- Remember to record your POV demos for your matches! The RGL guide team has made a video to help explain what POV demos are and how to record them for your matches.

- A new version of Cascade has been released. We will be using this version for Week 6. Download it here!

- King of the Hill in playoffs is played as a Bo7 (first to four round wins) by default. Both teams can agree to play a Bo5.

Intermediate Preseason Power Rankings & Week 1 Predictions


   m1chael   - 9/9/2018


Week 1: koth_product_rc9

Welcome to the first season of RGL Highlander! Each week, I plan to establish and update power rankings for the Intermediate division, both Red and Blue. I will also be publishing predictions for each week of matches; following the week I will create a list of stand-out players that I believe performed well above what was expected and significantly affected the outcome of their respective matches. This week especially, power rankings will be imperfect as I can only base my opinions on scrim logs and prior experience. Note however, they are only opinions, and they are subject to change.

On Product, teams with strong Snipers, Demomen, and Scouts will dominate if their opponents cannot contest them. This map focuses on raw damage capabilities rather than strategy and map knowledge, but both are valuable. Teams who overextend will be punished, and teams that play too passively will have no chance to challenge the objective. Awareness of sight lines and control of the flank is key. The most commonly played map across all formats is a great way to start the first season of RGL Highlander.

Power Rankings

Intermediate Red

1. Arctic Monkeys

Scout: Sneaky
Soldier: em
Pyro: hotwax
Demoman: Pablo
Heavy: Bzbzrobot
Engineer: Dest -
Medic: moxie
Sniper: WiLLmaTiC
Spy: Sylon[DMS]

2. massive cranium esports

Scout: Hayzei
Soldier: thyme
Pyro: NL
Demoman: carra
Heavy: Kaponei
Engineer: Wevs
Medic: pepito
Sniper: change
Spy: hero

3. Some Assembly Required

Scout: Akria
Soldier: No More.
Pyro: Imbeast
Demoman: Brando
Heavy: Bear Hoovy
Engineer: Constantly
Medic: Zweiz
Sniper: -tox1c
Spy: Solaris

4. Waifus of War

Scout: rbosst
Soldier: Mr. Z
Pyro: Uncle Sam
Demoman: Rawk Hawk
Heavy: grace
Engineer: Austin
Medic: gobi
Sniper: explosivedeer
Spy: Week smoking 2hu

5. Four Loko 14% ALC 400mg CAF

Soldier: Beelthazus
Pyro: The Real Weiner(isn't-real)
Demoman: cl4y
Heavy: mtn.Willy
Engineer: Xieso
Medic: Yari Qwerty
Sniper: Slappy Choppy.hac
Spy: Theoretical Spy

6. Duck Duck Duck Duck

Scout: ghor
Soldier: Exo
Pyro: MissMatches
Demoman: Leafy
Heavy: baby_eater
Engineer: Even Nine
Medic: Moose In A Suit
Sniper: Funky
Spy: Knavish

7. Red’s Rambunction Rampagers

Scout: Zyroine
Soldier: Mr.G
Pyro: lukamine
Demoman: ABRA-goin'-HAM LINCOLN
Heavy: Riku
Engineer: Mechawreck
Medic: Redfox
Sniper: Nuke
Spy: Jacksonnn

8. The Riveters


Intermediate Blue

1. Leo Fan Club

Scout: ult
Soldier: Rulebrkr
Pyro: Ava
Demoman: papaya
Engineer: Shaggy
Medic: Soalabe
Sniper: Shim
Spy: ydna

2. Bedtime Stories

Scout: maak
Soldier: hotwax
Pyro: Fury-Bringer
Demoman: king, Akinfenwa.
Heavy: Vin-Syl
Engineer: Dell Conagher
Medic: Punny
Sniper: Flashey
Spy: Shameful Cole

3. Ravioli Rangers

Scout: YumYum
Soldier: Saturation
Pyro: Rade
Demoman: Townze
Heavy: Neon
Engineer: 8-kit
Medic: JoshingTons
Sniper: Berryy
Spy: ghost

4. IM Legend

Scout: Umbra Star
Soldier: gam
Heavy: Yuuki
Medic: EAF
Sniper: Specty
Spy: 0.5772156649

