Highlander Season 6 registration is now live here. There will be an article with season details in the coming week.

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Recharge Gaming League (RGL) is currently a North American (NA) and European (EU) only league. Players outside of NA/EU may sign up for RGL, but teams are under no obligation to accommodate their play. (e.g. Teams cannot be forced to play in a NY server to accommodate a non-NA player’s ping.)

If a player’s ping causes the game to be unplayable for other players (e.g. their character is constantly jumping around, etc...), that player may be blocked from that regions competitions.

Sportsmanship / Spirit

Showing poor sportsmanship through spamming binds, abusive chat, offensive nicknames, avatar pictures, purposefully dragging out games, etc... is not allowed.

Whether on the site or during a match, it is expected that you treat your opponents with respect. Light hearted or playful banter will not get you punished, but it’s subjective. When in doubt, don’t speak out. Any offenses can lead to penalties for you and for your team and/or banning of players.

Read more about what spirit means in our Mission Statement.

Prolander Rules

The Prolander format is a 7v7 match with a class limit of 1. Prolander is primarily played on payload and king of the hill maps.

Class Limit Of One

If at any point a team has two of the same class spawn, and begin to have an impact on the match (e.g. both near front lines, upgrading tele, etc...), that team immediately loses the round and receives a penalty, regardless of whether it was accidental or was for just one rocket.

Though RGL does have the config to attempt to prevent this, TF2 does not fully stop this from happening. It is still technically possible to spawn two of the same class. Make sure when you switch classes you are communicating with your team so that no one else chooses that class as well.

Standard Whitelist

The standard whitelist is used if teams do not go through the optional pick/ban process. You can view the whitelist at whitelist.tf/rgl.

Season 3 - Standard Whitelist
Bans: Soda Popper / Crit-a-Cola / Fists of Steel / Machina / Jarate / Razorback / Diamondback / Red-Tape Recorder

Optional Pick/Ban Process

All pick/ban processes will start out with two default bans (Machina, Red Tape Recorder). Default weapons cannot be banned (e.g. Medigun, Scattergun). The Red Tape Recorder is banned due to glitches related to it.

The Order

  • * Bans: Away / Home / Away / Home
  • Pick: Home / Away / Home / Away
  • Ban: Home / Away / Home / Away

All weapons which are picked can be used by either team. All weapons which are banned cannot be used by either team. By the end of the process there will be a total of 10 weapons banned (2 default bans + 8 player chosen bans).

* During the first ban wave, the same team cannot ban from the same flex class twice.
Flex classes are defined as: Heavy, Pyro, Engineer, Spy.
In the second ban wave, there is no class based restrictions

How to do the Pick/Bans

To go through the pick/ban process, both team leaders must agree to using it in the match communications. The team leaders will then reach out to an RGL Admin when both leaders are ready, and the RGL Admin will lead the teams through the process. Teams must go through the pick/ban process at least 24 hours prior to the match time. During the first week of each season, we do not do allow any teams to do pick/bans.


Pre-season Rosters

Teams can be created and joined without having been paid for. In other words, you may form a full team on the site prior to actually spending any money. In order for a team to be eligible to play in the season, they must have at least seven players paid for on their roster by the given deadline. The roster deadline can be found on the registration page.

Regular Season Roster

Team membership cannot fall below seven paid rostered players. If it does, the team must get their total paid roster up to at least seven players before their next match, or else they will take an automatic forfeit.

Teams can register unpaid players to their roster. Unpaid players cannot play in matches, but can be paid for if needed at any time during the season.

Maximum roster size

A team cannot have more than 12 players on their roster.

Roster Locks

Rosters will lock at the end of the regular season. Once the rosters have locked, no new players can join a roster.

Roster Player Names

Leaders have the utility to easily change all of their roster teammates name. This is tool given so each player doesn't have to come in to fix their name.
Leaders are not allowed to change players name to be misleading.
(e.g. changing all players name on their roster to Player1)
Leaders will be asked to change their players aliases to their correct name. Failure to do so in a timely manner may result in a penalty.


