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Reiterating Anti-Cheat Policies, Global Rule Updates, and February 2024 Bans

   exa   - 3/31/2024

Reiterating AC Policies

This section aims to reiterate and clarify policies surrounding the RGL AC team. We understand that this is an area that players may express a lot of interest in and may want to better understand this area of RGL. If there are questions that are not covered below, you may reference the Anti-cheat FAQ which addresses commonly asked questions.

  • Q: Does RGL mirror the cheating bans of other leagues?

  • A: While RGL mirrors ETF2L cheating bans, RGL does not mirror the cheating bans of any other league. This is largely in part with the RGL AC's relationship with ETF2L which has led to a trust in their investigations for their bans.

    For any other bans of other leagues, evidence always has to be looked at by the majority of the RGL AC team before any ban is placed.

  • Q: Is RGL able to have a public repository for POV demos?

  • A: The largest bottleneck with this is the expenses associated with paying for file hosting and needing to build out the site infrastructure to support this. At the moment, this is not something the site can realistically support.

  • Q: Does RGL AC "clear" suspected players of cheating?

  • A: The RGL AC team does not clear players who have been reported or are being suspected of cheating. Players that have gotten cleared historically have had less oversight from the league and players at large, allowing them cheating, alt, account share under the guise of being cleared. Verdicts on suspected players will only be made once there is a majority opinion with a high level of confidence from the AC team to move forward with a cheating ban. This means that cases for suspected players will always be ongoing until the RGL AC team has a beyond reasonable doubt about moving forward with a ban.

  • Q: Who reviews cheating reports and how are these reports prioritized?

  • A: The RGL Anti-Cheat is the only team in RGL that reviews these reports which also operates completely independently from any department in the league. They only review reports that get submitted through the AC submission forms and the reports get looked at with varying levels of importance depending on the evidence, context, and implications for each case.

  • Q: I'm not cheating, why do I get requested?

  • A: To ensure that a potential cheater will have to record, and submit POV demos, demos are randomly requested from the player base. This ensures all players are recording and holding on to POV demos and leaves no wiggle room for people who may be investigated.

    It should be noted that while division admins help with random demo requests, these requests are done on behalf of the AC team.

  • Q: Why does the RGL AC team have concerns about public evidence tipping off suspects? How long can these cases take?

  • A: Anti-cheat cases may take many months to acquire the necessary evidence to justify a ban where there is 100% confidence in the conclusions. An individual making their case and evidence publically can hurt AC with trying to find evidence that is largely missed by reporters. The criteria for evidence RGL AC has is extremely strict and requires high-quality evidence even to build a concrete case which will not always be the case for most public evidence. Having potential evidence be public and spreading it around will easily land it in the hands of a supposed cheater. Not only does this allow for the cheater to fix their mistakes to make it harder to be caught, but they will also know to lay low, allowing suspicions around them to calm down. This has happened to a large extent in several recent cases, drastically slowing down the investigation. If the suspect does get banned, they often attempt to use the public “evidence” to reject their ban, even though Anti-Cheat gathers much more undeniable evidence of cheating than the evidence that is publicly shared or included in a report.

    It should also be noted that publicizing a potential suspect has no impact on how quickly a case gets handled by RGL AC. This is done to keep the evidence-gathering procedure as unbiased and untampered as possible. It also prevents AC from potentially issuing a ban without full confidence behind the ban. RGL AC will only ever issue a ban if we are fully confident in the evidence we gather.

Global Rule Updates

Further rule updates are being worked on for the offseason and will be announced in the subsequent article.

With P-REC support being depreciated in the future, [1008.5] - POV and STV Demos has been updated to remove this as an example to record POV demos. Note that this does not mean that P-REC is no longer being accepted, this will continue to be an acceptable method of recording POV demos until this functionality no longer works in a TF2 update.

[1006.2.5] - Sandbagging and Class Restrictions has been updated to clarify methods of circumventing class restrictions that are not allowed.


These bans were enacted before the release of this article. If you would like to file a report, you can do so on our site here. Appeals can also be found on the same page.

NOTE: We only look at user-submitted reports. If you do not file a report, then there is a good chance we have not seen it and cannot deal with the situation.

The following player(s) have been caught cheating by the RGL Anti-cheat team and will be banned:

  • jiraf - Permanent // Second cheating offense

Ban Evasion

The following player(s) knowingly supported a league-banned player in evading their ban for the season and will be banned for 2 Years:


The following alternate account(s) have been caught connected to existing accounts in RGL by the RGL Anti-cheat team and will be permanently banned:


The following players have been banned and placed on probation:

  • tebe - Use of racist slurs during a scrim. - 16 Weeks (2nd ban in RGL, banned while banned)

Update on the player(s) that have been banned while on probation:

  • ^_^ - Violation of [1004.4.1] - Permanently banned players in a scrimmage (2x) and [1004.4] - Using a banned player in a scrimmage. - 36 Weeks (5th ban inside of RGL, 2nd ban on probation)

After the minimum period has been served, the player(s) can appeal to have the ban lifted if they can show that they've improved themselves and how they interact within the community.


  • scratta - Inappropriate remarks made towards community member(s). - 1 Week
  • Pops8790 - Violation of [1004.4.1] - Permanently banned players in a scrimmage (2x). - 2 Weeks
  • beats - Violation of [1004.4.1] - Permanently banned players in a scrimmage (2x). - 2 Weeks
  • kason - Disregarded a formal warning against harassing player(s) in the community. - 2 Weeks
  • starstar - Continued league ban evasion and alting in the league. - Permanent
  • SexGod - Continued violation of [1004.4.1] - Permanently banned players in a scrimmage to enable permanently banned players to harass players during scrims. - Permanent

Sportsmanship and Spirit

The following player(s) have/had been suspended for 1-6 weeks for their usage of racist slurs, homophobic or transphobic language, excessive toxicity, flaming, or derogatory language on our platforms. Repeat offenders will get longer ban lengths.

  • Mercutio - Use of a racial slur during a scrim. - 2 Weeks // First Offense
  • Pops8790 - Use of a homophobic slur during a scrim. - 2 Weeks // First Offense
  • Rays - Use of a weapon with a racial slur during a scrim. - 2 Weeks // First Offense


The following account(s) have been permanently banned for having VAC bans that may be affecting TF2. If you have a VAC ban for a game that is not TF2, please contact an admin to get the ban removed.


The following player(s) have failed to provide a requested demo. The first offense during the regular season will be a warning. A second offense during the regular season or the first offense during playoffs will lead to suspensions.

  • Happy eye - Failure to Submit Demos: 2nd Offense - 2 Weeks
  • kazoo - Failure to Submit Demos: 2nd Offense - 2 Weeks
  • scarybroccoli - Failure to Submit Demos: 2nd Offense - 2 Weeks
  • sampha - Failure to Submit Demos: 2nd Offense - 2 Weeks
  • gracie - Failure to Submit Demos: 3rd Offense - 3 Months

You can read further details and context about each player's bans by viewing their discipline history on their RGL profile.