Prolander Season 4 Wrap-up

   Albert   - 11/25/2019
First and foremost, no season wrap-up would be complete without another well-deserved congratulations to our season champions!

Invite champions - GIMME F*CKING OPPONENT
Div-1 champions - Londonistan
Div-2 champions - ocean gang ()the slayers
Div-3 champions - cblp
Open champions - #freeTravisRocky

It was a pleasure to watch the stream of GFO vs Faint gaming, especially when $300 was the top-prize to heighten the intensity and sweeten the glory.
Season 4 of RGL has been particularly unique in how EU was much more autonomous, and accompanying that, was us trying out suggestions from players of previous seasons: whether it be maps, rules and generally how we run the league.
You can see the feedback for Prolander season 4 here, hopefully, it’s evident that it’s hard to please everyone, but it’s great to see our experimentation was worth it and we took more steps forward than back overall.
In terms of the future of the league, I think although the same core values are there, what EU wants in comparison to NA does slightly differ and that should be nurtured. With plenty of preparation and manpower so that, when EU RGL hosts a tourney, we go big or go home!

Unfortunately, I (Albert) am not capable of delivering this, medical school now engulfs most of my time and the league deserves better. Because RGL would never announce any tourney without full confidence our crew has enough time to commit to it, I am therefore announcing a state of dormancy for all RGL leagues and cups in Europe.
The announcement of Season 5 is currently postponed indefinitely, with further European RGL leagues and cups to be potentially announced. I will of course, still be about for any unresolved issues from previous seasons and to maintain the discord, and PUGs will still be going, so honestly, it will just feel like inter-season as usual.

On a personal note, I’d like to thank dempsey, Levia, Noot and Sigafoo for all their support, and of course, the players. Reflecting back, there certainly were some calls I’ve had to make that were off the mark, but they were met with such grace and patience from players. This, along with the displays of sportsmanship I see every week, is what makes the league such a pleasure to admin for, and is why it’s such a shame to me that the time to run the league isn’t there anymore.