Who can register

We welcome any player to sign up with RGL. However, RGL reserves the right to exclude certain players from any competitions as they see fit.

Registration must be on your main account

As a rule of thumb, a main account is the account in which a player first registered on Steam with. Alternative (Alt/Smurf) accounts are strictly forbidden. Registering for a league using an alt account will result in both the alt/smurf account and the player’s main account to be banned, regardless of whether the player has also registered their main account in a RGL league.

Depending on the level of severity of the case, it’s possible that match results could be overturned for matches in which the alt account played in.

We have made exceptions to this rule in the past, but those exceptions are rare and must be for a good reason.

Player registration restrictions

  • Any Steam account with a VAC ban will be banned from RGL until the VAC ban is a year old.
  • A player cannot be rostered on multiple teams at the same time
  • Once the season is active, players may only make two team changes*
  • Must use players main steam account

*The only exception to this is if the team left was completely disbanded.

Account sharing is strictly forbidden

Anyone caught sharing accounts will face potential bans as well as having matches potentially overturned. Each decision will be made on a case by case basis. If you live in a household where multiple people who play in RGL use the same IP, please contact the RGL staff so we will not flag your account.

Match Substitutes / Ringers

Valid Match Substitutes / Ringers

Substitute (A player who is rostered on the team)

If a player is registered on the team’s roster, they are able to play for their team without having to get clearance from the other team. If a rostered but unpaid sub plays in a match, they must be paid for within 24 hours of the match or else the match will automatically count as a loss and a penalty will be applied against the team. The exception to this rule is if a new player was added to the roster within 24 hours of the match. Then they would be considered a ringer for that match only.

Ringer (A player who is rostered in RGL, either on another team or as a free agent)

Valid ringers must meet these criteria:

  1. The ringer is either rostered on a team or is a free agent in the SAME DIVISION as the team they will be playing the match in**.
  2. The player has not rang for the team more than three times
  3. The player is registered on the RGL website. They do not need to be paid for prior to the match, but the must become fully paid for within 24 hours. Failure to do so results in a forfeit of the match and also a major penalty against the team
  4. The player is reasonably within the skill range of the person they’re ringing for
  5. The other team has been informed through match comms who the ringer is with a link to their steam profile or RGL profile
  6. Divs/Group might have specific skill restrictions. If they do, it'll be listed above the group/div in the league table or match page.

**Season 3 exception: Rec players can ring into Div-1 matches. Div-1 players may be able to ring in a Rec match, but only with prior admin approval.

Ringers must be presented to the other team

If a team is going to use a ringer, the team leader must inform the other team through the match communications. The team leader must explain who they are ringing and include a link to their steam profile or RGL profile.

The first ringer a team presents cannot be denied. If the opposing team believes the ringer is greatly better than the person they are replacing, then they should contact an admin citing the above criteria for ringers.

The second and third ringers must each be approved by the opposing team leader via match communications. That team leader can deny the ringer as they see fit, although teams are advised to keep in mind the spirit of good sportsmanship RGL strives to uphold. If you believe someone will be are fair competition, then we suggest letting them play. A team cannot have more than three ringers. If a team attempts to play with more than three ringers, the match will be considered an automatic forfeit.

Teams may gain penalties by attempting to ring an invalid player or by failing to inform the other team about a ringer.

Player Swapping

A team can switch a player out with another valid player during a match, with or without a pause. Players can be switched out due to connection/computer issues, sudden life event, etc… They cannot be switched out for strategic reasons. (e.g. A team need a spy, so they swap out their engineer main to put in their spy main.) Only one player can be switched out per map. A team cannot have more than 7 players on the server, so for a team to switch a player out, the player on the server must leave prior to the new player joining.


Match Times

Default match times can be found on the registration page for your division.

