Registration for Season 2 is now open!

   sigafoo   - 7/30/2018
After taking the summer off, we decided to wait until the fall to start our next season of the EU League for RGL. We wanted to have all of our regions to be synced up and starting around the same time. So apologies to the many people who've asked me when we are starting... but we're getting close!

Quick EU Season 2 Details


New team registration ends
September 10th, 2018

League Starts
September 12th, 2018

Season Length (Invite / Div1 / Div2)
8 weeks + Playoffs

Season Length (Open)
5 weeks + 1-3 weeks of Playoffs

How often are matches
Once per week


Changes for Season 2

Season length

We wanted to start out the league by having shorter seasons so that it was easier to pick up and play. You could create a team without having as much commitment. Now that we've matured and we have regular teams, the majority of the teams in our league have scrimmages. It only makes sense to allow more competition to happen.

Tentatively we have extended the season to eight weeks for our higher divs (Invite, Div 1, Div2.) We will talk to div leaders, look at registration numbers and make the final decision after we've gone through those steps. For the Open division, we are having that remain at 5 weeks.

No more Recreational, welcome Open

This is pretty straightforward. Open being the name for your lowest division, for players to get into is a standard in almost all leagues in TF2. Recreational had some alternative goals at the start, but in the end... it became an "Open" style division. With that, we will be changing that division name to be more clear and in line with how others leagues name their divisions.

More to come...

We have some more changes in store for Season 2, but that shouldn't affect your registration for today. Grab your spot for season 2 today!