RGL Modernized Docs/Rules, Global Rule Updates, July 2022 Bans, and More

   exa   - 8/18/2022
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docs.rgl.gg - A documentation site for Recharge Gaming League

We have moved our rulebooks, guides, FAQs, and other relevant documents over to http://docs.rgl.gg. By moving our pages over to the new docs page, we can utilize markdown formatting, easier searchability of our rules, as well as all of RGL resources and guides in one place. As this is an initial release, please make a support ticket in the RGL Discord if you notice any bugs or issues with the new page.

Staff Applications

  • RGL Highlander and 6s will be opening up division administrator and moderator positions. If you are interested in working to help improve our formats, then we encourage you to apply.

If admin positions are filled, we may contact you to potentially join the staff as a moderator instead.

In addition to the above, we are also looking to recruit experienced and talented individuals in the following categories:

  • Graphic Designer - As a Graphic Designer, you will be using Photoshop, Illustrator, and or other software to create professional-looking art for RGL, focusing on poster overlays, banners, and promotional layouts. Must be able to join a two or more people workflow, especially with our SFM crew.
  • SFM Graphic Designer - As a Graphic Designer, you will be tasked with using Source Filmmaker and editing programs such as Adobe Photoshop to make high-quality posters, banners, and graphics for our social media channels. In-depth experience with SFM and post-processing required. Candidates will be asked to follow a similar editing style to our current banners.
  • Voice Casters - As a caster, you will have to speak constantly through every cast, this requires you to have a microphone that can transmit your voice. The higher the quality of your microphone the better because this is what the viewers will be listening to.
  • Camera Production - Being a cameraman requires having fast and stable internet on a platform, you need to be able to stream at 720p 60fps (with a minimum of 7-8 Mbit) on any streaming service such as Twitch. Players are expected to have previous competitive experience at a high level or have played TF2 for a long time to develop a game sense to help with observing. A computer that can run TF2 at 60-100fps WHILE live streaming the games you will be observing is required as well.
  • PUG Runner - As a PUG runner, you should be able to run PUGs once every two weeks and are expected to act mature and approachable while maintaining a fun/healthy environment for players.
  • Anti-Cheat - As an anti-cheat admin, you are responsible for preventing and punishing cheaters that play in our league. You will utilize tools and methods to detect the usage of cheats, review and analyze demos, log alternative accounts, request demos of suspected cheaters, lead investigative work to find evidence and connections in cases, and more.

Experience in these fields is preferred. If you have applied for any of these positions and have not received a response or been selected, feel free to apply again.

If you would like to apply, you can fill out a form


from there we will go through the submissions and potentially ask for a follow-up. If you have any questions regarding positions feel free to open a ticket in our Discord.

Global Rule Updates

[1008.4.1] - Default Server Region has been updated to include more clarity on the length of time for the away team to retrieve a server if the home team is unable to provide one.


These bans were enacted before the release of this article. If you would like to file a report, you can do so on our site here. Appeals can also be found on the same page.

NOTE: We only look at user-submitted reports. If you do not file a report, then there is a good chance we have not seen it and cannot deal with the situation.


The following player(s) have been caught cheating by the RGL Anti-cheat team and will be banned:

  • pNg - 2 Years / First cheating offense
  • nexus - 2 Years / First cheating offense
  • N E C K - 2 Years / First cheating offense


The following alternate account(s) have been caught connected to existing accounts in RGL by the RGL Anti-cheat team and will be banned:


Update on the player(s) that have been banned while on probation:

  • Voraz - Harassment of RGL player(s). - 12 weeks (3rd ban inside of RGL, 2nd ban on probation)
  • CripOnion - Violation of [1004.4.1] - Permanently banned players in a scrimmage (7x). - 40 Weeks (3rd ban inside of RGL, 2nd ban on probation)
  • danny - Sexual harassment. - 9 Months (4th ban inside of RGL, 2nd ban on probation)
  • Toe - Violation of [1004.4.1] - Permanently banned players in a scrimmage (3x). - 33 Months (5th ban inside of RGL, 2nd ban on probation)

After the minimum period has been served, the player(s) can appeal to have the ban lifted if they can show that they've improved themselves and how they interact within the community.


The following player(s) have failed to provide a requested demo. The first offense during the regular season will be a warning. A second offense during the regular season or the first offense during playoffs will lead to suspensions.

  • aimboat - Failure to Submit Demos: 2nd Offense - 2 Weeks
  • E404 - Failure to Submit Demos: 2nd Offense - 2 Weeks
  • Secretly Satan - Failure to Submit Demos: 2nd Offense. Passing off a wrong demo as their own POV in a fraud attempt - 4 Weeks


The following account(s) has been banned for having VAC bans that may be affecting TF2. If you have a VAC ban for a game that is not TF2, please contact an admin to get the ban removed.

You can read further details and context about each of the player's bans by viewing their discipline history on their RGL profile.

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