FAQ/General Help

Contacting an Admin

If it's just a general question make sure to check our easy to navigate rules section. The best way to contact admins is through our public discord: invite link.

Send a message in the #rgl_support text channel and one of our Admins will reach out to you.

I need a sub/ringer

To have a sub/ringer please consult the rules

Optional Pick/Bans

If you wish to do pick/bans for your match, both leaders must explicitly opt in through match comms. When both leaders are ready, reach out to an admin a minimum of 24 hours prior to the match. Rules about pick/bans.

How to set up a server

Do not give out the RCON password to others!
IMPORTANT: Anyone who has access to the RCON password can potentially maliciously affect the server. The home team (who was given the server) is responsible for protecting the RCON password. Do not share it with the other team.

Connecting to the Server's RCON
rcon_address xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
rcon_password xxxx // Access the rcon cvar
rcon sv_password [password] // puts a password on the server

Changing Maps
For Stopwatch (payload | attack/defend)
rcon exec rgl_stopwatch
rcon changelevel [mapname]

rcon exec rgl_koth
rcon changelevel [mapname]

IMPORTANT: Make sure to execute the config (e.g. rgl_koth/rgl_stopwatch) before changing the map. If you execute the config after changing the map, STV will not be set up properly and will not show up in spec.

Other Commands
rcon kick "X" // kicks player by name
rcon kickid [userid] // kicks player by user ID
     - Use in conjunction with the status command to kick players with difficult names.

Non-RCON Commands
     - Retrieves the steam and user IDs of all players on the server. This can be used to make sure that you aren't playing against any unexpected opponents.
     - A pause is used when a player is disconnected in the middle of a match or is having technical difficulties. Typing pause in console will pause the game, allowing the player to reconnect. Once the player reaches the "Retrieving server info..." stage, make sure to type unpause in console to allow the player to get back in the game.

Setting up your Pick/Bans

AFTER you exec the map config use the command:
rcon sm_whitelist_id XXXX

where "XXXX" is the whitelist ID. For instance, if your whitelist is http://whitelist.tf/8446, then your whitelist ID would be 8446.

If you need to switch sides during start up, instead of re-execing, simply run the command
rcon mp_switchteams 1

IMPORTANT: If you do re-exec the config, make sure to set the whitelist ID again.

If you're using a serverme.tf server, the command you would use is rcon tftrue_whitelist_id XXXX

Connect info

Getting the connection info is very easy. It looks like
connect [ip address]; password [password]

For example, lets say the servers ip was : sigafootf1.game.nfoservers.com:27015
And the password that you set was : bootypirate
Remember: The password is the server password (sv_password) NOT the rcon password!

The connect info would be:
connect sigafootf1.game.nfoservers.com:27015; password bootypirate