Preseason Annoucements

   sigafoo   - 4/18/2018
With the new team registration coming to a close soon, we are making some small adjustments to the league. To try and help it run more smoothly.

Pick/Ban Changes

The original intention of the pick/bans was first and foremost to make it so players have to choose what weapons needed to be banned. To stop players from needlessly banning an excessive number of weapons. As you can end up with a bloated ban list of over 20 weapons that way.

The other reason was to allow variance in playstyle, where teams could develop strategies around weapons or counter other teams strategies through the bans. This goal has never been consistently accomplished. Though I believe this to be achievable, it can't really be achieved until there is more balancing around the base weapons of the power classes. Since the pick/ban system more negatively effects the flex classes currently. Due to their unlocks effecting their classes playstyle more than the power classes.

We've modified the pick/bans to help fight against this, but ultimately it hasn't been enough. With that, we are going to make the Pick/Bans optional for all divisions. Whereas before it was required for invite matches. Teams will still be able to opt-in to doing pick/bans, but it is no longer a requirement for the Invite division.

Division Merging

Though we've had solid numbers for this first season - larger than the first season of NA - we're still not at the size yet to support 4 divisions. We will be moving Div-1 into Invite and moving Rec into Div-2.

We will also be using a week-by-week swiss style match making. So teams of similar strength will play against each other.

All teams will have Playoffs

One concern people might have since we are merging the divisions. Is that they won't get to play in a post season game, but we are planning on making playoffs for all teams. So you'll have a post season playing against the teams you deserve to play against.


We will be reviewing the teams in Div-2 to make sure they are of proper skill level. Any team that should of been in Div-1 or Invite will be automatically moved up by admins.

Server Rule Changes

We've updated our rules to allow the home team to use a serveme server in place of the RGL servers.

Matches Posted

The season starts this coming week. We will be posting matches on Sunday / Early Monday.

We've had many questions about the timezone. The site is using Central European Time (CET) as it's base for EU. Matches by default will be played at 8pm CET. Currently Central European Time is in it's summer time, so that is what we'll be using.

Leaders setup in Discord

We will be contacting all the leaders in the coming days to get them setup in discord. All leaders must have a discord account that they can be contacted on. This allows Admin staff to easily communicate with them and for other leaders to easy get in touch with them.

Any other questions

Please contact the admins through the RGL discord.