Season 3 Reigstration is Open!

   Drapperbat   - 8/3/2019
Hello everyone! We have opened registration for Season 3 of
Signups are open right now and they close on the 19th of August. That's just 10 days from now so sign up as soon as possible!


The Pick/Ban Whitelist system
While this idea is interesting and unique, I don't think it's helpful to our league. Organizing it is difficult, the majority of teams don't care about it, and even when it does work it tends to push certain flex classes even further out of viability than they already are (like removing Gunslinger from Engineer on KOTH, or not banning the Razorback when someone wants to go Spy).
As a result, this system is being scrapped completely within the league. All teams must now use the predefined whitelist, visible here:

Map Pool
Our map pool will remain the same, save for a few additions, those additions being Vigil and Undergrove

Vigil is a map made by former admin theatreTECHIE, and has always been a favourite among our pug regulars. The map has been accepted within UGC and NA RGL, and frankly, I'm surprised it wasn't added in sooner

This is our season's "Wild Card". Within our "Off the Rails" offseason league, I found that Undergrove was a map that greatly pressured even our top teams to shift up their standard koth tactics in order to win the objective. While this may not be a permanent addition to, I believe there is more to explore within this map. To win at Undergrove, you'll need to take full advantage of the map's flank routes, close-quarters areas, and vulnerable capture point if you want to win. For those of you who didn't like the map, don't worry. It won't be in the regular season, only in the playoffs, and only if the teams pick it. This means if you don't want to play Undergrove, there's a pretty small chance you'll actually end up playing it.

Our weapon whitelist

The weapon Whitelist will remain the same. I plan on posting a comprehensive guide to the Whitelist, why certain items are banned, and what it will take to unban them, quite soon.