Rescheduling Match Times

Team leaders can agree to reschedule their match to a time after or prior to the original match time, as long as they can report the match results before the result deadline. To reschedule a match, both teams must agree to the new time. If the teams cannot agree on a new time, then they will play at the default match time for their division.

Match servers

The home team will have the option to use an RGL provided server for their match. This will be provided to them through discord. The home to can also choose to a server provided through serveme.tf, provided that the pings are within reason for both teams.

Match Communications

Match Communications (Match Comms) is the place where all final agreements should be recorded by both team leaders. If an agreement is made in match comms, it cannot be retracted unless both team leaders agree to retract it in match comms.

Players must record their POV's for every match

RGL staff can request demo recordings from any/all matches from the current season. An upload page will be provided on the RGL website where players are expected to upload them. Failure to upload demos within 72 hours of a given request will result in penalties.

Player Penalties

  • First Time: Warning
  • Second time: Player is banned for two weeks from RGL competitions
  • Third Time: Player is banned for two months from RGL competitions
  • Fourth time or more: Player is banned for one year from RGL competitions

Team Penalties

  • First Time: Minor warning which will be removed if the demo is uploaded
  • Second time or more: Major Warning that cannot be removed

Match Configs

Match servers must use the latest version of configs and the correct version of the map listed on the match page.

Match Logs

Match logs must be uploaded to logs.tf. We suggest setting the server to automatically upload logs.

Match Pauses

A team is allowed one technical pause per game or two pauses per BO3 map series. If a team needs to pause, clearly request it in the game chat with a valid reason. (e.g. “Pause, sniper is lagging”.) The team who owns the server is required to pause the game within a reasonable time.Within at least 15 seconds of the request is considered reasonable. Not responding to the request may result in penalties.

Match play cannot resume until it is clearly stated to the other team that the unpause will be happening (e.g. "Unpausing in 5 seconds.").

A pause cannot be longer than 5 minutes.

Matches must start on times

A match should start within 15 minutes of the match start time. If one team needs more time, the other team can choose to delay the start of the match if needed but are within their right to request a forfeit if they believe their time is being wasted.

Request Match Forfeits

In order for a team to request a forfeit, the match must be past the start time and the team has been clear that they are wanting to start prior to the request.

What this means is that your team cannot be silent and then at 15:01 request a forfeit win. However if your team early on states to the other captain in, in-game chat that you do not wish to wait past that time. That would the ground work for obtaining a forfeit win.

e.g. "We would like to start on time. Please make sure to be readied in the first 15."
e.g. "Are your last people coming? We'd need to start soon."

If you've made your intentions clear and it is past the match state time. Then you can start the process of requesting a match forfeit. In order to request a forfeit you must copy this exact text below into in-game chat. You should also contact an Admin that you are starting this process.

"We are past the match start time and have made it clear that we wish to start on time. We will get a forfeit win if you do not ready-up in the next 3 MINUTES, per RGL rules. You must have at least 6 players on your team in order to start the match. If you do not ready up in time, we will get a forfeit."

If the enemy team does not start up in time, get a confirmation from the admin and you may leave the match server.

Match Forfeits

The team that requested the forfeit will be awarded 1.6 match points. Teams can reschedule and play again to play for the remaining 1.4 match points. If a team is not willing to make up the match then admins have the right to choose to distribute the remaining match points as they see fit.


  • 1st Forfeit - Minor Warning, No Medals*
  • 2nd Forfeit - Team is expelled from the league, no medals or prizes will be awarded

*Medals can be gained back if the your team plays the make-up match or make make attempts to. Admins may also allow medals to be given based on context of the situation.

Submitting Match Scores

Match results must be submitted within 6 hours of the match being completed. If a match score is not submitted, the winning team will be penalized.


RGL Map Pool

These are the current maps that we are picking from. RGL Prolander focuses on playing on koth, payload and attack/defend maps. The maps being played this season can be viewed in the Matches section of the site. If you have ideas for good maps that we should consider, post about it in the feedback section of our discord.

