Season 4 - Registration Is Now Live!!

   sigafoo   - 5/12/2018
It's hard to believe that one full year has already gone by. A year ago, when we created, we were trying to sell the skeptical competitive TF2 community on Prolander. Fortunately, despite the many who were quick to dismiss the format before even trying it out, we had a little over a hundred people at the start who were willing to give us a chance. What I have always said is "Don't let me convince you, let the game convince you. Try giving it a go in earnest and see if you like it". From those humble beginnings, we have quickly taken off.

To get a picture of where we are now, let's look at our recent competitions. In the winter of 2017, we hosted both an NA and EU One-Day Prolander Cup, which had over 1,000 players registered across more than 100 teams! In the season after that cup, we saw our league size double. I'm excitedly looking forward to seeing what we can do in our second year.

Truly, I just want to thank the amazing community that we've started to cultivate. There were many people who scoffed at the idea of building a community with less toxicity and better sportsmanship online, but I'm happy to say that we've done well so far.

And with that... we can start to talk about our 4th season of Pick/Ban Prolander.

Quick Season 4 Details

North America

New team registration ends
June 14th, 2018

League Starts
June 21st, 2018

Season Length
5 weeks + 1-3 weeks of Playoffs

How often are matches
Once per week

Most divs are Free

Changes is Season 4

Pick/Bans will no longer be required inside of Invite

The original intent of the pick/bans was to force teams to choose which ten of the many broken weapons in TF2 needed to be banned. Once the pyro update and blue moon update dropped, most of the weapons in tf2 were brought to a non-broken spot. Some might still need tweaking, but very few are truly broken.

Last season was the first time we really got to see what happened when the pick/bans were primarily used for more strategic purposes. This provided some interesting mind games but ultimately did not fall in line with its original intent. For example, pick/bans could be used to heavily nerf specific flex classes while leaving most power classes relatively intact. As such, teams that relied heavily on flex classes would often be at a disadvantage before a match even began.

I'd love to keep the pick/ban system, but I don't believe it will be a fair system unless most if not all unlockable weapons act as balanced sidegrades, with little to no direct upgrades.

Pick/Bans will still be available for teams who wish to utilize them. Both captains need to agree to go through the process, but we will not require Invite teams to use pick/bans for the foreseeable future.

We will also use this off season to reevaluate the pick/ban process further, and may make some slight adjustments as needed based off of feedback from players in our league.

New map rotations

The Season 4 map list has not been finalized yet. However, we are going to be removing Badwater from the pool after hearing feedback from the community. We are also looking into bringing back cp_steel for this season as well as potentially adding one more map. Suggestions and feedback are welcome, and you can talk to us directly in our official RGL discord.

A new division

Now that we are seeing growth, we want to make sure that we have enough divisions to properly place teams. We will be adding a fourth division in RGL in between Div-1 and Rec. The skill level will be around high steel/silver level. This division will be for teams in the lower end of Div-1 and the top teams from Rec last season.

Minor rule changes

  • Requesting forfeits has been slightly modified to make it more clear to the enemy team.
  • We will remove the spawn team outlines for the top divisions.

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us this far and I'm looking forward to another great season in RGL! If you have any ideas or suggestions for improvements we can make for this season, our door is always open and you can contact us in our official RGL discord.