Pyro: Fury-Bringer
Demoman: king, Akinfenwa.
Heavy: Vin-Syl
Engineer: Dell Conagher
Medic: Punny
Sniper: Flashey
Spy: CraftKitty

2. Ravioli Rangers (+1)

Scout: YumYum
Soldier: Saturation
Pyro: Rade
Demoman: Townze
Heavy: Neon
Engineer: 8-kit
Medic: JoshingTons
Sniper: Berryy
Spy: ghost

3. Leo Fan Club (-2)

Scout: ult
Soldier: Rulebrkr
Pyro: Ava
Demoman: papaya
Engineer: Shaggy
Medic: Soalabe
Sniper: Shim
Spy: ydna

4. Tentatek TF2 (+3)

Scout: Murloc Jonny
Soldier: Plierr
Pyro: Kooby
Demoman: zen
Heavy: Dj
Engineer: Unusual Sandvich
Medic: Caramel Ice Cream
Sniper: Euphorical
Spy: tortelloni

5. IM Legend (-1)

Scout: Umbra Star
Soldier: gam
Heavy: Yuuki
Engineer: Snow
Medic: EAF
Sniper: Specty
Spy: 0.5772156649

6. Corncake’s Dormroom (-1)

Scout: norphel03
Soldier: wise
Pyro: CornCake
Demoman: Jones
Heavy: Sebbers
Engineer: trail
Medic: Raisin
Sniper: Be My Private Dancer
Spy: Commander in Queef

7. Clear Comms (-1)

Scout: FishOFun
Soldier: I’m Ded
Pyro: Darty
Demoman: Neck
Engineer: Birch
Sniper: Cat
Spy: Godo

8. Utopia Turned Dystopian

Scout: lolayne
Soldier: Solly
Pyro: muddy
Demoman: Ket “Pipes” Jelly
Heavy: FP Flemaski<3
Engineer: Xeiso
Medic: Orion
Sniper: Caleb
Spy: NukingDragons


Intermediate Red

Arctic Monkeys vs. Four Loko 14% ALC 400mg CAF MOTW

During last week's match of the week, each team fought hard and the results were very close; I see this being no different. Arctic Monkeys sits comfortably in my #1 spot while Four Loko 14% ALC 400mg CAF has moved up two spots since Week 1 to #3 after an impressive Product match. cl4y should be able to put out similar numbers to last week, but against many low-Platinum players on Arctic Monkeys, it may not be enough. Pauly, who did exceptionally well on Scout Week 1, should be able to torment cl4y enough to distract him and limit his effect on the match. Alongside em on flank, Four Loko 14% ALC 400mg CAF will need lots of support to contest them. Slappy Choppy.hac should be close to WiLLmaTiC on Sniper, but Sylon|DMS| will ultimately be able to shut down the Sniper and mtn.Willy on Heavy.

Prediction: 2-0 Arctic Monkeys

Duck Duck Duck Duck vs. Waifus of War

Although Waifus of War lost last week, they showed that they are not a team to sleep on. With Abridge on Spy and explosivedeer Sniper, their pick classes top almost all of Intermediate. Funky was doing very well on Sniper last week but should be shut down by Waifus of War’s Sniper and Spy as well as their dominant flank, featuring Mr. Z and rbosst. Duck Duck Duck Duck will need to seriously control explosivedeer if they want a chance to win, and their Pyro MissMatches will have to play less agressive and focus more on spychecking and limiting the amount of damage Abridge has been proven to do. Their Medic, Moose In A Suit, has been dropping Uber two or three times every scrim so he will need to start using it when pressured and stop peeking sight lines, and his Heavy and Pyro will have to work harder to protect him.

Prediction: 2-0 Waifus of War

Some Assembly Required vs. massive cranium esports

Some Assembly Required does not look good coming into this week, losing evidently to Duck Duck Duck Duck in a Swiftwater scrim. massive cranium esports did better than predicted on Product, beating Waifus of War, a very strong team, 4-1 while Some Assembly Required lost a close match to Four Loko 14% ALC 400mg CAF. Although massive cranium esports will not have their Sniper, change, this week, they should still be able to win unless TUP|Brando can pull off a miracle for his team.

Prediction: 2-0 massive cranium esports

404 Players Not Found vs. Red's Rambunction Rampagers

This should be one of the more exciting matches of this week. Although Red’s Rambunction Rampagers is seeded at #8 in my power rankings, they may take this win. Winning scrims very dominantly this week, they should be very confident going into their match Monday. 404 Players Not Found, although an Open move-up team, has proven that they belong in this division, winning 4-0 against Duck Duck Duck Duck on Product. If crit and san antonio 1998 green mustang have the same effect as they did last week, this will be a very close game. With Red’s Rambunction Rampagers losing their main Scout and playing with several ringers each scrim, and with WarlordV backing up 404 Players Not Found as agruably the best Medic in the division, I see the Open move-ups taking another victory on Swiftwater, however closer than their Product match.

Prediction: 2-1 404 Players Not Found

Intermediate Blue

Utopia Turned Dystopian vs. Bedtime Stories

I do not see this being a very exciting match. Based on power rankings alone, Bedtime Stories is already looking like a top team and Utopia Turned Dystopian has not found their place in the division yet. I see it being one of Bedtime Stories easier matches, especially if maak continues to perform like he has been. If Utopian Turned Dystopian’s flank can shut down maak, especially if their Pyro and Engineer are able to help there frequently, they may be able to take a half. However, it is not promising and I have not seen any results from Utopian Turned Dystopian that would give them leverage in this match.

Prediction: 2-0 Bedtime Stories

Clear Comms vs. Leo Fan Club

Leo Fan Club took a tough loss against Ravioli Rangers last week, losing 4-2 in what I predicted as the match of the week. Still, they are a very strong team and should be relieved to have a break this week against an easier opponent. Clear Comms had some redeeming players on Product week, such as Darty and Neck. If their combo continues to perform as well as they did on Product, and FATHER is able to deny ydna, they could take a half or more. But with no promising scrim results from Clear Comms this week, I have to give the win to Leo Fan Club.

Prediction: 2-0 Leo Fan Club

Ravioli Rangers vs. Corncake’s Dormroom

Ravioli Rangers comes into this week feeling good after an impressive win over Leo Fan Club. On the other side of the field, Corncake’s Dormroom (formerly Command and Conquer HL) comes off of a clear loss to Bedtime Stories. If Commander in Queef is able to constantly shut down Berry on Sniper, his combo should be able to take care of Townze and take a half, but I don't see them winning more than that.

Prediction: 2-0 Ravioli Rangers

Tentatek TF2 vs. IM Legend

Compared to the other matches in this division, this one should be exciting. Each of these teams are around the middle of the division in terms of skill, and will be battling for a playoff spot later in the season. Specty was not recognized in the roster of outstanding players, but managed to do 722 DPM with 16 kills in the last half of his Product match which lasted 5 and a half minutes. If he can do something similar consistently, his team should be able to take this win. However, Tentatek TF2 comes into this match off of a promising Product win against Utopia Turned Dystopian with two players, Dj and Unusual Sandvich, recognized earlier. During their Product match, a map that Sniper should dominate, euph had only six kills during the second half while the next lowest player had 12. Specty should be able to win this SvS fairly easily and give his team lots of room to take care of Tentatek TF2’s combo which performed so well on Product.

Prediction: 2-1 IM Legend

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