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RGL HL Season 15 Map Order and Top Division Qualifiers

   consta   - 5/25/2023

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The Season 15 Map Order:

Update Regarding Invite

After reviewing the division’s strength and overall health, our Highlander Staff has decided against running a qualifier in Invite for Season 15. Invite will still have an eight-team round-robin structure with selected teams including the Advanced division winners from Season 14

The teams competing in Invite for Season 15 are:

Announcing Advanced Qualifiers

For Season 15, Advanced will have a preseason qualifier to participate in Advanced. This is to ensure that teams are able to compete in the division best fitting for their skill level. Qualifiers will consist of 4 teams competing in a Round-Robin bracket. There will be 3 matches played, each using ban/ban to determine the played map. All Qualifier matches MUST be completed by Tuesday night.

Here are the default dates for Qualifiers:
Saturday, May 27th 9:30 PM EDT
Sunday, May 28th 9:30 PM EDT
Monday, May 29th 9:30 PM EDT

The qualifier ban order will be as follows:
A Bans | B Bans | A Bans | B Bans | A Bans | B Bans

Qualifiers Map Pool:

The teams competing in Advanced Qualifiers are as follows:

The teams competing in Advanced for Season 15 are:

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