Payload (PL)

  • pl_badwater_pro_v12
  • pl_upward
  • pl_borneo
  • pl_vigil_rc5


  • cp_steel

King of the hill (KOTH)

  • koth_product_rcx
  • koth_ashville_rc1
  • koth_coalplant_b8
  • koth_cascade_rc1a
  • koth_warmtic_rc4

Regular Season Maps

Maps for the regular season will be selected ahead of time by RGL and can be viewed in the Matches section of the website.

Playoff Maps

Maps for the regular season will be selected ahead of time by RGL and can be viewed in the Matches section of the website.

Playoff Map Selection

Most playoffs teams will select their own map they want to play from the regular season map pool. The process for this will depend on how many maps are in the pool and how many maps need to be selected. To see examples of this you can view past season playoff match comms.

Stopwatch Rules

Stopwatch maps include Payload (e.g. pl_badwater) and Attack/Defend maps (e.g. cp_steel).

The winner of the map is the first team to win two rounds. A round consists of both attack and defense.

In the first round, the home team decides whether they want to attack first or defend first. Teams then will go through the AB-BA format. If a third round is needed, the away team will again choose which side they wish to start on for that round.

The following is an example in which the home team chooses to start the first round on attack.

Round one: Home team attacks / Away team defends then Away team attacks / Home team defends.
Round two: Away team attacks / Home team defends then Home team attacks / Away team defends.

The third round is only needed if the score is 1-1 after the first two rounds. The away team would make a new choice at what side they would like to start the final round on.

For example, the away team decides to start on attack in the third round.

Round Three: Away team attacks / Home team defends then Home team attacks and Away team defends.

Important Note: Due to the way that the TF2 stopwatch config works, after the first round teams must ready up on the opposite side they want to start on. If a team is to play on offense first, then they need to ready up on red (defense) so that when the round starts up, the game swaps that team to blue. If teams are on the wrong side, reload the map and go to the correct side.

KOTH Rules

King of the Hill maps (e.g. koth_ashvile_rc1, koth_product_rc8):

King of the Hill (KOTH) maps have one capture point in the middle of the map. After a short time, the point unlocks and can be captured. Usually, the point must be held for a total of 3 minutes by one team to win around.

The home team will decide which side of the map they'd like to play on.

The winner will be the first team to have won four rounds.

A half in KOTH will end after one team has either won two rounds or reached four round wins. A minimum of two halves will be played.

Example game:
In the first half the home team wins 2 rounds, and the away team wins 1. (2-1)
In the second half: the away team wins two rounds and the home wins none. (2-3)
The score is now Home: 2 | Away: 3. Since neither team has won 4 rounds, we go into a third half.
In the third half: the away team wins the first round and the game is over as they have reached 4 round wins. (2-4)

Important Note: One the match is finished, make sure to re-exec the koth config. This will stop the match and make sure the logs are correct and do not have an extra round.

Bo3 Map Series Variations

During the playoffs in best of three matchups, any KOTH map will be played as a bo5 (first to 3 rounds wins.) Stopwatch maps will be played in full*.

*If a stopwatch map is the third map, you only play one half of it, if a stopwatch map was played in the first two maps. If the first two maps were not stopwatch, than it is played in full.

Match Points

For the regular season, match points will be earned based on how well a team does in the match. Even if a team doesn’t win a game, they can still score match points by winning rounds.

Each match can earn a team up to 3 points.

If the home team wins 4-0 on a koth map, the match points are assigned Home: 3, Away:0
If the final score is 4-3 on a koth map,the match points are assigned: Home: 1.7, Away: 1.3
If the final score is 1-2 on payload map. The match points are assigned: Home: 1, Away 2

Match points are rounded to the first decimal points.

For playoff matches there are no match points. The team that wins the match moves on to the next round.


