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- King of the Hill in playoffs is played as a Bo7 (first to four round wins) by default. Both teams can agree to play a Bo5.

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Payment Statuses FAQ

What does the mean?

This means the player is fully paid for and is valid to play for their team.

What does the mean?

This means the player has not been paid for yet. They still might be eligible to play in a match, please consult your leagues rules for details.

What does the mean?

This is a status when a player has previously paid money for themselves, but has a new pending balance they must pay for. This often happens when players are moved to a new division with higher league fees.

EXAMPLE: sigafoo registered for a team in Admin Placement and paid for himself, a total of $15. Then sigafoo's team was moved into Invite, the fee for this division is $40. Since sigafoo previously paid $15, he now owes the difference ($40-$15 = $25.) So in sigafoo team's page it shows a next to his name. This indicates that he has previously paid money, but now owes the difference ($25) for the new division that he joined.

I think something is wrong!

If you believe your payment status is not showing up correctly. Please contact us.