Season 4 + Map Cup Wrap-Up

   dempsey   - 7/27/2019
After a lengthy off-season and profitable pre-season Cup, we’re ready to announce our 4th installment of RGL European Prolander!

Map Test Cup

During the off-season, we held a map test Cup in order to try out new potential maps for the upcoming season:

  • koth_warmtic_b6
  • koth_bagel_rc2
  • cp_gravelpit

The cup was a total success in our eyes and we received a large amount of varied feedback on the maps we tested. You can view this feedback here

We’d also like to congratulate the winners of each division, who took home some keys! Congratulations to!:

  • Invite: Super Dickmann's KANNONEN!
  • Div 1: Basketball Nogoy
  • Div 2: Yakuza
  • Div 3A: Ynhung zhn j zh sngu f
  • Div 3B: cblp
  • Open A: KGB
  • Open B: IBUYBEER

A big thank you to everyone who participated in our Cup and especially to those who gave us feedback, which we are using to make the next season of Prolander even more enjoyable for you!

A map from the pre-season Cup will make its debut next season, so keep an eye out!

Season 4

After the success of our pre-season Cup, we’re hoping to ride the wave into our next Prolander Season. We received plenty of feedback directly after the last season; Taking this feedback into account, we’ve made a few changes to Prolander this time round.

Firstly, we’re adopting the two-map-week strategy, meaning:
Now each team will play two maps per week for their official! The main-season once again will be 7 weeks long.

Stopwatch maps will be played best-of-one, whereas KOTH maps will be played best-of-five.

Although our map-pool for the up-coming season isn't ready to be announced yet, we have a schedule ready. We've decided to delay the season slightly, due to Insomina 65. The new dates for the season are:

  • August 26th-September 1st: Map 1 + Map 2
  • September 2nd-September 8th: Map 2 + Map 3
  • September 9th-15th: Map 3 + Map 4
  • September 16th-22nd: Map 4 + Map 5
  • September 23rd-29th: Map 5 + Map 6
  • September 30th-October 6th: Map 6 + Map 7
  • October 7th-October 13th: Map 7 + Map 1
  • October 14th-20th: Quarter-Finals
  • October 21st-27th Semi-Finals
  • October 28th-November 3rd: Grand-Finals

As always, we plan to offer prizes this season! There will be £500 prize-pool up-for-grabs for those of our player-base participating in the Invite division.

Make sure to sign up now, rather than leaving it too late! Sign-ups will close on the 24th of August at 12pm CEST.

If you have any questions about signing up, or in general about our league services, please don’t hesitate to join our Discord server, and shoot any of our admins a message. We’re happy to help, and are glad to bring any new-comers into the family! We look forward to seeing you all, old and new, during the up-coming season.