League Table

During the regular season teams are not ranked based off of their wins/losses, but off of their match points.

League Table - Ties

If there is a tie in match points, the tiebreakers for rank are (in this order) :

  1. Head to Head winner (if teams played each other)
  2. Number of outright wins in the season
  3. Least amount of penalty points

If after this the two teams are still tied, an admin will decide on a map to play and the teams will meet for a one half tiebreaker matchup.


Playoff size is not set until we know how many teams are in a bracket. We then will make a decision on which bracket style we will use. For the recreational league, we will wait until close to the end of the season to choose the bracket style. We do this to ensure we make the most fair playoff bracket possible. Past playoff brackets can be seen by viewing the past seasons’ league tables and clicking the View Bracket button.

You can see past playoff brackets by viewing the past seasons' league tables and clicking the View Bracket button.

Competitive Div Prize pools

If your division has a prizepool it'll be listed on the registration page for that division.


Payouts will be made to players two months after the end of the last grand final match. Leaders of the winning teams will need to provide RGL with information on how the money should be sent to them. Leaders are responsible to distribute the team’s winnings to the rest of their team.

Payouts can come in one of two forms:

  • Check Through Mail ($0.30)
  • Payment through PayPal (Standard PayPal fee appox. ~3%)

Penalty System

3 Minor Warnings = 1 Major Warning
1st Major Warning = deduction of 1.5 points
2nd Major Warning = deduction of 3 points
3rd Major Warning = expulsion from the league

Penalty System - Playoffs

If infractions happen during playoffs, instead of removing points teams will lose a percentage of their total payout from that season.

Minor Warning = 5%
Major Warning = 20%

If multiple penalties happen, the percentages will stack. In other words, if a team has two minor warnings, the second warning isn’t 5% of 95% but 10% total. Any money which is deducted , will be donated to a charity of RGL’s choice.

In a division where there is not a payout, penalties will be handled on a case by case basis.

Default League Timezone

North America:
The default timezone is Eastern (EDT/EST).

The default timezone is the Central European Time (EDT/EST).
You can change your personal timezone in your settings page. Articles and some other places will still show times in the default timezone.

Other rules


Whoever is the home team must provide the server. The server must be reasonable to be played on for a majority of the players on both teams. (e.g. If half of the away team have ping above 110+, a new server should be used.) This rule only applies to players in NA. If a player is from outside NA, they do not need to be accommodated by the home team. Servers must be located in NA, unless by chance both teams are located in the same region outside of NA.

  • Servers must be password protected
  • Servers cannot have unusual or abnormal settings, or anything that affects a vanilla play experience negatively/detrimentally
  • Servers must be in sv_pure 2 mode

Bugs in maps/weapons/etc… are not allowed and will be punished on a case by case basis. If you’re are unsure if something is a bug, contact an admin.


Cheating is not allowed.
Again, no cheats of any kind are permitted. Any player found guilty of using cheats of any kind will be banned for a minimum of 1 year from RGL. There is no appeal process. If another player on their team undoubtedly knew/aided/supported their cheating, they also may be subjected to a ban.
Bug/exploits are not allowed.
Masking ping is not allowed.

Report Cheating

To report a cheater in RGL, please contact your league admin. Inform them of what player you thought was cheating and in what match. You can also take an extra step and watch through the STV of the players to give locations and timestamps of the suspected behavior, but keep in mind that STV's are not reliable or definitive proof for most forms of cheating. League Admins will contact the leader of the suspect’s team and request the suspected cheater’s POV's from that match. The demos will go through a review process with our anti-cheat team and will be made publicly available. The suspect will either be cleared or banned. We will not provide information on who submitted the request nor any of our thoughts on the demo, only whether the player will be cleared or banned.


Scripts that allow a player to perform an action in-game that they would not be able to execute without the script as well as scripts that purposefully disrupt the player hitbox are banned. Scripts that freeze or glitch the player model (e.g. in mid-air to be less predictable) to make the player harder to hit are also banned.

