- As thanksgiving is tomorrow (Thursday), forfeit wins will not be accepted for this 6s playoffs week. Teams are strongly encouraged to reschedule to a day that both teams can play. Matches can still be played on the default day so long as both teams agree to it in match comms. Contact your division admin if you need assistance.

- RGL now has Discord integration! What this means is that you can go to your RGL profile settings and connect your Discord account to your RGL account.

- RGL is now working with Qixalite. If you need to book a server, please head over here for more information.

Season 4 Playoffs Information / $12,000+ Prizepool Distribution

   Makkabeus Rex   - 11/11/2020
Regular Season will conclude on November 15th. Playoff formats are as follows:

  • Invite: Top 4, Double Elimination
  • Div-1: Top 4, Double Elimination
  • Div-2: Top 4, Double Elimination
  • Main: Top 8, Single Elimination
  • Intermediate: Top 16, Single Elimination
  • Amateur: Top 16, Single Elimination
  • Newcomer: Top 16, Single Elimination

The first default days for playoffs will be on Thursday, November 19th for IM to Invite and Wednesday, November 18th for Newcomer/Amateur. The latest possible day for Grand Finals matches to be played will be on December 20th. Playoffs for IM to Invite will default to Thursday except for the week of Thanksgiving, where matches will default to Wednesday the 25th.

The total prizepool for Season 4 totals $12,384. The distribution of prizes is as follows: