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Competitive Ruling: Highlander Season 9 Qualifiers

   ire   - 6/6/2021
In the course of the Invite division qualifiers for Season 9, we received reports regarding the throwing of matches. After taking the time for our admin team to investigate, we are ready to present our findings.

In the course of our investigation, we believe GG Team to have intentionally thrown multiple matches over the course of the Invite qualifiers. Evidence towards this includes:

  • Intentional use of suboptimal weapons & strategies
  • Intentional feeding by players
  • Voice clips picked up by the STV demo

GG Team Ruling

For the season, we will be expelling GG Team from the league. To complete the 8 team round-robin format for the Challenger division, Clip Art will be moved up from Advanced.

We consider this a breach of [1008.13] - Match Throwing / League Fixing under Match Throwing. As there did not exist a precedent for throwing in qualifiers we have added this precedent to the rule as follows:

As team owner, the following player will receive a 2 season ban and probation:

Additional evidence pointed to the following player additionally ring leading the throw, and will similarly be given a 2 season ban and probation:

The following players will be given a 1 season ban for their involvement in the relevant matches and probation: