- Please note that random POV demo checks will occur during the season. Here is a quick video guide explaining how to record, view, and use the TF2 demo feature.

- If you are missing a medal from Sixes Season 5 and 4 or Highlander Season 7 and 8, please head over to #medal-requests channel in the RGL Discord.

Announcing RGL Highlander - Season 10

   WiLLmaTiC   - 8/23/2021

Banner by Frazzanator & Raos

Register for Season 10 Here

Important Season 10 dates

  • New Team Registration Open: August 21st
  • Invite and Advanced registration Ends: September 8th
  • General Registration Ends: September 10th
  • Qualifiers (if needed): September 11th & September 12th
  • Division placements finalized, week 1 matches scheduled: September 17th
  • Invite Fees Due: September 20th (Time extension is given for qualifier teams.)
  • Regular Season: September 20th – November 8th (7 Weeks)
  • Roster Locks: October 31st
  • Playoffs Start: November 15th
  • Last possible date for playoff matches: December 13th

Confirmed Maps

The final map for the rotation will be released after the RGL Highlander Season 9 Postseason Survey results are processed.

A quick note about Challenger

For the time being, Challenger has been removed. More information regarding this will be in the season changes article.