Season 4 Grand-Finals!

   dempsey   - 11/4/2019

After the fourth main-season of European Prolander, the Grand-Finals are upon us.

We'll be taking a look at some of the finals left to be played, so if a game catches your interest, make sure to tune into a stream!


STiNGHAN and barthiz’s aggressively named roster dominates every competition it enters, and RGL is no different. With two Prolander third place finishes under their belt, the team is finally in a solid position to get a gold medal. The team has had a near flawless season, with only 1 map loss under their belt so far.

Faint Gaming weren’t so lucky with their main-season. Barely scraping into playoffs with a 4th place finish in the groups, Faint turned it all around by crawling their way through the loser’s bracket to end up in the finals. After losing against GIMME F*CKING OPPONENT in the first stage of playoffs, Faint are the ones who need to prove themselves worthy.

This final will be kasted on Kritzkast!

Div 2

Div 2 isn’t looking as unexpected. ocean gang are playing against !lognt, both of whom finished at the top two of the group stage, about 4 points ahead of 3rd place. !lognt did triumph over their rivals during the main season during week 3, but this was so long ago it’s difficult to gauge whether it reflects their current skills.

Ocean gang did come to grand-finals from the loser’s bracket, getting knocked down after losing some close maps to ESA Invite. But ocean gang then turned around and beat ESA invite without any troubles; This inconsistency may be the key to victory or failure for the team.

Div 3

And last but not least, in Div 3 Sam's Guys and cblp are going head-to-head. Both these teams seem about evenly matched; The two times the teams have played each other, neither side has taken more than 1.66 points. Although this is a lower div, look towards this game for a very exciting and potentially very close match-up.

Div 1 & Open

These finals have sadly already gone ahead, so although we cannot hype up the teams; Congratulations to Londonistan and #freeTravisRocky for winning their respective divisions!

RGL's Future

After the playoffs for this season wraps up, another article will be posted on the future of RGL and what lies ahead. Keep an eye out for this one, as it'll contain a lot of important information for next season.