Prolander comes to Europe! $1,000 Prizepool league announced!

   sigafoo   - 3/13/2018
What has been long requested, is finally here: RGL is coming to Europe! We thought it'd be rude to come empty handed, so we're bringing with us $1,000 American dollars. Which are better than those European kind... because freedom. Here's the basic EU rundown. EU Season 1 - League Info


New team registration ends
April 22rd, 2018

League Starts
April 24th, 2018

Season Length
5 weeks + 1-3 weeks of Playoffs

How often are matches
Once per week


I'm looking for a team!

If you're not interested in signing up in our Solo Queue, then you can post a LFT thread here. Click on the link at the top that says "Looking for a team? Create a post here" and fill out the form.

I'm looking for players for my team!

Teams can post into our LFP section. This lets players know you are looking for people to join your team. However, be proactive. Don't rely on this alone, and make sure to reach out to players on the LFT page as well.

Have a question?

Don't hesitate to reach out to us. You can contact us on our public discord channel. Post into our support chat and someone should respond with you shortly.

Looking forward to our first EU season!

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