5. Command and Conquer HL

Scout: norphel03
Soldier: wise
Pyro: CornCake
Demoman: Jones
Heavy: Sebbers
Engineer: trail
Medic: Raisin
Sniper: Be My Private Dancer
Spy: Commander in Queef

6. Clear Comms

Scout: FishOFun
Soldier: I’m Ded
Pyro: Darty
Demoman: Neck
Engineer: Birch
Medic: Raptohr
Sniper: Cat
Spy: Godo

7. Headcrabs With Socks

Scout: Plierr
Soldier: Copiatt
Pyro: Kooby
Demoman: zen
Engineer: Unusual Sandvich
Medic: Caramel Ice Cream
Sniper: Euphorical
Spy: tortelloni

8. Utopia Turned Dystopian

Scout: lolayne
Soldier: Solly
Pyro: FP Flemaski <3
Demoman: Ket “Pipes” Jelly
Heavy: UTD | Astronomytwin
Engineer: muddy
Medic: Orion
Sniper: Caleb
Spy: NukingDragons

Match Predictions

Intermediate Red

Red’s Rambunction Rampagers vs. Arctic Monkeys
Arctic Monkeys is a team that was scrambled together last second and has not had a chance to scrim; picking up players that teams had previously slept on or those that were on previous teams that died such as Dest - and Bzbzrobot. However, the roster has a significant experience advantage on Red’s Rambunction Rampagers and I foresee them doing very well in this match, and in the season. Their opponents however lack similar experience levels. Red’s Rambunction Rampagers has proven themselves full of very competent 6s players but does not have the same extended Highlander background as Arctic Monkeys. In scrims on Product, they have been close with teams such as Utopian Turned Dystopian but have not played the map much. I see this being one of their best maps since they are a strong team in terms of damage, but while Arctic Monkeys boasts a seasoned Sniper and Demoman, WiLLmaTiC and Pablo respectively, I do not see lukamine’s team taking more than a round or two.

Prediction: 4-1 Arctic Monkeys

Duck Duck Duck Duck vs. The Riveters
Duck Duck Duck Duck, formerly Cart Cart Cart Cart, has been playing Highlander as a team since Season 19 of UGC. The majority of the active players have been playing onthe team for 3 to 4 consecutive seasons, though a large portion of the roster has changed, even since this past UGC season. They have been scrimming very often, with close results against teams such as Waifus of War and Bedtime Stories. They also have scrimmed against and done well against Main teams such as Slippery When Wet, displaying a promising future for this team. Duck Duck Duck Duck has played recently in mid-Silver while their opponent The Riveters ,also a former UGC team, went 6-4 in Steel last season. Although The Riveters are dedicated to performing well this season, their results are not as promising and therefore I have to give the win to their opponents. Hopefully the team will see better results next week on Swiftwater after so many scrims, but they do not have the raw damage to contest Duck Duck Duck Duck on Product.

Prediction: 4-0 Duck Duck Duck Duck

Some Assembly Required vs. Four Loko 14% ALC 400mg CAF
This match should be very close. Some Assembly Required is a team that has been playing together for many seasons, and has not played up to their full potential yet. Losing key player Jones on Demoman to Command and Conquer HL was critical, and the team has been unable to find someone to replace him. Four Loko 14% ALC 400mg CAF has had scrims against higher level teams which should be their saving grace, but none of the scrims were on Product. They have recently acquired mtn.Willy on Heavy, a player with experience at an Advanced/Invite level, but he has not been able to play with the team yet. Although the Some Assembly Required roster has not played at as high of a level, but they have been consistently winning scrims on this week's map. Unfortunately, their inability to secure a main Demoman will most likely give their opponents the edge in this match.

Prediction: 4-2 Four Loko 14% ALC 400mg CAF

massive cranium esports vs. Waifus of War
massive cranium esports is already shaping up to be one of the top teams in Intermediate this season. A majority of their roster are top Highlander players in South America, along with newcomers thyme, on Soldier and their Sniper change, making his debut in ESEA-I this upcoming season with Kings Crew TF2. Waifus of War is a former 4-5 UGC Steel team. They have made some unexpected changes to their roster which have led to significant improvements, including picking up Mr. Z on Soldier which has proven crucial to this teams success. This season, they have been performing very well in scrims; their Demoman and leader Rawk Hawk and Sniper explosivedeer have been playing above and beyond expectations. If Waifus of War’s Heavy grace continues to play as well as he has been in scrims, this could be a very good match. Two teams in the predicted top-four face off this week to establish their position among the top teams in the division.

