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RGL 6s Season 15:Map Pool, Updated Whitelist and Qualifiers

   Kitt(eh)   - 5/21/2024
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Season information:

A reminder that P-Rec no longer works. POV demos can be recorded by typing -record (file name) in game console. Admins will be requesting demos this season so it is important to ensure you are recording all matches.

If you are ringing a player, that is not rostered on your team, they must pay the ringer fees 24 hrs after the match start time. Failure to do so will result in a team penalty.

Map Pool

The seasonal map pool and order is listed below.
Minor changes to Clearcut were made, removing the ramp extension behind bunkers that permitted any class to easily jump onto their roofs. This version is koth_clearcut_b17 and will be used for matches this season.

Advanced map pool will remain the same as last seasons and will be as follows:

Season 15 map pool will be as followed for (NC-MAIN):

Week 1:cp_sunshine
Week 2: cp_reckoner
Week 3: koth_clearcut_b17
Week 4: cp_snakewater_final1
Week 5: cp_metalworks_f5
Week 6: koth_bagel_rc8
Week 7: cp_gullywash_f9
Week 8 : cp_process_f12

Alternative Maps for IM/Main only:
5cp Weeks: cp_villa_b19
KotH Weeks: koth_product_final

If teams desire to play a match on the Alternative Map, they must mutually agree via posts by each team in Match Comms, then notify their Division Admin that the Alternative Map has been chosen.

Updated Whitelist

All new taunts and hats have been added to the Season 15 6s WHITELIST. Click here to see the complete list on whitelist.tf. This change has been added to serveme and to the RGL Updater plugin, so if you are using a personal server, please make sure that all of your configs are up-to-date ahead of the season.

Invite Qualifiers

This season we will hold a Qualifier event to determine the final two spots in Invite.
Quals will take place May 14-17th.
The tournament format will be a single round-robin format, with a total of 3 matches.
The two teams with the highest % of rounds won will earn a spot in invite for season 15.

The six confirmed Invite teams:
Like A G6
Witness Gaming
Global Clan Ice
The Mafia
Global Clan

Teams that participated in Invite Qualifiers

The Goofy Gorillas
Cat Posse
Estrogen took my homie

Congratulations to The Goofy Gorillas and Anglerfish for taking the two spots in invite this season!

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