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Announcing RGL Highlander Season 18!

   Jercer   - 4/18/2024
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Register Now for Season 18

Important Season 18 Dates

Registration for RGL Highlander Season 18 is now open! The new team registration deadline is May 15th at 11:59 PM EDT.

The season dates are below:

  • New Team Registration Open: NOW!
  • Invite and Advanced Registration Ends: Wed, May 8th @ 11:59 PM EDT
  • General Registration Ends: Wed, May 15th @ 11:59 PM EDT
  • Qualifiers (if needed): Sat, May 18th - Mon, May 20th & Sat, May 25th - Mon, May 27th
  • Division placements finalized, Week 1 matches scheduled: Wed, May 29th
  • Invite Fees Due: Mon, Jun 3rd (Time extension is given for Qualifier teams.)
  • Regular Season: Mon, Jun 3rd - Mon, Jul 15th (7 Weeks)
  • Roster Locks: Sun, Jul 7th @ 11:59 PM EDT
  • Playoffs: Mon, Jul 29th - Mon, Aug 19th

In case you missed it, there is a one week break between the regular season and playoffs this season. Highlander will have this one week break due to RGL LAN 2024, which takes place July 20th-21th.

Map Pool

Because Highlander is hosting an experimental cup this offseason, the map pool will not be set in stone until after survey results for it are tallied. However, we are able to provide a list of confirmed maps for the season (in no particular order, of course):

Staff Changes

With Season 17 come and gone, we've made a few swaps and additions to our Highlander staff list. First, let's welcome Justario and Joey Lemons (back) to Highlander staff! Below is the (almost) full list of Highlander staff for this upcoming season. We are currently looking for a Newcomer Moderator. If you are interested in filling this role, please apply here!

Head Admin: Jercer

Division Admins
Invite: yogrrt
Advanced: Xenagos
Main: Ta5K
Intermediate: Bliztank
Amateur: Alltrex
Newcomer: DusterDan35

Division Moderators
Invite: Joey Lemons
Advanced: EvenNine
Main: Vandeer
Intermediate: Justario
Amateur: Krissy
Newcomer: LFM

Important Info for Invite and Advanced Teams

As it now stands, Invite and Advanced will have 8 spots this season, with at least one spot reserved for qualifier teams if needed. The regular season for Invite and Advanced will span 7 weeks with an 8-team round-robin. Invite and Advanced playoffs will be played as a 4-team double-elimination. These are subject to change as we progress through the registration period.


The preseason of Season 17 saw a larger influx of viable teams wanting to play Advanced than usual. Because of this, our single-weekend Advanced Qualifiers included six teams playing in five matches each. To accommodate for this potentially large number of teams again, if more than four teams are necessary, default match days for Advanced Qualifiers this season will span across two weekends: May 18th - May 20th & May 25th - May 27th!

Business as usual for Invite. If needed, Invite Qualifiers will be May 18th - May 20th (but we'll make use of that extra weekend if hell freezes over and a bunch of viable teams suddenly want to play in Invite).

The Invite, Advanced, and Main staff teams will be analyzing scrim results and player/team history to determine the teams that are best suited to play in Qualifiers. However, you may also contact your division admins if your team would like to be considered for Qualifiers. Teams will be notified if they are in Qualifiers on or before May 16th.

Teams that sign up to play in Invite and Advanced and top Main teams should be prepared to play in Qualifiers.

Invite Prize Money Distribution and Team Fees (in USD)

Team Fees: $153 ($17 per starter)
1st place will receive $516
2nd place will receive $350
3rd place will receive $158

How to Find a Team to Join

Finding a team is not hard, but it does require you to put in a little effort.

Players New to Competitive:

We encourage you to make a post in the website’s Looking For Team (LFT) section and also post in our Discord server’s #looking-for-team-hl channel.

You should also contact leaders of teams who need a player. You can find them listed in the Teams Looking for Players (LFP) section and also the LFP section of our Discord server’s #looking-for-player-hl channel.

Players Experienced in Competitive:

We particularly encourage you to make a thread on the RGL HL LFT forums section. This will allow you to advertise yourself to higher-profile teams.

Browsing the LFP section of the forums will also present you with many teams that are looking to recruit players.