Example of allowed scripts

  • Crouch jump script
  • Null-cancelling movement script
  • Rocket jump script
  • Mask uber script
  • Team say scripts

If you are unsure about the legality of a particular script, please contact an admin to clarify the situation before using the script in an official match.

Leader specific

Team Leaders must be responsive

It will be common for the leaders of the different leagues to be in contact with the Admin staff of RGL. It is important that leaders respond in a timely manner and are respectful to the staff. Failure to do so will result in penalties against the team. These infractions will be completely at the admins’ discretion in both count and severity, and a warning is not necessary prior to the penalty being given.

Leaders must be registered on our public discord channel.
RGL will use discord as our primary way for admins to easily get in contact with leaders and for leaders to easily get in contact with us.

RGL-Invite Exceptions

Invite players will have rules which may override the RGL rules or rules above.


All matches will go through pick/bans with an admin. Team leaders must make themselves consistently/easily available to go through this process or use a teammate in their place.

Team names

There will be higher scrutiny over team names in RGL-Invite. If admins deem your team name not to be up to RGL’s standards, we will ask you to change it. If after multiple attempts you are unable to come up with a reasonable team name, the admins will select one for you.

Team Tags

Team tags must be easily recognizable to the team in which their for. If the admins deems your tag not to be up to the RGL standards, we will ask you to change it. If after multiple attempts you are unable to come up with a reasonable team tag, the admins will select one for you.

STV demos are mandatory

For every match that is played an STV demo must be recorded. It is the responsibility of the whoever owns the server (the home team) to be able to provide them when requested.

Correct Aliases

During casted matches, comp high player names must match their RGL aliases. Names do not have to be exact, but anyone who glances at your name should be able to instantly understand who you are. Judgements regarding this rule are completely at the discretion of the admins. Each incorrect username will result in its own minor warning.

Casted matches must start on time

We expect more responsibility from the top teams, and one way we expect that is for top teams to be punctual. For matches which aren’t casted, teams will still follow the standard start time rules. For matches which are being casted, if the match does not start within nine minutes of the start time the team(s) which are not ready will be issued a minor warning. After that, every six minutes that pass without the match starting will elicit another minor warning for the team(s) which are not ready.

If a team has received three minor warnings, the match will be forfeited.

If you know your team cannot start on time, please contact an Admin or the production team immediately.

Casted matches use a RGL server

RGL will have a casting server which casted matches will be played on.

Casted matches server credentials

If your match is being casted and for some reason is not being played on the RGL casting server, then you must provide an admin with the rcon password and stv info for your server.

Disrupting the Cast

If a team messes with the cast by: changing maps, executing the off config or anything which turns off the STV so that the viewers cannot see the conclusion to a match, etc., A major penalty will be applied against the team. An appeal process can be opened up to get this reduced to a minor warning.

Trades must be approved

If a player who is rostered on a team in RGL is traded/joins a new team, the trade must be approved by the division admin.

Players streaming cast must be delayed

If a player is playing in a casted match and is also streaming their POV (e.g. through twitch.tv), they must put their stream on at least a 3-minute delay. Players who fail to adequately delay their stream will be subject to penalties against themselves and their team. These penalties stack (e.g. two players doing this at one time would elicit a major warning against the team.)

Player Penalties:
1st time: Verbal Warning
2nd+ time (or 1st time during playoffs): Ban from the next match

1st time: Minor Warning
2nd+ time (or 1st time during playoffs): Major Warning

Non-listed rules

We reserve the right to issue warnings and penalties for issues that arise and are not explicitly dealt with here. We will strive to keep the rules both fair and up-to date, but encourage players to avoid situations where they might be violating the rules.

We encourage players to be on time, be fair and keep a good competitive spirit. If you keep true to that, it’s unlikely that you’ll run into any issues with the rules.