An Update

   Drapperbat   - 9/1/2019
Just wanted to update you all on a few things coming into this next match.

First, this is going to be Div-1's last official match until playoffs, so make it count! In the downtime, we recommend doing a few scrims on some of the new maps on our roster, such as Undergrove and Vigil.

Second, this week will be played on Vigil for the first time in an RGL official match. The map can be very fast-paced for a payload map, so take that into consideration when deciding which classes and loadouts to run

Finally, I must update you on some of the bans we have had to update.
Updated bans
The following players bans have been updated;
Mute God – Hacking
Josh – Doxxing, Toxicity (1 and a half year ban extension)
To be more consistent between all Australian leagues, these players bans have been updated. Any player found exhibiting the same behaviours will be punished accordingly. Let this remind players that RGL does not stand for these actions.
Any team found harboring these players will be punished equally.