The End of Season 1

   sigafoo   - 6/17/2018
Thank you to all who participated in the first season of RGL in Europe. I wasn't sure what to expect opening up a league across the pond, but it worked out well.

Though, every experience, including this one is a learning experience. Trying to figure out what worked and didn't work in Europe, I hope that most everyone can walk away saying they had a positive experience. And for anyone that didn't, that we learn from our mistakes and correct them for the seasons going forward.

Invite is not done

Our top division playoffs are not in the books yet. The $1,000 is still up for grabs and we await the final matches to be scheduled. Our goal is to get these final matches casted.

Invite - Lower Bracket

1. Sensa7ion
2. Shi no Shonin
3. Divided A7mbly

Congrats to all of these teams. Shi no Shonin had a great season, breaking seed by finishing 3 spots above their preseason ranking. Sensa7ion had an incredibly tough schedule this season but were able to finish it off right with a 2-1 in the finals. Divided A7mbly is another team who broke their preseason seeding. Excited to see what they can bring to RGL next season.


1. UAPlayer
2. Sober Bear
3. Divinely Celestials

Sober Bears, the favorite to win it all this season came up just short. Though they had an undefeated season, even beating UAPlayers earlier on, on Viaduct (4-1). It was ultimately UAPlayers who provided in the grand finals on Upward. Divinely Celestials was able to secure their third place spot with a 2-1 victory over CAFe-sports.

Div-2 Lower

1. Infinities
2. ADHD Squad
3. Weaponised Thiccness

After losing the first round pretty handily, Infinities was able to come back and secure their top finish in the lower bracket. Hott stepped up for his team and top fragged in the final two rounds. Weaponised Thiccness was able to meet their preseason expectations and we hope to see them come back and do even better next season.

Thank you for participating

Thanks to everyone who played in RGL this season. Next season we'll be looking to pick up more admins who are actually from the region and get more support overall: casting and article writing. We'd love to develop the European scene into its own amazing, growing community.

If you have ideas or suggestions, you can send them directly to me on discord @sigafoo in our public channel.

Thank you again and make sure to tune in for the Invite Grand Finals and 3rd place match in the next week or two.