Unlocked 6s Winter Experimental Cup!

   Kitt(eh)   - 12/18/2023

SFM by MetalCloud, Editing by Raos

Register Now for the Winter Experimental 6s Cup!

After a lot of preparation, we’re happy to announce our latest 6s format cup!

The RGL Winter Experimental 6s Cup will be free to play and will take place on January 13th and 14th!

This event will give players a chance to try the 6s format with several traditionally banned weapons unlocked - The Cow Mangler, Soda Pop!, Bonk!, BASE Jumper, Sydney Sleeper, Rescue Ranger, and Diamondback. These weapons have shown high interest from players in being unbanned in postseason surveys coming close to 50% support to unlock. We expect this event will allow players to experience the impact of these weapons on the game and give a fresh perspective going forward.

The cup will run for two days in a double round-robin format with 4-team pods sorted by traditional 6s divisions (NC, AM, IM, etc). Teams in each pod will play every other team twice, never on the same map!

To encourage teams to experiment with the unlocked items, we will be providing prizes to players who submit clips involving the use of one of the seven restricted weapons during the cup that will be compiled into a highlight video. Winners from each division will be chosen by the RGL staff with players submitting the winning clips receiving two Mannco Crate Keys as a prize.

Map Pool and Schedule

The map pool will have a different map for each Group Stage round. The maps will be cp_snakewater, cp sunshine, and koth_Product. There will be NO Playoffs scheduled.

Match schedules for all divisions will be released on Jan 12th, allowing teams to schedule matches at their convenience, However, default times will be set if teams cannot agree on alternate times. The top team at the end of all 6 matches will win their group with a tie-breaker match scheduled in the event of a tie at the top of the standings.

ALL MATCHES MUST BE PLAYED before January 14th at 11:59 EST.

The default schedule* will be as follows, (all times EST):

Sign-ups end: January 7th
Saturday, January 13th - Day 1

  • Group Stage Round 1: 14:00 EST - cp_snakewater
  • Group Stage Round 2: 15:30 EST - koth_product
  • Group Stage Round 3: 17:00 EST - cp_sunshine

Sunday, January 14th - Day 2

  • Group Stage Round 4: 14:00 EST - cp_snakewater
  • Group Stage Round 5: 15:30 EST - koth_product
  • Group Stage Round 6: 17;00 EST - cp_sunshine

*If both teams are ready before the scheduled start time, matches are encouraged to be played early. However, if teams do not want to play beforehand games will be played at default time. All matches must be played before Sunday, January 14th 11:59 EST. If a tiebreaker match must be played the players will have until Monday 10:00 EST to play that tiebreaker.

Configs and Map Versions

Control Point (5CP): Each 5CP map has a map timer limit of 30 minutes* and a round timer of 4 minutes. There are no halftimes played, instead matches using the 5CP Progressive Config (rgl_6s_5cp_match_pro.cfg) are continuous until a winner is declared.


  • The rgl_6s_5cp_match_pro.cfg config will be used for cp_snakewater, and cp_sunshine
  • The rgl_6s_koth_match_pro.cfg config will be used for koth_product

After executing the format config, a rgl_6s_5cp_cups.cfg must be executed to unlock the typically restricted weapons. This config must be executed AFTER the proper game type config.

The map versions being used are:


What servers should we use?
All Serveme servers should already have the maps uploaded to them; however, it is highly recommended to download the Product from the link above before connecting to reduce connect time, delays, or other issues for those matches.

QueeQuey from the video team has a video on this that you can watch here (note Qixalite is no longer an option) check it out here.

How do I exec configs / change maps?
All Serveme servers should already have the configs uploaded to them. But if you’re reserving a server and keeping it for more than one match, all you need to do is get the RCON (shown on your booking page), enter that into your console, and then type “rcon changelevel (insert map)”. To change from cp_gullywash to cp_snakewater it would be “rcon changelevel cp_snakewater_final1”.

Changing config is similar. Instead of “changelevel” you would type “exec”. So if you change your map from Snakewater to Product, you would enter “rcon exec rgl_6s_koth_match_pro.cfg” into the console.

The above video also shows this in action here.

What region/divs is this open to?
The cup is open to the NA region and open to all divs. Each division will be separated into sub-divisions.

The placements of teams will be guided by placements of teams in the current season of RGL (if rostered). Teams may be shifted around depending on the number of sign-ups (e.g. a top IM team may be placed in Main).

Looking for a team?
You can join our Discord and post in the #lft channel for “cup” and specify that you are looking to join a 6s team. If you already have a team (or group of friends to form one), you can post in the #lfp channel for “cup” and specify the players you are looking to pick up.

An example for an lft post would be: “lft NC/YT Scout or Medic for the 6s cup”.
An example of an lfp post would be: “lfp NC/YT Scout and Demo for 6s cup, we have 2 soldiers, a scout, and a medic

Terms that you may want to know:
  • “Main” - Can refer to the division of “Main” or being a “Main player” aka the person who is a default player/starter. You can look at the typical LFT/LFP post to see typical formatting to get an idea of what people are looking for. Typically players don’t add “Main” if they are looking for a team and instead leave it blank. As an example, “lft Main Demo” would be someone who’s looking to play Demo as a starter in the Main division.
  • “Sub” - Is someone who fills in when another player cannot make a match.

We highly recommend rostering subs for your team that way you don’t have to forfeit or look for a ringer in case of internet issues/power outages etc. An example of a sub post would be “lfp AM Demo sub”.

How do I record demos?
You can use P-Rec or manually record demos by entering “record (insert demo name)” in the console when you want to start recording and then entering “stop” in the console when you want to stop recording. The video team has made a short guide that you can check out here.