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RGL 6s Season 15 - Map Pool, Season Changes, Final Dates

   Kitt(eh)   - 4/21/2024


RGL is pleased to announce that Season 15 of 6v6 dates and registration is open!

To better support players this season, we have included ALL critical pre-season information regarding in THIS article. You will find all important dates for the season, including LAN dates, map pool & order as well as planned playoff information for all divisions. (Playoff details are subject to change, pending final division size)

Season 15 Staff list

Head Admin:Kitt(eh)

Division Admins
Newcomer: SCP-NutSplitter

Division Moderators
Invite: Je'mond
Advanced:Lacy Avenue
Amateur:Gigos Blitztank Ta5k

Important Dates for Season 15

Sunday, April 21st - New Team Registration opens
Sunday, May 12th - New Team Registration closes at 11:59 PM EDT
Monday, May 13th - Invite Qualifiers begin (details to be announced)
Saturday, May 18th - Invite Qualifiers End, Invite division finalized,
Sunday, May 19th - Team placements finalized, Week 1 matches posted
Sunday, May 19th -Division payments are due. Teams MUST have 5 rostered to start the season by 9:30 PM EDT
Monday, May 20th- Week 1 of the Regular Season begins
Sunday, June 30th - Rosters for all divisions at 11:59 EDT
Sunday July 14th - Last day for rescheduling of Regular Season matches
Sunday July 15th to Sunday July 21st- Break week before Playoffs
Monday, July 22th - Playoffs Begin
Sunday, August 18th - Last day for Playoffs matches

Please note that matches that are scheduled for Thursday, July 4th, will be adjusted to default Wednesday, July 3rd to accommodate Independence Day in the U.S. Teams are welcome to reschedule this match within the regular week schedule as needed.

Player League Fees

Invite: $40 + $12 LAN Sustainable
Advanced: $30 + $5.99 LAN Sustainable
Main: $20 + $3.99 LAN Sustainable
IM: $15 + $2.99 LAN Sustainable
Newcomer and Amateur: FREE

Player Ringer Fees

Invite: $6
Advanced: $5
Main: $4
IM: $3
Newcomer and Amateur: FREE


Invite will be played as a double round-robin, beginning on May 21st with the following schedule:

Tuesday May 21: Week 1A
Thursday May 23: Week 1B
Tuesday May 28: Week 2A
Thursday May 30: Week 2B
Tuesday June 4: Week 3A
Thursday June 6: Week 3B
Tuesday June 11: Week 4A
Thursday June 13: Week 4B
Tuesday June 18: Week 5A
Thursday June 20: Week 5B
Tuesday June 25: Week 6A
Thursday June 27: Week 6B
Tuesday July 2: Week 7A
Wednesday July 3: Week 7B

Invite Playoffs

The RGL Season 15 6v6 Invite Division Playoffs are being held July 20th and 21st at LocalHost LAN Center in Philadelphia, PA. The top Four Invite teams will face off in a double-elimination tournament.

Season 15 MAP pool [NC, AM, IM, Main]

For maps being played this Season that are not maps already included with TF2 by default, please click on the map names below to download the mapname.bsp file and then copy it into your TF2 directory at:\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\maps\

Season 15 Map Pool

Week 1:cp_sunshine
Week 2: cp_reckoner
Week 3: koth_clearcut_b17
Week 4: cp_snakewater_final1
Week 5: cp_metalworks_f5
Week 6: koth_bagel_rc8
Week 7: cp_gullywash_f9
Week 8 :cp_process_f12

Alternative Maps for IM/Main only:
For 5cp Weeks: cp_villa_b19
For KoTH Weeks: koth_product_final

If teams desire to play the alternative map, they must mutually agree via posts by each team in Match Comms, then notify their Division Admin that an Alternative Map has been chosen.

Invite Map Pool


Season 15 Playoffs

This season we will be having a break between the regular season and playoffs. The planned playoff structures for each division listed below (other than Invite) are subject to change pending the number of teams registered. If you have questions regarding playoffs, please message your division admin or mods.

LAN PLAYOFFS- Top 4 Double elimination

12 or more teams: Top 6 Double Elimination
11 teams or fewer: Top 4 Double Elimination

15 or more teams: Top 8 Double Elimination
14-11 teams: Top 6 Double Elimination
10 or fewer: Top 4 Double Elimination

15 or more teams: Top 8 Double Elimination
14-11 teams: Top 6 Double Elimination
10 or fewer: Top 4 Double Elimination

38 teams or more: Top 16 Single Elimination
37 teams or fewer: Top 12 Single Elimination


13 teams or more: Top 8 Single Elimination
12 teams or fewer: Top 6 Single Elimination