Prediction: 4-2 massive cranium esports

Intermediate Blue

IM Legend vs. Clear Comms
Through many name changes, IM Legend has maintained the same roster since Season 3 of Prolander and Season 24 of UGC Highlander. As Gaben's Tax Collectors v2.0, the team went 2-6 in Silver and more recently as Unholy Retributors +, 1-6. Despite some struggles playing against better teams last season, I believe the challenge brought the team together and continues to motivate them every week to continue to improve. Clear Comms, formerly known as KFC Managers in UGC Steel, was a 3-1 team that signed up late and was unable to complete the full 8 weeks. This season, they look to finish what they started--in a new league. Unfortunately I cannot say much about how they will perform this week because their only scrims on Product have been against Open teams and on other King of the Hill Maps, their results are not representative of a team that will be coming out strong this week.

Prediction: 4-0 IM Legend

Utopia Turned Dystopian vs. Headcrabs With Socks
Utopian Turned Dystopian is another former UGC team transitioning into RGL this season. Previously, they reached Steel playoffs, ending 5-4, and seek to secure their first win in RGL this week. They have been scrimming Product a lot, but they have been losing often to other Intermediate teams. Their Demoman and co-leader, Ket ‘Pipes’ Jelly, has been showing consistent great performance, even when his team is losing. Headcrabs With Socks features the majority of the roster of Tentatek TF2, a prior UGC team that was 5-3 in Silver last season. Recently, their scrim results have not been representative of a 5 win Silver team. This should be a close match, but based on experience alone I have to give the win to Headcrabs With Socks.

Prediction: 4-3 Headcrabs With Socks

Ravioli Rangers vs. Leo Fan Club MOTW
Two top-3 teams facing off in the first week always results in surprises. Each of these teams have been dominating scrims and is very likely to make playoffs even from preseason, if not be a placement contender. Ravioli Rangers stems from the roster of Kremppy's Salt Mine, a team that went 11-1 in UGC Steel last season, losing a fatal grand finals match to a team they had previously beaten. In RGL this season, they seek redemption following their previous defeat. Picking up Townze on Demoman should be able to push this team very far. Leo Fan Club, originally Ginger Fan Club, has recently played two consecutive 5 win seasons in UGC Silver. They have been scrimming against Main and even Advanced teams and though they are getting rolled, they are improving and the challenge forces the team to work harder. The entire team, especially their Heavy SURRENDER FREEMAN, has been playing very well and for that reason as well as the rosters long history together and synergy, I will give them the win. However, Ravioli Rangers should be able to take 2 or even 3 close rounds in this matchup. If they manage to win the match, they would be on a good path for the remainder of the regular season and their power ranking could improve significantly.

Prediction: 4-3 Leo Fan Club

Command and Conquer HL vs. Bedtime Stories
Former Prolander Division 2 Champions Command and Conquer return to RGL in hopes of adding another title to their team honors. Adding to their roster norphel03 and wise to dominate the flank and Prolander grand finals opponent Raisins on Medic, the team appears to be a strong roster to contest an appearance in playoffs. However, as of recent, this team has not been performing as well in scrims as their strong roster would predict. Aside of the teams recent pickups, a vast majority of their Prolander roster lacks any notable Highlander experience. On the other hand, Bedtime Stories does not face the same experience limitations of their opponents, with most players going into the season with a background in mid-high Silver UGC such as king, Akinfenwa. and Flashey. The former Advanced-hopeful roster of Bedtime Stories is looking very good going into their first week; it may be too generous to give Command and Conquer HL a round but some of their players have shown promising performance in scrims. maak continues to outperform every flank that attempts to contest him in scrims and I do not see this match being any different. If they take more than one round this week, and continue to adjust norphel03 to Scout instead of Demoman as he is used to, I could see this team doing very well in the future. Unfortunately, their scrim results have not been consistent enough for me to predict them doing well this week.

Prediction: 4-1 Bedtime Stories

Roster Spreadsheet
Intermediate Red Table
Intermediate Blue Table
Week 1 Matches