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RGL 6s Season 14 - Map Pool, Season Changes, Final Dates, & Survey Results

   Kitt(eh)   - 1/4/2024


Upon player feedback, we have decided to keep Season 14 registration open for an additional week. This was due to the holidays and the difficulty that may have caused teams to have tryouts and fill a full roster. Here is the list of new Season dates. (Invite and Advanced additional changes have been made please see them under the Invite/Advanced section.)

Newcomer and Amateur will be using the Progressive Ruleset this season.

Additionally, we will be returning to demo requests this season, the way this works is after officials are played your Division Admin will reach out to collect random players' demos which must be provided within 48 hours of the request.

Important Dates for Season 14 are listed here

Sunday, Dec 17th - New Team Registration Opens
Sunday, Jan 21st - New Team Registration Closes at 11:59 PM EDT
Monday, Jan 22nd - Invite Qualifiers Week Begins (More Details to be Announced Later)
Friday, Jan 26th - Division Payments are Due
Saturday, Jan 27th - Invite Qualifiers End, Invite Division Finalized, Teams MUST have 5 rostered to start the season by 9:30 PM EDT this day
Sunday, Jan 28th - Team Placements Finalized, Week 1 Matches Posted
Monday, Jan 29th - Season 14 - Week 1 of the Regular Season Begins
Sunday, March 10th - Rosters Lock for NC AM IM MAIN at 11:59 PM EDT
Saturday, March 23rd - Last Day for Rescheduling of Regular Season Matches
Monday, April 1st - Playoffs Begin (Invite&Advanced Playoffs Schedule to be Announced Later)
Sunday, April 21st - Last Day for Playoffs Matches

Player League Fees

Invite: $40 + $12 LAN Sustainable
Advanced: $30 + $5.99 LAN Sustainable
Main: $20 + $3.99 LAN Sustainable
IM: $15 + $2.99 LAN Sustainable
Newcomer and Amateur: FREE

Player Ringer Fees

Invite: $6
Advanced: $5
Main: $4
IM: $3
Newcomer and Amateur: FREE


After reading concerns over and polling how players were feeling about the duration of the 6s season, we as a staff have decided to test a shorter 6s season with Invite and Advanced. This means that the whole season will be played in 6 weeks with a 1 week playoff as opposed to 8 weeks + playoffs. This is in hopes of retaining players by having players not have to commit the full 3 months as we understand that is a lot to ask from our veteran players. More details about the set schedule will be advice soon.

Below you will find the results from the survey.

Season 14 MAP pool [NC, AM, IM, Main]

Based on feedback given in the 6s Post-Season 13 Survey we will be removing cp_villa_b19 & koth_clearcut_b15d from the Season's default pool. These maps will be offered again to the IM and Main divisions as alternative maps to be played.

For maps being played this Season that are not maps already included with TF2 by default, please click on the map names below to download the mapname.bsp file and then copy it into your TF2 directory at:\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\maps\
Week 1: cp_process_f12
Week 2: cp_metalworks_f5
Week 3: koth_bagel_rc7
Week 4: cp_gullywash_f9
Week 5: cp_snakewater_final1
Week 6: koth_product_final
Week 7: cp_sultry_b8a
Week 8 : cp_sunshine

Alternative Maps for IM/Main only:
For 5cp Weeks: cp_villa_b19
For KoTH Weeks: koth_clearcut_b15d
If teams desire to play the alternative map, they must mutually agree via posting in Match Comms, then notify their Division Admin that an Alternative Map has been chosen.

Invite & Advanced Map Pool


Season 13 Voted-In Map:


The invite and advanced voted map for season 14 has not been voted on YET, it will be announced at a later time.

Your division admin and moderator will serve as your division's primary contact points. For issues during matches, you may find quicker support through a ticket in Discord, as Admins not playing matches will be able to respond there much more quickly!

Post-Season Survey Results